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  1. Agreed. Envolcris I'm female, Azazel is male.
  2. Happy Halloween From Yoko and Azazel! :D I had some medical issues today, but Azazel stayed with me the whole time and got me to calm down some.
  3. Hey Everyone! Halloween is coming up so naturally I thought of Azazel <3 I checked out the Tulpa Art pages and decided to try my hand at working with Azazel's human form. It didn't turn out too close to his human form but at least I found I knew outfit for him :D Maybe he'll go like this for Halloween. Also, here's a chibi-looking Azazel between his wolf/human form :D EDIT: FREE PROGRAMS GENERATED THESE :) THE LINKS ARE IN TULPA ART
  4. Hehe, chibi Azazel between forms :)
  5. It looks almost nothing like him except his hair is long and red, and his eyes are purple. However, it did give us a nice new outfit for him to wear in human form :)
  6. I just wanted to say that you and Hyde have an amazing relationship and I love reading about your journey. :) I wish I could answer some of the questions you have, but sadly I cannot. All I can say is that I hope you don't give up. Good luck!
  7. Just peeking in. :) I ducked out for a while because of classes/finals/stress and then for vacation. :) Azazel and I are doing well. We write a lot of fanfiction together, and he gives me some splendid dreams. We don't speak much any more but we don't really need to. I see him and feel his presence. When I'm scared or upset, he is there to calm me. I know that when I'm spending all my time online/with friends that he is off travelling and doing his own thing ;) He's not expressed any loneliness but sometimes I wonder if he would if he felt it. Anyway. He's good. I'm good. We're good. We just h
  8. Those links are really fascinating. Thanks for sharing. Good luck with your experiment.
  9. I could not agree more with this. Some people with a more metaphysical viewpoint might curve their viewpoint to be more in line with the community's. But there will likely be those that silence themselves to avoid being called names, or ranted at, or embarrassed. The site is dedicated to science. It says so right in the subtitle, but the admins were thoughtful enough to add a sort of "Other"board. It would be nice if people who aren't at all curious, or open-minded about metaphysics, spirituality and parapsychology(all very different things) would back off and let people who are curiou
  10. Yoko In other news, Dream crafting. Since joining this site I was unsure if this was within Azazel's power. I mean, just because my roleplay character was "Dream giver, Nightmare Bringer, and Mind Torturer" didn't mean my Muse was as well. These last few nights appear to have proven me wrong. Azazel crafted for me such elaborate, beautiful,and slightly frightening dreams for me these last two nights. I had no such dreams during my last weeks in college. But on break, without papers and exams to distract us, Azazel seems to have gotten to work on these. I've written as much detail about th
  11. Yoko Azazel's had a bit of a romantic streak as of late. I don't just mean sexually, I mean he shows me beautiful places in my mind. He knows just what to say to make me feel happy, safe, and loved. A few weeks ago, he only comforted me when I was on the edge of anxiety attacks and break downs. Now that we're in a more relaxed environment, he seems to be doing these things because he wants to. The emotions I sense from him are contentment and almost adoration. I mean, I don't think he's placed me on a pedestal or above him or anything, but I feel respected and well cared for. It's so
  12. May I just say, I want to see that Wonderland? It sounds fabulous! And you're a very descriptive writer.
  13. Yoko I must confess, I have the oddest feelings lately. The way Azazel stands around the room, just watching me quietly. It reminds me of how I am with my pets. I used to watch my toy poodle like that, still do sometimes. My family briefly cared for a kitten for a week. I would just watch it do whatever it wanted for hours...It feels like that only I'm the kitten or puppy.... So I've asked him to explain... Azazel I can't exactly help it, watching her. In our early years, I rarely saw her. We would write together and I would go on about my business. Now that I'm with her every
  14. Warning: Metaphysical rambling. Don't like? Don't read. When I was in high school, my mother sat the entire family down to watch "The Secret". Although I've watched the DVD twice in my life and fallen asleep to the tape recorder version, my summary of the secret may still be inaccurate. Basically, what I took from it was that your thoughts can attract objects, people, and events that you spend a lot of time thinking about, whether positive or negative. Obviously, a human being cannot control every single thought that crosses their mind but apparently they can control enough that it affects
  15. I couldn't sleep last night. Azazel stayed up with me and cuddled me to sleep. This morning, he said if the dentists hurt me (I was scheduled for oral surgery at 8AM) that he'd make them pay. I told him he wouldn't because he's not that violent. I was scared most of the time, but they had me so medicated I didn't feel anything. Azazel checked in to make sure I was okay, but for the most part I didn't feel his presence too strongly. He's with me now, making sure I rest and recover. It's so weird seeing other progress reports. Those are mostly about Tulpae growth. Mine is mostly about my g
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