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  1. Being in contact with my feelings and desires, motivation/and feelings help a lot, I think
  2. I think the problem is how you're using your energy. Try taking energy into your body at a constant and slow rythym before forcing, when you feel you have enough start using part of wat you absorbed slowly while forcing and keep taking energy in your body till you finish forcing and afterwards balance out. Some cautions: 1. If you use your energy up too fast you'll feel quite drained, that's why it's always better to have more that your normal level while forcing. 2. If you keep too much energy in your body it will be taxing for you. I know it seems strange but think about this as Mana. I think there are people that can force without using much of their energy, but to some people it's more natural to use energy while trying to do something. PD: when you take energy in you don't force it, think you're opening up and it's flowing in alone.
  3. Mowgly

    Images of your desktops

    Mines a screenshot of how I couldn't submit a highscore in the arcade section lol. :c
  4. I looked up dissociated personality, I think it resembles that you divide your personality to create a new one. It doesn't necesarily have to be that way. People are much more than their personality, so I wouldn't really call it dissociating, because you can be creating a new way of being, through creativity and that doesn't mean your personality will be cut. I do believe that something is divided but I think it doesn't have to be personality.
  5. You can, just try and see how it goes. IMO, I don't think it would be necesary to block things from her conciosness, you can set a private área where she won't hear them. You can talk with her to get her to understand that if she invades that private area, she has to keep her thoughts to herself unless you start the comunication. There are lots of options, it's up to you which one you're more comfortable with, but your tulpa should be able to observe you and get to know you, I don't think there's a point in blocking her knowing something unless it makes her sad or is negative to her.
  6. The same thing happens to me Jingle, but I figured out that you have to believe in your feelings, in yourself, and that your desires will take the right route. What you could do with her, is encourage her to make you recognize her differently from your own thoughts, with different sensations from your own, but still taking care of her feelings.
  7. The details are unimportant to us users, if you can't understand your tulpa, how dah hell are we going to understand it/her/him. You have to take a few precautions. If, you made a rule, or tried to make your tulpa to be very affected by sitiuations, or have strong feelings, you should be carefull, that can make your tulpa very sad, depressed. The thing is if you try to make it "TOO" real, you are conciously trying to stop controlling or taking care of it's feelings because it's "someone" else. Your tulpas feelings are your feelings too, so if you don't take care of it or help it's developement, it's normal that it would be angered with you. Also if you're repressing things in yourself, remember that your tulpa may enter in contact with all that rubbish. So take resposability for your tulpa's well being, you set the rules, so it's up to both of you. Try to empathise with your tulpa to understand the reasons behind it's actions or thoughts.
  8. Maybe he/she's repressing something, that's clearly identifiable, but when working with a tulpa, he/she has to let go, and all that rubbish is going into the tulpa or expressing itself through the tulpa. A piece of advice, help him/her to get grounded and participate more with the physical, he/she is getting lost with in her mind ( if it's real xD)
  9. In part because their form is very simple and easy to visualize?
  10. Usually through our lives we learn to supress some parts of our personality to be able to function correctly in society, consciously or unconsciouly. I wouldn't call it maturing but more like, leaving something behind, forgetting who you were, defining your new identity and living on. I was thinking that you could create a tulpa with these feelings or personality traits (deep in yourself) that you no longer use whatsoever and comunicating with this tulpa, to relearn things about yourself that you left behind, learning why you left them behind and how to reintegrate them in your current lifestyle and finally become one with them again. ¿Has anyone used this aproach and what do you think about this experiment?
  11. I've been willing to try Salvia divinorum also... But in Chile it's illegal >.< , I'd have to go to Argentina to try it.
  12. I can see vividly and detailed but only works for a very short period of time, I loose it typicly after a second or two. x.x
  13. Like, soft, silkness, warm, soft electromagnetic sensation like a buzz in the chest. Also a feeling which identifies each tulpa, like happyness, tranquility, heavyness, empathy, compassion, etc etc.
  14. and I'm helping too, oh god I'm so dumb.
  15. I was testing somethings a few days ago, I tried assigning a portion of my thoughts to be manipulated, let his energy/self/mind go into a place in my thoughts/mind, concentrating on doing that produces a pressure in my head and after a while, headaches xp, though it's much easier to know what he's thinking or what he wants to say to me.