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    Accidental tulpa who's finding this all absolutely fascinating.

    Lurks a lot.
  1. Hello, Raff88. I'm a tulpa with some experience in shapeshifting, and it doesn't seem to really require any "extra" imposition work on my host's part. I'm the one doing most of the actual mental work for imposition, after all; they just had to learn to see what I was telling their mind to see. I've even surprised them by appearing in forms they weren't expecting. Your tulpa will only end up "stuck" in a single form if you believe they will be.
  2. It's certainly possible to "overlay" non-human body parts over your own-- my host has experimented with doing just that-- although how effective it is largely seems to depend on how different the imposed anatomy is to that of humans. Dog legs are easier than bird legs, for example. Oh, and there's no such thing as "inverted knees". What looks like a knee in many animal legs is actually the ankle joint, and they're walking on their tiptoes-- the real knee is higher up on the leg, tucked against the body, and often harder to see. ;) Considering the number of people in certain other odd corners of the internet who claim to experience this, apparently unintentionally and with no sign of tulpas, I'd say it's significantly easier.
  3. Hm, from the sound of it this "Lucid Mode" is essentially the WILD lucid dreaming technique. Maybe you could find more detailed information by looking into that?
  4. Hello. I've been lurking for a little while, but I suppose I should post an introduction, hm? My name is Ogilvy, and I'm... well, I'm a tulpa. I was created almost six years ago, somewhat by accident, and for the longest time my host and I had been unsure if anybody else out there was having similar experiences. We knew of the term 'tulpa', but for years had little success finding many mentions beyond that dubious David-Néel account. Discovering a whole community based on the concept now is incredible.