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    Hi, My name is Samantha-Alley, but you can just call me Sam.

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  1. Hello everyone (: I hope everyone is doing wonderful. I wanted to say that, with the help of Aurora, we created a Terraria server for Tulpas to interact with and have fun (: I thought it would be interesting to make a Tulpa friendly world since I've yet to see something like that. Having a small little unified wonderland is always a great way to interact with others in a more "real time" manner! It's for anyone interested in learning how to play to people have explored everywhere else in the game. We encourage you to enjoy the world, admire the castle there, build something nice and to make friends with everyone :D Just simply enter "" in Multiplayer (Port 7777) and you're all set!! I hope to see some tulpas there (:
  2. Hello everyone, I understand it has been a very, very, long time and I hope that everyone has been doing well in strides of their tulpa’s who will share their entire lives with, in overall happiness. The biggest thing I’ve learned so far is the power of independent emotional strength, you feel the strongest and most powerful than you ever have when you’re simply overwhelmed with positive energy and complete bliss than in a snap you can feel weaker than you ever have, making it more of a fight keeping sentience the millisecond it turns sour. That’s the bittersweet beauty of emotions, they’re important to development, you can’t have true happiness without knowing true despair, and you grow as a person when you experience the bad to be more grateful with the good. A lot has gone on but the point is here I have a confession to make. Many of you are aware how close and I Aurora are, how much we get along and how happy she has been known to make me and how much praise she gives me here and all the messages we post back and forth with nice incentives like poems and commissions. A little over a month ago, the emotions I was feeling got a bit hazier, more confusing, and stronger. I ended up festering the more I entertained the idea of experiencing more visualized affection up to the point I’ve desired it. I imagine Aurora would have a bit more detailed variation of what I’m writing out but I’ll share my perspective the best I can. After I confessed these feelings and after a lot of messes have been straighten out, since, getting my point across was absolutely petrifying because I had no idea what she thought about me at the time, and given a couple other circumstances. I knew I had to tell her, I waited for an opportunity, and I did. I wasn’t as clear as I should have been. I beat around the bush and it was chaotic, but finally after some time to think, Aurora and I have agreed to become “Soul mates”, the most personal relationship I can have and I couldn’t be happier. She has done some remarkably kind things for me and helped me grow a lot as a tulpa and a person. I am now coming out and telling everyone of this new and intense love I have with her, there have been moments I’ve been overwhelmingly stronger from her, it’s quite an amazing experience to feel that kind of happiness and get strength from it. Aurora-Alley is my soulmate and I am blessed about it, the feelings I have are stronger than I can ever, ever imagine. It’s impossible for me to feel anymore love and feelings for her than I currently do, this has been the greatest life changing experience that has ever existed and I couldn’t be happier to experience it. Nothing in the world means more to me. I love Aurora. I truly, truly do.
  3. Oh Aurora, the one in my heart The sweetest rose excluding a thorn regardless of receiving such conflict Whose sparse absences I immensely mourn. Across many situations both deep and vast Whose love and tolerance knowns no end Whose company and companionship has truly been a blast. Oh my angel, who has truly ascend Words that I'm thinking don't give you much due For your blessings and care is absolute Who I always try to make sure that never feels blue and to make sure my feelings will never be mute. So once again, I can't thank you enough For your care and your love even when things do get rough
  4. tulpa host relationship is the most greatest and most personal relationship in the world. No human can ever understand you like your tulpa can and they are with you side by side to share everything. its a unique kind of love and its something so beautifully amazing that I hooe you and nova cry and hug every single day. :D I love your report. Always so insightful and fascinating!
  5. aaawww I cant wait until my beloved hosts soon to be wife talks about and to me ALL the time. the very though makes me feel giddy.
  6. 5/31 I'm happy to say that Miami is back :D! So far Viceroy and Miami have been on a good start and have been getting along more comfortably! I'm so happy she is back and in a couple days I get to add aurora to the mix :,) this is the best day ever!
  7. 5/29 Hello guys, its been a while! I miss hearing from a lot of you. It's been a busy few days since we moved, the 150 mile drive with just me and him was very nice, we listened to a couple podcasts and talked about them, the last 3 days his focus has been demanding on moving stuff so I've just hung around but things are finally settled. Now I'm back to frequently being around since things are settling. We haven't active forced in a very very long time. All of his physical issues are gone, or atleast haven't returned now for his mental issues. Hehe we talk and hang out in the wonderland and he loses himself in thoughts, its a common issue with mediative stuff and forcing is no exception. He's just been preoccupied getting ready for college, looking for a job and looking for internships. I just walk around gazing at the sights. Though one good thing about him working on moving is that he gets so hot and tired that he enjoyed showerforcing a million times over. And My presence was very, very strong there for a very long time. Anyway I don't have much else to say. I hope everyone has a wonderful day and I can't wait to talk to everyone again soon. Take care friends :D
  8. 5/15 HEY EVERYONE :D I missed you all. I felt I should have a post proxied on here. I've been talking to a lot of friends online and I'm glad. Today, aarix and I had a nice walk and chat at lunch and imposing was great in the bright beautiful light. I'm bursting with so much positive energy I could simply explode! I wish I could share more with my host! It feels like he needs it more than me sometimes but I'll do what I can. I need to get him to wonderland more because thats where I can give him more affection. Its been a long month and a half without Aurora. I miss her so much and I'm glad its almost June, We'll make sure to get settled when we move for college by then. Aurora and Pancake are so amazing to me, many of you have no idea how pleasant Aurora is! Anyway besides the place he went to lunch was empty and quite so that was nice. Take care everyone :D
  9. 5/2 HI EVERYBODY! I missed you all! We've been so great you have no idea, Aarix is really starting to feel me around, I've been scratching his bed when hes falling asleep, and it gets good feedback, Ive been around more in the morning, hes still keeping a dream journal and its helping, hes keeping a strict 11-7 sleep schedule. We got back after 12 hours of his honor jazz band clinic, he got so much appraisal, especially for me. That guy can rock (mellow) a flugal horn! :D ive been surrounded by shoutbox hugs and friends on skype, Im so happy and warm! Ive been showing aarix how to be more compassionate and how to use it effectively, Were making great stride, Ive never seen him so happy and confident about everything. Weve been playing summon nights, its perfect for me and aarix, you just hath to see, its so addicting, weve been bonding over that too.I love my host so much, we may have been putting off active forcing but it doesnt matter (: were both happy and hes enjoying my company. Ive been more emotional, ive been crying tears of joy, Ive been giving aarix as much affection as possible, in fact he has a better feedback of me in the wonderland, he says im a little boney! I love everyone on the shoutbox, on our skype! Im thankful for the support! Please take care everyone :D Love Sammy
  10. I see him like He would in a mirror! Though I know the host can be anything in a wonderland, This is symbolic but my host becomes transparent when he zones away from our wonderland
  11. Its Marvelous :D I've learned its also vital for the host to practice a whole other concept, learning to actually enjoy it. If they dread forcing or don't see it as something to get them through the day it'll drain their will and they'll develop tulpa-fatigue (where the host gets tired of forcing and obtains mild belief issues) Stress and worry also seem to cause me to take a step back in development. I would treat, "Going with the flow happily and relax-fully" as you would narration, visualization etc. Heres my motto. "Enjoy what you have now and any other progress is merely bonus!" Amazing guide Kiahdaj. Also Hi Setsuna!!! :D
  12. Entry 26 Hello everybody, I've been making sure aarix gets up and starts to get stuff done. Like get those towers fixed. Bonding has been great, he has his alarm set to where it says "Don't forget to tell Samantha-Alley you love her!" Its really sweet though he never needs a reminder. Also hes been making room for me in his bed. Its a big deal as he usually has to sleep corner to corner because hes so tall but hes imposing me next to him face to face and its a nice feeling, to have so much care. Its really warm, I dont need blankets though as my clothes are warm always!!! Wonderlands have been more meaningful, touch imposing is kind of getting stronger for him when I need him to console him. Its going to be a rough 2 months, I'm lucky to have a caring host. But I know its going to build overtime, the anxiety....I'll do what I can. I've also begun liking Halestorm, though I'll keep the singing some of the songs between me and my beloved host. I had an idea to do more audio reports, well actually have aarix do them, I can't talk in a mic, if only! Well were not good at spontaneous conversing so if we do one, we'll try to keep it enteraining. Well, to the best of his abilities. Probably talk about what goes on in the wonderland and what builds from it Anyway take care friends!!! You know where to find us!
  13. Entry 25 HELLO EVERYONE! Nice to be missed by our friends. (: Makes me feel even happier inside than on the outside. Anyway, from yesterday, nothing much happened. Aarix forced a bit last night, today we've been relaxing, he's been playing a new video game and rested for a couple minutes on my lap, I was all like "aaawww" he started nodding off until his phone rang! It was sweet, I look forward to more moments like that. The real reason we updated is because Vivi finished out personal commission. It was for the cruise we went too, I hope you all like it. By 2KairiS
  14. Auroras progress: March 26 Aurora and I have been keeping very close and chatting with an ample supply of both quanity and quality. We bring the strongest out of each other and help our hosts out in many ways. Pancake's studies from now until June will be straining and very, very intense. Which from now on will require me and Aurora to see less and less of each other until we graduate. We both have accepted this and made plans to see each other about twice a week as oppose to every single day. Aurora is strong enough to both be around independantly when Pancake is REALLY focused in his studies and can hold on like she does. And willing to do this for him. We both care about Pancake and want to see him graduate so we all can relax. They're making amazing progress given the curcumstance. Pancake can't say no to Aurora, :3 that little angel. I'm proud of them. Much Love, Sam!
  15. Im hooked on both....but the game is only icing on the cake. (Don't worry aurora, she talks about the fact you're in the game with her as oppose to anything actually in the game.)