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  1. I/we am/are sad bastard(s), essentially. And to bin on bronies: I completely agree, it's pretty unoriginal, myself included here. For the sake of conversation (I'm not saying that I'm better than any other faggot who tries to fuck their waifu, or any kind of yes I am but. I'm not, rather just bored and felt like contributing) my personal reason for making a waifu form for my tulpa is that it's just easier to visualize and there's plenty of references to choose from. Essentially I'm just lazy and like the visual design (ass, outfit, hairstyle) of said character. -Voltian There is literally nothing to act morally superior about here, people who look down on others because they have X outlandish fetish are faggots. Aside from that I think there are subtle elements in both our comments that point out that we are in fact, Just a tad bit extremely fucking immature. Nothing wrong with that, besides the fun side of the fandom is the one with the diaper fetishes on /mlp/ (I am drunk and rambling).
  2. Yea I think it's a bit of both. We can sort of communicate via head-pressure but I sometimes don't get a response. I'll see if I can get a concrete answer once she develops a bit further. Also it might be worth mentioning that: Beforehand and quite often I've had trouble with smaller deviation, changes in hair style ect whereas at the start of every session she usually looks like the same anime character. Clothes are always the same though.
  3. First off this isn't so much a question as it is something I felt like sharing because it might make for interesting conversation. Suffice to say strange things happened last time I forced. Last forcing session my tulpa started a period of extreme deviation, going from cute anime girl to a necromorph to some guy with glasses, problem being that no matter how hard I tried I couldn't force her back into her original form (which occasionally can be quite vivid by my standards), problems with deviation had been happening long before in a small scale but I always chalked it up too me having a shit imagination/concentration (still do) or just intrusive thought. Any thoughts? (mainly how do I get her to stop or cut back?)
  4. I'd say the term paracosmic wonderland fits better than the idea of multiverses, too magik 4 me. Also I did the exact same thing (equestria yay, complete with ponies) once while trying to start procedural generation, but all I got was vague, low quality and constantly shifting terrain. The ponies were pretty detailed though, I'd say they were like any normal character you puppet in your mind while writing a story, but you're making it interact with you instead of other characters. I pushed Celestia into a lake (got nothing else to contribute really).
  5. Alright so, How about this (again up for discussion, I'll change/remove anything, it could probably do with some simplifying to make it less lame): The party finds themselves as quantum castaways in a mysterious land where time and space is heavily fractured and other universes bleed into the planet creating a strange mismatch of cultures and creatures. prehistoric organisms and dinosaurs roam alongside mythical animals spoken of only in tall tails. Nearby a savage mix of hideously alien predatory races make a citadel maintained by a slave trade inside a decrepit starship as ancient as it is colossal, it's form towering above the clouds yet a good portion of it crashed downwards into the crust, the leviathan structure dominates the landscape for hundreds of miles around and is used to tell the direction. Those that have survived this place for long enough have taken to calling it the Sentinel, it's not just a city, it's its own biome, as the majority of it's slowly decaying superstructure is entirely uninhabited, with a few flying creatures making their homes up top and a thriving slave market down below. (nobody know how such a massive structure even holds it'self together, but must chalk it up to magic). High in the sky one can see multiple moons, some visible during the day, hovering in the heavens. Eclipses are a weekly occurrence. The Sentinel is surrounded by a vast indentation from where it once impacted, the miles of flat land have become a wet and humid marsh filled with farming settlements growing what they can, mostly mushrooms and swamp flora, most of the plants and a lot of the animals in this place become bio-luminescent at night (think avatar), but in this place there's no real telling what you'll find stalking about, the trees grow tall and thick, often being used as settlements along side giant fungus and mushroom growths that double as light sources. In the immediate facility of the crashed ship however the land is barren, the surrounding trees having been cut down and burned, the area surrounding the ship gives off a constant, red glow from the fires it's vicious inhabitants use to illuminate their palace. Looking rather like a shanty town and filled with roars and grunts this place is inhabited by a throng of intelligent predators and serves as a religious center where they conduct ritual sacrifice (there will be a quest involving going into the ship to rescue a maiden or something). Chief of the ruling species of this place are the goliath (ripped from the game yea I know, but in this context they're intelligent and have their own hierarchy, click here for a larger image) These 7-8ft tall xenomorphs are vicious, naturally cruel and completely sociopathic, these monsters rule over the lesser classes of their little society and make up the smallest part of the populations demographic. Next up are the krill (name definitely up for discussion) (Think this but beefed up and muscular, with thorns on the head crest plus slit eyes and larger jaws) Another alien species to have taken residence at the base of the Sentinel, these aliens stand 4ft tall while quadrupedal and make up a large portion of the populace demographic at the base (which consists of a mere 7 thousand individuals, not counting slaves). In a society where might makes right, these guys tend to get the menial labor. Finally are the locust, ripped directly from where you think they came from. These guys take part in the savage religious sermons and dictate labor ect. They don't have the equipment or Armour they have in gears of war, instead making do with heavy steel and leather. There are a plethora of other species containing teeth and claws skulking around such as lizard men and whatnot, but they make up a much, much smaller demographic. Slave species consist of anything much smaller, weaker or deadly then their masters, including weaker humanoids, which often find themselves on the dining room table. Out in the swamps you have tribes of earth ponies and unicorns (couldn't damn resist slapping ponies in here), solitary wizards of all kinds and various civilized humanoids, humans and other gentler beings which tend to group up and create settlements hidden in the murk, some new from the rift but most simply born here from previous generations. They often find themselves victims of raids and conflict, and species that look alike tend to congregate together and stick to themselves. (Note: Ponies vary from 3-3.5ft tall, an so suffer from a X2 or more stat multiplier with strength and endurance when facing other races. For reference the average human towers 5-6ft above them, making them essentially sparse groups of weird midget horse tribes.) So there you go, you can make whatever crazy, outlandish character you want, it will fit within the world. Play as your Skyrim character, world of warcraft, something original, whatever. Plus I get to indulge my horse faggotry. P.s The details of the quantum cast away idea are entirely up for discussion, because the details are pretty lame/autistic and not creative in the slightest (in that I ripped off all these other premises) Magic Magic is a thing here, just please don't go overboard (by that I mean no infinite mana pools, no god killing attacks and nothing that will cause disproportionately hilarious destruction) . Post your spells too if you feel like it. (if indeed anyone even wants to play at all)
  6. This entire thing is doomed to fail lol, anyway on the off chance you aren't sarcastic please keep the magic at skyrim level, fireballs, ice shards, stremes of fire and all that jazz. Nothing too OP. If you want to wield guns just keep it within reason, because guns of any kind are ridiculously overpowered in a realistic RP, the bullets will bounce around inside steel plate turning anything inside into pulverized, partly cooked mice meat. So basically no automatics, and also you will only have what ammo you bring initially. Character creation sheet: Name: Species: Bio: a description of the character physically? a rougue with blond hair? Backstory (optional): who the character is, detail their personality, then add a backstory explaining who they are and what they've done. Current wounds and effects: This is pretty much a part of the description anyway. example: Character has a broken nose, temporary disorientation has worn off (no penalty, but looks can be revealing) Example 2: Character has had his arm recently amputated (+3 to all stats due to fatigue), he /she is unable to use two handed weapons unless augmented or some shit, which might not be possible in the current game world, so sorry. forever unbalanced (+2 agility after fatigue wears off). Stats: Magika: vitality: for example 12 Strength: Accuracy: For example (8+4) + 2 (one eye was gouged out, numbers outside brackets will be added to the end roll results). Just keep updating your current stats. Interlect: Agility: charisma: RADICALS: Abilities and spells: Including those race specific. Inventory: A rope, half eaten cupcake, dead snake ect. Equipment: Leather armour, hoof mounted crossbow, a can of peper spray Fate points: 3 >Asking people to create a character before telling them what kind of world they're playing in Lets just say it's vaguely 18th century yet open for discussion. I dunno, any suggestions guize?
  7. Evening gents I'd like to start an RP session basically, preferably over skype as I have a dice rolling program we can all use to kill each other. Sessions will be quite flexible time wise, but require anyone playing to be on at a certain time. http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/city.html?n=179 I'm British but here's the time in New York city, we can use this to synchronize. I'm available most days between 15:00 and 21:00 but I can stay up until midnight if need be (note: 9PM NYC time is 1 am for me). Now that that's out of the way here is an MLP RP system I made quite a while ago based (hopefully) around realism rather than play-ability that mixes colorful pastel horses with obscene and gory violence (much edge): https://docs.google.com/document/d/10-j2b4726i_2hVkzzT50PRM5xHEWgE7AuTAUM8aB8Rk/edit (However if you don't fuck horses / aren't a faggot, fear not for it's pretty open ended, just write your own race and spells ect.) I like it, you get maimed and things get quite brutal, that being said this system is obviously far from perfect (you can't even level up), so we're completely open to other RP systems if you suggest them and they have a handy tutorial which can be accessed from the internet. It'll be a group vote thing assuming anyone is actually interested. As far as the story goes, that depends entirely on who wants to play what. We could have a standard game set within the universe of MLP or more likely a pretty outlandishly open ended game incorporating dimensional time shifts into the story or some such plot device that would allow any kind of character to enter a bizarre world. We'll hash it out later depending on what the poll says, it's a highly incompetent and unconventional way of going about things I know, usually one would bring a preplanned scenario with world-building to the table rather than asking others to do it for them. eh GMing: As far as GMing goes, keep in mind that I've never GM'd a game before (you don't say that in forum posts you fool) and as such I'll inevitably fail due to a mix of incompetence and complete lack of creativity. So here's the deal, I'll come up with some sort of scenario/general direction the game is heading and the RP group (assuming anyone wants to play) will vote to green-light it or not (a very general direction such as there's a town to the west and a forest to the east type shizz, I prefer RP's to be open ended and dynamic). Alternatively if someone has actual experience running a campaign I'll gladly hand the reigns over to you so the entire experience doesn't suck. Worst RP proposition ever. Here's my Skype: Wrath...AHopelessEndeavor Just post your name and I'll add it below just because. Otherwise PM me if you don't want to give out your details to weirdos on the internet. Current Participants: ~ Wrath...AHopelessEndeavor
  8. Indeed, I don't think I really have one besides this ladies condition being similar to that of someone with a tulpa, I'm just trying to make conversation about how tulpa work (because that hasn't been done to death). I just feel like it fits in with tulpa creation and behaviour.
  9. http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn24802-mindscapes-the-first-recording-of-hallucinated-music.html#.UtR-oZ5_sVQ So interesting article on new scientist about a woman hallucinating simple musical tones. Apparently they originate from neurons operating on a primarily higher brain wave frequency in a higher level of the brain, I've also seen posted somewhere before in the forums a picture of someones brain indicating that tulpa also function on higher brain frequencies. Perhaps the higher bands coupled with the idea they originate in slightly different areas acts as a kind of separator for host and tulpa consciousnesses. I think maybe this explains why tulpas often learn to think before they can speak (which is probably always the case). Any thoughts?
  10. "Sees half the community immediately assume that the member mentioned in the article is a depraved pervert." This assumption is pretty much correct, whats the problem?
  11. Don't have a tulpa, this is impossible to do. I will report back once I develop one to see the difference in results. I think that tulpas aren't entirely separate during early sentience and still share a portion of concentration, without which they go dormant. Maybe this is why people are getting imperfect scores when true parallel processing it would be effortless to count one set of balls.
  12. Maybe the fact you started forcing has fortified your sense of self making it difficult to switch to other personalities, perhaps try talking to your tulpa as one of your characters? Show it (for lack of gender) around your paracosm.
  13. Took a few days off then did an hours session followed by a couple hours passive narration. Attempting imposition despite not having a tulpa yet, I imagine him walking along side me, wall-jumping off trees and getting run over by cars whilst I narrate to him on walks. I can't see anything at all but I know here he is and what it should look like. Kind of like the lowest form of introspective imagination but with intentional visual hallucination (because I've already used the term imposition more than once and I'm a lavender unicorn). I'm hoping it will go something like this: Current predicament-> outlines -> Outlines and shadow -> vague color image -> A more vivid imposition. It's hard to visualize talking too him face to face when I'm going about my daily life (it ends up cutting off), yet I feel that I get much better results from doing so (greater head-pressure as opposed to barely noticeable startup pressure). Therefore I think it'd be easier and faster to directly force him via imposition and possibly forego a wonderland, because despite it being an interesting concept, the difficulty involved with keeping everything stable, consistent and putting a stop to glitches (such as randomly freezing physics) just sapps all the fun out of the experience. PS: In case you were wondering, when he gets run over his limbs twist unnaturally as he's pulled along and mangled under vehicles, his stomach ruptures and his guts spill out onto the road, this is followed by an onset of rapid regeneration. This is all puppeting, he doesn't move yet. But I doubt this has any negative effects on him because I'm not A) squeamish and B) he doesn't feel pain (or has given no indication of such). [video=youtube] Obligatory Skrillex and pony concept art by a guy named martian: So I know where to find it.
  14. Could someone please edit the Wip image full of shadows into the first post please?