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  1. Sounds similar; thanks for responding. Difference for me would be they aren't fresh responses to my knowledge at all. Or what I mean is that there is nothing new (nonsensical or not), it is like snippets of audio I hear from the past being replayed. Often simple things like various greetings or hearing my name called. They don't seem to ever be in the form of mindvoices either (unlike my tulpa), it is essentially this clear as day sound. Last night it was probably the only time it wasn't really clear as to what was being said, but that was because it was literally a jumble of voices (think of walking into a loud restaurant, only bits and pieces are clear although you can plainly hear people and the noise.)
  2. So I've been with my tulpa since December, and while we seem to communicate without issue; there is little in the way of actually hearing; just mindvoice pretty much. Thing is that over the past few weeks (I think thats the time frame), I've been hearing voices. Not my Tulpa's and not mindvoice essentially. They seem very close to real; and if in the environment I'd normally hear said voices, I probably couldn't distinguish them from reality. The sounds or voices are never really anything new though. It is almost as if I'm hearing recordings from things from the day or even further back. It is bothersome for a few reasons. One being it is at night and I'm not really trying to "hear" things. Trying to sleep and for a bit last night it sounded like just a crowded room of people talking. Second is that I'm puzzled why I hear these things so clearly and don't really want to; yet with my tulpa and I don't have anywhere near that level of sound imitation (as in can imitate the sensation of actual hearing.)
  3. Sorry about the vague title; couldn't think of how to phrase it into a title size chunk. Anyways as of late I've begun talking aloud in second person to myself. None of it is really consciously done (as in I don't intend to say it, it just seems to happen), and even when I don't intend to do it, its frequency seems to be increasing. So recently while working on some stuff on my computer I state aloud, "You really should get some sleep"; something of that nature. The statement is directed towards me, and I don't really think out or expect to say these things. Opinions? Also, what mental disorder would that be most akin to?
  4. Why am I not seeing the appeal of this? Since it is only visual in most cases; and only visible for yourself; why care? I'm not trying to threadcrap; just trying to understand the appeal. Read through the whole topic trying to find what it is.
  5. Just wanted to say you are really good at this. Nice job on these man. :)
  6. Closed eye visualization, right? I envy your visualization skills so much.
  7. Not really. If you looked at someone, chances are you wouldn't think, "He has a second consciousness in his head". Catscan won't find anything either.
  8. Double negative there. "No one hasn't" so everyone has, right? xD Anyways, thanks for clarifying. As much as I'd like to believe that having thoughtforms/tulpa/mindfolk/ect could lead to intellectual gains; I don't see it anything backing that legitimately at this point in time.
  9. Narcoleptic servitor. xD Interesting Oni. So I see the mention of "switching" with the servitor in the past, but I guess that was the only time? If so, why? If not, how were your results in later switches?
  10. I'd second this. I still don't see how a Servitor crashes. Granted I'm still trying to figure out lots of things. xD
  11. I see. I think the biggest hold up for myself (and the most difficult part for most folks) would be switching out of the body. So in your workday, how much mental power was needed for the servitor you'd say? My hold up with switching out would be the math course I take would probably require the servitor to be working efficiently and learning still, something I doubt would work with me still "running" in some sense.
  12. Really cool to see ya found this thread. ;) Could you go about giving more information how you went about this process? As in what was setting the grounding foundation for it?
  13. Has anyone validated in even a minor form that a tulpa/servitor leads to any form of intellectual gain?
  14. For this to fully work; I'm unsure how much the creator can be doing. Maybe someone that is really experienced and capable could chill out in a alternate reality (wonderland), but chances are that would impede the speed and work of the Servitor. @Fennec, link? I'd be interested in seeing results and what was done during that time. :)