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    wait wut?
  1. Metaphysics, interesting? HAHAHA! I think not! And it technically is a legic experiment. The truth is, i haven't even been working on it :P
  2. Nope, that font is just small. I also put that in the comments section at the end XD
  3. Ok, but where did you guys find about tulpa's and stuff, or did youjust firure them out by yourself?
  4. Well ok. I never got a chance to get my self to record it so I can try audio files, but if it doesn't work, is their any other methods you suggest?
  5. I don't know why, but that story triggers my lie detectors, and they give a positive reading for you. Trust me, im good at detecting lies. Your errors: 1,12 years? Well, the tulpa forums OR 4chan wasn't up 12 years ago, unless your a Tibetan monk. 2, I don't think people can detect your "bundled up fear," much less flinch from it. 3, I feel like you plagerized me and Mav's idea about gems, altered it, put in some realistic qualities, and threw it out! Then again, i could be full of bologna, or maybe you are. Just stating what i feel. If there is a way for you to give me proof, i'd love to see it.
  6. Never thought of that. Although i would assume that hypnosis is easier because you dont have to visualize, then impose, and blah.
  7. I read that already :3 Also, i just wanted to figure out which feels more realistic. Also, with a hypno script, you can dispatch the wings and then call upon them later. Not the same case with a basic servitor. And i also think that you cant actually move your wings around if they're basic servitors :P
  8. Herro! I'm going to be doin' an experiment today on whether a hypnosis script is more affective or like servitor creation. I was reading a little too much Maximum Ride and thought it would be cool to have wings :P. Anyways, i'll try the hypno script first, because i have no idea how to dissapate wings that are attached to you (again :P). Here goes the hypno script. This may suck, its my first attempt (oncemore, :P). remember, the purpose of this is to figure out which one is more affective, imposition or hypnosis. You wake up one day and feel something on both your upper back, on both sides. They feel crisp and strong. You figure out that if you flex the muscles around your shoulder blades, you feel a slight movement. You get out of bed and spread your wings, 10 ft. in wingspan. Feel how your wings warmth comfort you, their soft feathers make you feel protected. Now move them around and really get used to them. Notice the light white feathers on your wings. Examine the texture. They feel smooth and silky. Give your wings a try! (in your wonderland or lucid dream of course). Now if i could just get someone to read that for me...*hint hint*
  9. Well, I have no comment about this whole thread, accept why everyone thinks your a troll :P. Also, don't make me go grammar Nazi on you. I will go grammar Nazi on you................GRAMMAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. well, Kate and i had lots of fun in a power outage for an hour! im at my friends house right now, and Kate is currently in my wonderland. Its quite fun in there, with all the zombies and monsters o.O I cant do any tulpaforcing tonight because my friendz and i are going to pull an all-nighter, and i usually tulpaforce before bed. Also it would be kinda weird if i was gon for an hour and then just came back like "what did i miss" :3
  11. kinda the point. i dont know what mavrick was thinking but thats what this was supposed to be all the time all music sends my mind little emotional "signals." like when i listen to Still Alive from portal, i get all happy and stuffz. Now i wonder if forcing to heavy metal will help with the expirement o.O
  12. Did lotz of narration today. After i post this i am going to go out with a friend and Kate.
  13. Yup, im back. i narrated through the day and did a little visualization in school. I still remember form perfectly, though, as i said before, so i can kinda resume where i left off :P. Anyways, i think i shall work on voice tonight. I already have a voice in mind, so it should be kinda easy. See yaw'll tomorrow! (the truth is i forgot to apologize so i REALLY feel guilty now... :c)
  14. Well, its been a while since ive updated this (like 3 months). And the sad truth is i have barely worked on Kate. Ive been caught up in school and stuff, but now imma try to continue. Man, im going to feel so guilty when i start forcing. I still recall he form perfectly though! I might just do some visualization tonight :/.