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  1. I joined the forums several years back, so one could say that I am still around -- but I wouldn't word it that way. I have always appeared very infrequently on this website. Now that I've appeared again, there's no telling when I'll be back next. I'm all mysterious like that. Isis says that I'll bring bubblegum next time. She lies.
  2. Oh groovy, my favorite band also made a soundtrack for a video game once. More musicians should probably reach out to game makers for this type of gig.
  3. I've never heard of that Alice Symphony game, but the song is good.
  4. I saw her post the word "eroge." I thought I read "egregorial." I'm a doofus.
  5. I apologize for the late response. I only just realized that you were talking to me. That typo threw me. No, Isis does not write much, but she does gamemaster a little. I have left her in control of certain characters when I run role-playing games like D&D. I should let her just be the gamemaster some time to see how thay turns out.
  6. Scott Z

    Tulpa Movie Night

    Please pardon the necromancy, but is there much chance of movie night becoming a thing again?
  7. So I'm participating in NaNoWriMo this year. That means "national novel writing month." This year, I just turned over the main character to Isis. I placed her in charge of writing all the protagonist's dialog. It's actually been much easier and quicker for me to write this way. That is all. I apologize for the interruption.
  8. The hive-plushie opened its (many) eyes, looked around itself, and became self-aware, sentient of its plush-existence.
  9. I have! In fact, I have a copy of his latest book right beside me. I'm talking about The Hidden Universe, An Investigation Into Non-Human Intelligences. Honestly, I have only read the introduction and prologue so far. Am I missing anything by not reading the previous books first?
  10. If convenient, throw up some Soundcloud links please. I am always interested in new music on Soundcloud as I can incorporate it into my online novellas. Also, I suspect (but have not researched it yet) that streaming audio aline is less brutal in bandwidth caps than streaming videos from YouTube.
  11. I honestly do not remember my initial motivation. I suspect that I did have a clear motivation at the time I started. I voted "other."
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