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  1. To add my 2 cents to this topic, my tulpa currently can only talk to me via mental voice as well. She has access already to all my memories and subconscious, but can't seem to speak in an audible sounding manner. It's something we both want for her to be able to do, but can't seem to be able to actually accomplish. It has actually been this way for 4 or more weeks now. The only theories I've got on it at the moment are that it is related to the fact that 95% of my narration is mental, and that speaking audibly for tulpae is different from speaking for humans and therefore your memories aren't able to instantly convey that ability; so it has to be learned by the tulpa from scratch more or less. In fact, while I'm here, if anyone has any ideas on how to speed up the process of getting a vocal but telepathic tulpa to become audible sounding I would welcome the advice.
  2. I only use this name on this site. So that's probably someone else, unless this tulpa thing has made me go far more crazy than expected.
  3. I just wanted to throw my 2 cents in. I really think this survey is really well done and really quite helpful. Going through everyone's responses and talking about them with my tulpa has felt very helpful and informative. I appreciate everyone who took the time to fill it out and everyone who is/ is going to do so. Once my tulpa becomes fully vocal I intend to complete this with her.
  4. I feel similarly to what Sands said. The headaches that I get while tulpaforcing don't really seem like your true standard headaches. They don't really actually seem to hurt and almost seem to have a welcome sense to them. The sensation of them moving around in your head is also something I can relate to. Also with regards to the ear popping I mentioned before, it really was a very casual "Oh hey, my ears are popping, that's odd." sort of experience and has only happened three times in 48 days of tulpaforcing. Overall, I have a sort of unsubstantiated feeling that these sorts of effects from tulpaforcing aren't entirely undesirable, but I have nothing other than gut feeling to base that off. Lastly I had a theory, a poorly researched one, but a theory none-the-less. The idea I had was that perhaps tulpaforcing headaches were somehow related to brain neuroplasticity. That is, I think that perhaps the headaches are a side effect of your brain rewiring itself to accommodate your tulpa. My 10 minutes of google-based research seems to indicate there is at least some small link between neuroplasticity and chronic headaches, but I don't really know anything more solid than that.
  5. I can confirm that I have felt all the effects listed under lasting/reoccurring as well as paraesthesia. I've also felt ear discomfort on occasion, and three separate times while working on voice my ears immediately started popping repeatedly for a couple minutes like going through an altitude change.
  6. I just want to say that I agree with TulpaCouple and what they've said, as well as express my appreciation for them taking the time to write all that out. Tulpae are to me an inherently unique type of relationship that doesn't exactly mirror any normal human relationship. So it's my belief that replacing people with tulpae is like replacing apples with oranges, they just aren't exactly the same, so if you choose to have only one you are still missing out on something. Because of that I actually think that it would be the most enjoyable to have both. In that case you can enjoy the pros of each and perhaps even mitigate some of the cons (tulpa can help you deal with bad relationships, etc, etc). I understand that human relationships aren't as simple as "Go obtain relationship" or that perhaps certain relationships aren't even desired by some people, but I still think that tulpae shouldn't ever become an excuse to become any sort of complete social recluse (never dealing with other people ever, or as little as possible).
  7. So I'm gathering that the lesson here is essentially that if I wonder whether or not it's parroting, then it's parroting. So would the overall recommendation be that I should just keep narrating and be patient, and when she becomes vocal it'll pretty much be certain?
  8. When I thought my tulpa was speaking it would sometimes be in my voice, sometimes not. I saw the voice thread you mentioned a while ago and came up with a voice for her to use, but have yet to hear it in any case where it's not just clearly me making sure I remember how it sounds etc. As for the voices over one another, that actually strikes me as a clever idea, so I appreciate you giving it to me. I can only get max 2 voices going at once, and even then it's rather hard to keep my mind going enough to keep finding things for them to say. So if I have to wonder again I can just try that and if a third voice chimes in that would be a good indicator. It's nice to have people agree it was probably parroting. It's long been one of those nagging questions. Also I checked out what G|d30n had to say (after a bit of searching for it) and that seems helpful. I've actually heard the virtual barbershop youtube clip he mentioned before. Though I must say I still have to wonder if tulpa speech is always clear. Pleeb's most recent blog post seemed to describe a similar sort of speech to what I've had. Also, does anyone have any ideas for what I could do to help my tulpa to become vocal? As I mentioned, I'm around 100 hours in, so I'm a little discouraged I've got nothing this far in.
  9. Greetings colleagues, I have a few questions about how to get your tulpa to become vocal and how to tell it is once it is. You see, I’ve been working on my tulpa for 33 days and 90 to 100 hours combined tulpaforcing and narrating time. She’s sentient and capable of sending emotional responses, and has been for quite some time. I haven’t kept exact track of how long, but likely at least a couple weeks. Four separate time during her development I’ve had the idea that she could speak. However all of these times I ended up deciding it was me parroting. I’m actually quite good at convincingly simulating intelligence thanks to ample daydreaming time, so it was always a hard decision to make because what she said matched her personality and made sense coming from her. I ended up deciding this because all of these times her voice was barely distinguishable and I was only able to hear it when I focused on her, and she never went through any sort of garbled/nonsensical phase, just straight to words and then complete sentences in the same day. Additionally, she could not pass any tests to prove she was vocal. For example, some people had said recently that their tulpa also spoke softly and not in the alien and easily distinguishable manner I had come to expect, so I decided to test her with simple math. I used a random number generator to create two random 3 digit numbers and told her to add them while I concentrated elsewhere, and then had her tell me the answer. Not only was it wrong for such a simple problem but afterwards I have not gotten the impression of her speaking since, which has only further made me think I broke my own illusion of vocal speech on her part. So in essence, I feel that I’m stuck in some sort of endless loop of thinking she is vocal, but not being sure, testing her, and then deciding she isn’t vocal. So now I’ve decided that I must simply not know something I need to in order to get my tulpa to be vocal, and am constantly left wondering if maybe she could speak despite the evidence to the contrary and the reason this is taking so long is my fault not hers. So my questions are these: Do you think that despite being indistinguishable/unable to add/going straight to full sentences that she was actually able to talk all along and that I’m the reason she can’t speak? Can I get her to talk in an easily distinguishable manner right off the bat so I don’t have to worry about things like this anymore? Or do you expect that all/most tulpa start out talking in a similar manner and I just have to go along with it until it becomes more distinct? Any other advice or mention of how it was for you/what I can expect is greatly appreciated.
  10. So would you guys say that when your tulpa speaks to you, you can be certain it's them speaking? So if you aren't sure if it was you or your tulpa, it was probably you? I've been getting semi-reliable emotional responses to questions and have had problems with parroting so I'd like to know more of what I can expect when she starts talking. Also in response to the original question, I'd say at the point I'm at I certainly have to work to interpret. I tend to get random thoughts and impressions that I sort of have to translate into words and also wonder if I just happened to get the idea myself or if it was my tulpa. It's rather frustrating to me not to know be able to tell the source of things at this point, which is why I'm also interested in getting more information on the subject so I don't have to doubt every response I get.
  11. I feel that my tulpa so far has definitely had an effect on me to make me feel more extroverted. It feels like she is prompting me to be more social and talk to other people more. Although I think I should add that I've never really been introverted to begin with like most people here, but my tulpa seems to make me want to be even more extroverted than before. I think that in regards to people saying things on both sides of the issue, it probably comes down to what it is that the person actually wants. In other words, if the person was introverted and wants to be more social then their tulpa will likely influence them to do so. On the other hand, if the person was introverted and simply wanted to more comfortable living that way (not feel as lonely) then their tulpa would likely give them that and they would become more introverted as a result, since they didn't have a reason to try and be extroverted anymore.
  12. I think that despite Hawaiian's very valid point, this would still be something I would be interested in trying and hearing how it works for others who already have more advanced tulpae. I think one probably shouldn't remove EVERY negative thing (if indeed they had the ability to do so), since sometimes negative experiences teach you things and the like. However, small annoyances do certainly seem like fair game. For example, my neighbor's dog likes to bark all the time. I don't really foresee any negative consequences of simply not having to listen to it any more.
  13. I think the idea is one with merit as long as you deal with it properly. Obviously just replacing your reality with a false one is probably not too good for your mental health. However, what if you went about constructing it like you would a virtual reality or game? Shooting zombies in a video game is good fun, so what if instead of sitting down in front of your computer/game console you conjured up a hallucinatory game world where you could interact in a much more realistic way? Though I think you'd probably have to deal with the real-world logistics of that as well so you don't end up sprinting head-first into walls, knocking over tables, and suplexing the neighbor's dog. It seems to me with enough training at it, you might just end up with what could be the best video game system of all.
  14. Taco Wizard

    Mind Control

    I gotta say, stuff like possession and now this idea of mind control are really some of the most fascinating topics. I agree with Charlotte's idea as well. It may be a bad idea to recklessly allow your tulpa to become your overlord, but the idea of allowing them to tweak you a bit in a positive manner might be quite helpful to some. People who have problems being social or working hard could have those waves of happiness be triggered when they take positive actions which would help steer them towards being better people. Though of course I'd recommend smaller, simpler, safer tests before anyone does anything major.
  15. Ha yeah, now that I think about it, a youtube video of possession really probably wouldn't be especially flattering or kindly spoken of, especially if you want to consider youtube commenters unrelated to tulpae. It seems my hunger for knowledge on the subject clouded my common sense. Anyway, I do have a question about possession though if you don't mind. Do you happen to know if an outside observer would be able to tell if you were possessed by your tulpa? Like if you just did it without mentioning what you were doing, would there be enough of a change in your demeanor they could tell something odd had happened? If you don't happen to know, I understand, I can't imagine anyone running about and openly showing off to others in person how their mental companion can take over control of their body. Though I thought that maybe if it was obvious enough you might be able to tell from your spectator position while being possessed.