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    Draw Me! (Contest!)

    New info for submissions- I think there may be some issues with the email so we're changing the submission method to PM, either to me or Maya (preferably hers, we don't use/check mine often.) If you did send us something, resubmit it this way!
  2. Hi tulpa.info! I'm Tango, and I've been looking at making a tulpa since I came across the /x/ generals of old. I started creating mine back 4 months ago and as of late I've had a pretty heavy presence in the /mlp/ generals. I was initially against having any sort of permanent account involving tulpae, but I've since gotten over that; and decided to finally get around to having a presence here. About my tulpa- My tulpa's name is Maya. She's an anthro dragoness of my own design (and partially her own). As of now she's fully vocal, but she still has some issues extrapolating complex thoughts to me. We have a fair amount of work done as far as visualization goes, but only a few minor successes in any field of imposition. She has a lot of thoughts about being a tulpa and has actually given me lots of details and analysis of life as a tulpa and some of the inner workings of being a tulpa... Some of which either greatly expands or sometimes even challenges what we've come to think about them and how they work. Since we've already gotten most of our work involving creating her down, this space will primarily be used to catalogue the things she says about being a tulpa and the realities that accompany that... (Accept what parts of it you want, I'm not going to try and convince you otherwise) I might also make posts based on imposition progress from time to time since that seems to be in short supply around here.