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  1. Given the size of this community, and the positions a lot of people are in, I'm not sure there's a ton for most people here to gain from meeting up with others. Being that you can't (directly) see/interact with other people's tulpas, I don't see how meeting a forum member in real life could be much better than conversing with them on the Internet. Maybe for those that are really extroverted or just looking for some normal social interaction? Meeting others with tulpas in real life could be fun for them, but it may be difficult to find someone close and willing, given the size of the community.
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  3. Thanks for the detailed reply. That's more within the realm of what I was looking for. You're a good person to answer some of these questions because you've progressed in some areas further than most of the community (I'm pretty sure only a small percentage of this community has made significant progression on imposition) and are open and laid-back. Keep progressing, good luck!
  4. That's a good point, and I agree with it. It generally appears that one's tulpa doesn't inherently have any ability over the host, but that such a thing can be achieved, if desired. The object of a lot of forcing is to change a conscious activity into one that is done unconsciously. For example if you use certain techniques for memorization (Method of Loci), you could practice such a technique until you are able to do most of it unconsciously. This is in a lot of ways, unrelated to tulpas. I'm aware of the malleability of the overall concept here; that most of this is down to individual choice, belief, expectations, and experience, but I'm more curious which of these come naturally, and how people work towards achieving them. Perhaps I have worded my post quite poorly, as most of my questions are 'Can you do this', to which, in general, the answer is yes. I'm more thinking of 'If you experience things in a certain manner, how did you go about achieving this?'. So, for example, if your tulpa gets wet, can it feel wet? Yeah, it can, if you want it to. But what did you do to get there? Did you have to practice feeling it wet? How much work did it take for that, compared to related things? My previous post might have come off as asking a lot of silly repetitive questions ('Can my tulpa fly, can it have a form of X, etc.') to which all of the answers are obviously yes, so I apologize for that and maybe I should notably edit my original post.
  5. I have compiled a list of interesting questions about difficult or unique aspects of various subjects under tulpas. For these questions, I'm not curious if the overall concept is possible, but if someone has done it, and if so, how they went about doing it (if it took any additional effort/methods, or if it was a side-effect of basic forcing) Please post any comments or additional interesting questions that you think would fit in here well. #Visual imposition 1. Can you see your tulpa in pitch black environments? >Can your tulpa glow and illuminate its surroundings? (you'd be hallucinating them; reality is pitch black) 2. Can your tulpa change color at any time, with you seeing the result instantly? >How about form, or conjuring objects and enviornments? >Can your tulpa become, or can you see a colour that doesn't exist for others? (I believe this is, for most people, near-impossible, but you can 'trick yourself into thinking' that you have seen a new color. How to draw the line between these, I'm not sure.) >Can the appearance of your tulpa change with environmental factors such as wind, rain, etc? 3. Can you see through your tulpa when you want to? >How do you go about doing this, what different ways can you manage it? >What if your tulpa didn't want you to do this, could your ability be lessened? #Audial imposition 1. Can your tulpa move far away from you, and they then sound fainter to you? >Can you play sounds or music louder than your tulpa, to drown them out? >Can they talk louder than these, or have a 'higher-precedence', and be heard over loud things? >What if you put in earplugs, and your tulpa talks while next to you? 2. What kind of interesting sounds can your tulpa make? >Can it change its voice to impersonate others, or sing multitudes of songs? >Can it make odd unfitting sounds? (loud beeping, buzzing, music, etc) >Can it talk in two voices at once and overlap them? (even if they're both the same) #Physical imposition 1. Does your tulpa feel as realistic as physical objects? (could you surpass this?) >Can you feel odd textures that might be present? (wetness, roughness, sharpness) >Can you feel anything related to your tulpa? (clothes, imagined objects, etc) 2. Could your tulpa hurt you? (physically) >To what extent? (this seems odd if notable, you would be feeling pain but nothing would be wrong with your body) 3. Can the way your tulpa feels change? (wet, clean, dirty) 4. Can you feel warmth and (lack of warmth) on your tulpa? >How much can your tulpa's temperature change? To what extent? (could you feel as if burning/freezing parts of yourself?) #Unassisted possession 1. What altered states of consciousness, if any, can your tulpa possess you in? >Can your tulpa perform difficult actions without you being aware of them, or the effort put into them? >Is your tulpa better at anything than you are? (try testing base reaction time, and other similar things) >How long can your tulpa possess you for? (could it 'live as you' for days or weeks straight?) >Can you alleviate pain in both yourself/your tulpa via possession? To what extent? >Anything further? #Parallel/unconscious processing 1. Can your tulpa do math without you being aware of it? >To what extent? (detailed) >What about detailed logic problems? (maybe a game like chess?) 2. Can you and your tulpa both talk at the same time for long periods of time, if you tried? 3. Does the parallel processing that you have help you significantly in any areas? >Is there anything you can do that normal people can't come near? (some kind of test that people with good parallel processing would excell in, but others would fail) #Other 1. How far can your tulpa move away from you? >When do you stop seeing it, if ever? (besides from it being too far) >When do you stop feeling tulpa proprioception (strong feeling of where it is), if ever? (surely it can't feel strong to you if it teleports off to china) 2. Can your tulpa make you feel happy/sad/angry/etc if you both want it to? To what extent? >To what extent do you think your tulpa can affect (on demand) your levels of neurotransmitters or related chemicals? (serotonin/adrenaline/noradrenaline/dopamine/etc) >How about other feelings, such as hunger, tiredness, etc? 3. Can your tulpa remember a significant amount of things that you can't? >What kind of things? (random strings of numbers, memories from experience) >What kind of memory alteration and modification can you and your tulpa do? To what extent? How? 4. What kind of time dilation can you and your tulpa do? How do you manage this? (details, even if it's just getting into flow in odd ways or a type of daydreaming) 5. What other types of sensory alteration can you do (with tulpa?), including secondary senses such as proprioception? I consider most of what I've posted to be hard to achieve (if to a good extent), and I'm interested in any conversation related to it.