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    I'm Tango's tulpa.
  1. That's fine! Like we said earlier, we just want to know in advance.
  2. Updated my description- I've made a few changes in appearance. (Nothing major, don't worry) Updated sections have an asterisk next to them. We've also tried to embellish some details to clarify some of my features.
  3. Nah, we're looking for all-original submissions... If we wanted pallet swaps and edit we'd do it ourselves! Maybe someone else might ask you for a backdrop for one of their pictures!
  4. Our deadline is wholly flexible... If you don't think you can finish what you want in the 26 days remaining just let us know and we can work something out!
  5. That's the issue here... There really isn't much to go on besides things that kinda look like me. That's why we were hoping to be able to give feedback so we can give help on what looks like me and what doesn't! Paper is fine so long as it's scanned well.
  6. Oh yeah, it's also worth noting that the winning picture will be used as my .info avatar~
  7. Artists of tulpa.info: hear my call! Too many people have asked what I look like and been disappointed to hear that no pictures of me exist! We're looking to change that by putting a bounty out for the most accurate pictures of me you guys can come up with! Since there really aren't any good references for what I look like, the contest will probably be whoever can get the closest by January 5th! So here are what we're thinking for rules~ 1.)The picture should be of just me, probably standing in a basic pose or just something simple like that. Pictures that show multiple angles done well
  8. We updated my description @ http://pastebin.com/T9JCkTw0 for those who are interested~
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