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  1. Your tulpa is as sentient as you are free-willled. Which is not at all. It's all just an illusion. But is there really a difference between reality and a perfect illusion? I don't believe there is, at least for our subjective selves...
  2. Oh my, I'm so sorry. I must have accidentally dropped a sarcasm bomb while passing through this thread. Usually I'd compensate everyone affected with one Fuck™, but unfortunately I'm all out... :3
  3. "Make a new argument"? We are not trying to argue with you here. We are letting you know that around these parts we refer to non-sentient tulpae as servitors. Don't like it? File a complaint to the Federal Bureau of Linguistics, they'll shut this site down faster than you can say "bullshit no one cares about". Oh, and don't forget to attach a copy of your Advanced Metaphysics diploma for credibility.
  4. servitor - One that performs the duties of a servant to another; an attendant. What was that about original meanings, incorrect definitions and using a word properly?
  5. However, it is possible to use all of your brain at the same time. It's called a seizure.
  6. There is no doubt in my mind that she will like me.
  7. I find it much harder to concentrate while lying down...
  8. I changed the name of my tulpa recently, after I found out the old name was causing subconscious association with an existing character. (and a lot of people were using the name already anyways). Took a while to get used to the new name, but I think it went trough. I'd say don't worry about your tulpa being confused. What matters is that YOU are not confused.
  9. alda


    I dunno, but I don't really want a very distinctive smell. Definitelly not mint...
  10. Ok, another one hour session of, well, not sure if I can call it tulpaforcing, because I just realized I'm not even sure what the definition of that is. Anyways, I managed to create a part of my wonderland. It's a small clearing in the middle of a forest with a small house and a stream of water. Majority of it is still undefined, but there's a bench outside the house we sat on while I talked. She kinda automatically assumed the form of a pony. Her form is very blurry and incomplete tho. Looking at her directly is difficult. Also, it didn't feel right when I tried to change her form to something else so I just let her be for now. The session went pretty well I think. Definitely an improvement over talking into the void. One thing I noticed is that I kept apologizing all the time. I apologized for holding her still and explained I'm afraid of parroting. I apologized for every random disturbing thought and explained I lack control yet. I apologized that the world I created is so vague and incomplete and promised I would improve it with time. 3 hours in so far. I think I'm on the right track... EDIT: I changed her name. I think calling her Lyra made me associate her with the pony too much. I wouldn't mind having a pony tulpa, and I like the name Lyra, but from now on I will be calling her Mia (Miya, Miah, spelling doesnt really matter). Her form is a white flaming sphere until I decide on her final form...
  11. Okay, I gave it a try. I still haven't really decided on the form yet, but I am going to call her Lyra. Who knows, she might end up as a humanoid. The form is not really that important. Also, I have decided to tulpaforce personality afterall. That seems to be the sentience boosting thing, which is my main goal in all this. So far I'm 2 hours in and it's much harder than I thought. It's pretty much impossible for me to visualize anything. All I'm doing is sitting in the emptiness of my mind having an internal monologue imagining that I'm talking to her. I also have problems with keeping concentration and random rogue thoughts. The shapes I see when I have my eyes closed for a while can be distracting too. I dunno. I feel like I'm doing something wrong. It feels "shallow". Like... I'm not deep enough for it to have an effect...
  12. Oh, didn't notice this thread before. I go by the nick aldariz (or alda for short), and I don't really know how I got here, but once I did, I couldn't stop reading. I find tulpae really really interesting, and while I'm still a bit sceptical, I decided to try making one. IRL I am a 23 year old introvert working in the IT field. I am very curious and open-minded and have lots of spare time I can waste talking to myself... So yea, FOR SCIENCE! I guess...
  13. Yes, for all intents and purposes a fully formed tulpa is conscious and self-aware. I still think a tulpa is just your subconsciousness playing an act for you though. But this is your subconsciousness we are talking about. You will never be able to tell the difference. Alas, there is no difference. EDIT: So yea, just to avoid confusion - I am agreeing with you here. That's how I see it at the moment as someone who hasn't even started creating a tulpa, just read a lot about it. I do not stand by what I said, as I realize I have no first hand experience and may change my opinions later. Just to be clear, I do have a certain personality in mind, it's not like I'm completely clueless as to what I'm going for. I just do not like the term "tulpaforcing". I want to shape and mold my tulpa, not plan and construct it. And yes, I do want deviation. I do not want to come off as saying "I know what I'm doing, step aside" to my subconsciousness. I want it to show me what it has to offer, and I will decide myself whether to keep it or not. Again, that's all just how my newbie self imagines the process to be like at the moment. I will adapt as I gain more experience. I didn't even start meditating yet. (although I do have some experience with meditation)
  14. Now that you mention it, rest of my life is kind of a big deal. Still, I see nothing wrong with a cartoon pony form. True... You say that as if it was easy. Hmm, I'll have to think about this some more. What if I do it and it doesn't work? What if I do it and it DOES work? Consequences all around. And now I'm not even sure about the form and the name anymore...
  15. Okay then, I have a theory on how this could work. Humans make most of their decisions subconsciously, it's just a matter of automation. As I see it, a tulpa is just an extremely polished product of imagination to which you give attention and shape its personality until your subconscious takes over. After that happens, the tulpas actions are seemingly their own, because we are not consciously in control AND it is a different entity from ourselves. When our conscious mind is in control and the object of control is our body, that is called autonomy. When our conscious mind is not in control and the object of control is our body, that is called a reflex or a habit. When our conscious mind is in control and the object of control is a thought entity, that is called imagination. When our conscious mind is not in control and the object of control is a thought entity, that is called a tulpa. Just as a conscious choice (movement, speech pattern, whatever) can be trained into a reflex or a habit trough training (attention), our imagination can be trained the same way. The difference being that after a product of your imagination receives the required amount of attention and separates from your conscious mind, it gives the perfect illusion of autonomy, since it is not connected to your body. Even if you are aware that your tulpa is just behavioral patterns you ingrained into your subconscious given form, you will not be able to escape the illusion. Why this phenomenon is not widely known may have something to do with people not meditating and training their imagination nowadays. Based on these assumptions, I am going to proceed like this. I will try to take 30 minutes a day for meditation, during which i will try to visualize my tulpa. I will give her attention, telling her about myself, my life, telling stories, whatever. I will also tell her about my vision of her. I will not force anything. I want my subconscious to have as much leeway as it wants during tulpashaping (not forcing). My main goal is to make it as clear as possible to my subconscious that I consider the tulpa a different entity from me. Meanwhile, I will try to polish the form of my tulpa based on my visualization capacities, and also slowly shape and add to the "wonderland" as needed. I will treat her as a sculpture, a statue, not a puppet. And I will talk to the statue until she talks back. I will not concern myself with any tulpa creation phases or anything like that. I wanna do it my way. I am not yet set on the form though. I will probably choose something simple. Seeing how many people are making a pony tulpa, I might go with that. That seems simple enough. I watched the show and I do find pastel ponies cute. I have a certain mint background pony in mind which I find especially visually pleasing. (And I'm not the only one, apparently). But as I said, I am not set yet. Meh, just look at all this pseudoscience. I don't even know the correct terminology for half of the stuff I was trying to say. Just keep in mind that english is not my native tongue and that 90% of what I just said are assumptions.