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  1. I was contemplating this earlier today. Has their ever been a case of a tulpa rejecting, disapproving of, or hindering the development of another tulpa? If so, what was the reasoning behind it?
  2. And so begins my revised tulpa log. My first try was very metaphysical and 'hocus-pocus'y , Now i'm trying to keep it down to earth.
  3. true, true. In reality, nobody has proof either imposing new forms or my method even work, or if one is more efficient.
  4. true, but i haven't heard anything that disproves that tulpa are restricted to the form you gave them after completion.
  5. i suppose completion would be, in this case, imposition and sentence done. the advantage.
  6. Last night I was in deep scholarly thinking and a thought occurred to me. I conjured up a way for multi form tulpae to exist easier than to give the tulpa many forms. My theory was that a tulpa creator could give a tulpa a very simple form, (I.E. a sphere) and a series of suit like objects. these suit objects would take any shape you wanted, and would have an aperture in the back for your tulpa to enter through. When the tulpa enters, the aperture would close off, and the tulpa could then operate the suit like an regular tulpa body. Theoretically, (like this whole paragraph) you could m
  7. sick day, browse 4chan, /mlp/, find a thread during the time when louderthanthunder was the main source on tulpae.
  8. Looks like you're in a rocky relationship.
  9. That depends. Are you going to make an an evil Ideon or some shit like that, you probably aren't going to have any massive cosmic battle with anything.
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