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  1. Thankies Ginyu, but I dunno bout great starts and all that... This concentration thingy is a biatch, and no mistake! I was unsure about posting this here, but feel that it really does tie in with my journey to manifesting Nima, so here goes... I had an experience this morning which really made me wish that I had a camera on me! Something I've worked upon on and off for ages is the whole gratitude thingy, and while working - lugging buckets of sand/gravel from one pile to another, fun fun fun! - while doing this, I was also practicing saying thank you. Not to anything specific, just generally. The rhythm of the spade, of my steps up to the second pile, all seemed to combine and I genuinely seemed to generate a strong feeling of happiness by doing this. The skies this morning were rather horrid, cloudy and pregnant with rain, and I noticed the first few drops that signified what would become a downpour - here, when it rains, it pisses down! Without thinking about it, lost in the rhythm of my work and my thank you's, I heard myself whisper "thank you for fulfilling my desire not to be rained on today." I didn't really pay attention to it, and simply continued to lose myself in the work. The next time I really paid attention to my surroundings, I kid you not, the sky was blue, hardly any clouds, and the sun was warm against my face! And I was still dry! Now, sure - perhaps it would have done this anyway, but I've been here for a while now, and in my personal experience when one feels those first few rain drops, that's a pretty damn good sign that it's about to rain good and hard. Yet, lost as I was in the rhythm, of both work and generation/broadcasting of gratitude...."looks like its turned out fine again, Mavis!" So there's my tip of the day to you tulpamancers - instead of thinking of the whole endeavour as a chore (which I guess is where the notion of "forcing" comes from) think instead of generating gratitude for the accomplishment already achieved. How? Say "thank you" over and over, for as long as it takes for you to actually *feel* that you are thankful - doesn't matter what you give thanks *for*, what matters is the feeling you have at that moment. And when you have that feeling, perhaps envision whatever you most desire for your Tulpa right now - and whisper thank you. I dare you ;-) Like that Neville bloke said, the World is Imaginal, not physical. Stick that in yer scientific pipe and smoke it! Thankfully, of course.... Namaste y'all Sam
  2. Well, let's get this thing started, shall we - are we all sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin.... Where I am thus far: One week and a few days into my first attempt at Tulpaforming - I don't like the connotations of "tulpaforcing" so Tulpaforming it is :-) My Tulpa is Nima Ariadne Ninetails, 5" 10' tall, physically in her early twenties, mentally who knows?? Sometimes I wonder.... (Nima: Oi!) She is a Drow elf, charcoal grey skin tone, snow white hair, grey/light blue eyes - yeah, yeah so what?? She's my Tulpa lol I'm on the Autistic spectrum so I find concentration a right bastid, and the same if not worse with visualisation. I discovered the pendulum concentration booster exercise yesterday and it seems to be a real help so thankies for that! (Yeah, thanks!) As much as I dislike a lot about what Fede has written, or least the tone it is written in, I did really resonate with the core of his ideas about forming - I just generally seem to be better at this if I assume from the get go that she is fully sentient and able to talk etc even tho I havnt heard hear yet; the whole thing about Tulpaforming seems, scientific or metaphysic, to be based in convincing yourself of the truth of it, and working with her this way just works for me, so far anyways... But I am still unsatisfied with my progress, and so today - going completely on intuition btw - I went on a pilgrimage of sorts. I live at the moment in the Pyrenees mountains, eastern end near Corsavy, and about two hours hike from me is an ancient Dolmen. No idea how old it is, or what/who it was intended for, but I did read in the Anastasia books about how the makers of the dolmens supposedly would deliberately entomb themselves alive inside a Dolmen, at the end of their lives - they would enter deep meditation there and die while doing so. Apparently this was highly important, and meant that later generations could actually use the Dolmen as a place to go for advice, much like the Greek Oracle. You'd have a problem, fall to sleep in the Dolmen thinking about it, and would hopefully receive a helpful dream in the night. I had no intention of spending the night there - it's bloody freezing here at the moment - but I did bring Nima with me, and while we sat in the Dolmen I quietly asked for guidance. Coincidence or not, regardless, as I was walking back - only got back an hour ago - as I walked I was trying my best to talk with Nima and to do as little parroting as possible etc, visualising her floating along next to me in Lotus as I can't yet seem to visualise her walking properly. If I try she looks like she is retarded/glitched (it's true, I look like a total gimp!) It came to me, and not entirely as if I thought it myself - tho, yes it might have been me - it came to me to visualise the following: I saw a door suspended in blackness, surrounded with a simple block-stone frame, and a light but weathered brownish red colour. On the door in glowing letters was "Sub-C" and so I guessed it was supposed to be the door to my sub-c. Obviously. I had the notion to send Nima off on a quest, to learn about me and to see what other interesting nuggets she might dig up, but most especially to be given the chance to grow and mature and become.... herself, only more so lol my intuition was to lock the door behind her and only let her out when she had figured out how to fully impose herself, voice and all, on my reality. When she reached this moment she was to send me a dream that showed the Door, and sing a particular favourite song of ours that we like to sing together - oddly enough, singing with her seems easier than trying to dialogue, but then I am a musician! Nima seemed excited to go off adventuring thru my crazy brain, and my last proper, interestingly strong, image of her was as she blew me a raspberry before shutting the Door behind her. I made it clear that she could always talk to me or sing with me, regardless of where her adventures took her, but that we wouldn't be reunited until she was ready. Once the door was closed it faded, and my mind was strangely empty. And more interestingly, as I continued walking home I would get flashes of her in various odd places, or hear snatches of our song as if from far away..... No kidding, I'm not even making this up! I have found it very difficult, more difficult than usual which is saying something, very difficult to visualise her since she went off adventuring, and my plan now is to set up what is known as a dream incubation - something shamans have done for millennia. I will incubate the door dream over the next few weeks, and on the far side of the closed door, if all goes well, I will be able to hear singing.... I will open the door.... And we shall see lol I'll keep y'all posted, obviously.... Namaste Sam Y'know it's just occurred to me, reading my last post, that I'd missed something rather interesting - I find trying to directly talk to Nima difficult in the extreme, it just feels like I'm parroting. But, perhaps due to my writing plenty of rather poor stories in my long lost youth, I find it it much easier to write dialogue with her - the replies, if any, come much more naturally and often really surprise me with how quick and "true" they feel. Has anyone else tried this approach? If so, I'd love to hear about it in your replies :-) I will try my best to incubate that dream as soon as I can, and from then on will be doing a lot of written dialogue with Nima, to see if that helps her mature. I guess it's a little like "automatic writing"? Who knows... Namaste y'all Sam
  3. Lol at the poll, for starters! Fede, are you on the autistic spectrum? I'm not saying that as an insult, I'm Aspergers myself - but your guide, I think has quite a bit of merit, aside from your tendency to bite! Perhaps it appeals to the more autistic mindset - that's why I asked; there's elements in it that strike an Autistic chord, somehow :-) Either way, everyone needs to calm down and take things lightly - each to their own and all that... Good luck to all here with whatever you do - Namaste P.s. almost forgot - in the spirit of the manner in which you seem to operate, fede.... I ticked yes for the last poll question. But then again, I ticked yes to all of them (0.0)