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  1. Updated Gumdrop~
  2. Gumdrop said something that really stuck with me. I was being all mopey and sad and he told me "I'm here for you,I'm the friend that'll always be there.Isn't that what you made me for?" And I said "Ugh don't say that,It makes me feel bad for creating you for such a selfish reason." And then he replied,"Think about it.If God really did make humans,why did he?" Gumdrop then uttered this. "Maybe he was lonely."
  3. My tulpas' names are Licorice and Gumdrop. They were both made to be sweet,I guess that can excuse it,but it seems to fit.
  4. I think this is pretty common,I've gotten a bit more tired,and I remeber having an experiance where I felt like it wasn't real,like I was just dreaming about everything. My mind was numb,my body heavy and the world around me real,but seeming distant and fake. Not sure if from good tulpaforcing session,the cold I have or otherwise.
  5. I don't know if it was parroting,or some sort of strange possesion,but about a week ago I was talking aloud to Gumdrop and then I naturally let hisvresponses just spill out too. I don't do it anymore,but it was strange. His first word was "Why?" I'm trying to get his voice to be imposed on my actual hearing instead of mindvoices.I need hom to be able to cut through my thoughts or else i'll doubt myself,and then he'll get really ticked off. I can't remeber Licorice's,but I remeber laying in bed when he did say it.
  6. When I started forcing,I felt nothing. As I did it more and more,I got pressures,and then headaches,and then tired. I need to figure out how to get iver it,because the headaches tend to melt into migraines and tired becomes falling asleep in class.
  7. New Tulpa Licorice says he's scared of cats because of the noises they make. It could be because my cat is rather creept and likes to say hello. Gumdrop has decided stubbornly that he is a man,and that he is scared of nothing.
  8. Upon uttering those two words to him,Gumdrop cast a thoughtful look out on to the water of the river beside us for a fleeting moment.He then proceeded to throw a rock at me and scare me out of my meditation. Welp.
  9. Gumdrop tends to sleep with me,or in the wonderland bed. He says he sleeps in the forest in the wonderland,and he also fell asleep on a school desk while being imposed today during school.
  10. This does sound pretty fun,although I've never really played this type of game before. Gumdrop has already decided he'd want to be a cat of some sort if we do play.
  11. He threw a rock at my face once after I foolishly told him "Surprise me!" I erm..also once came in the wonderland to find him furiously club dancing. Suppose those aren't ALL that strange,he's pretty normal.
  12. Asking him to say something for the thread only resulted in a profound uttering of the following. "Penis." Oh,how mature of him.
  13. I think so,it's tulpa related. And I love all these quotes,this is awesome to read!
  14. What are some things your tulpa has said that have been deep,or meaningful or funny or otherwise stood out to you? Personally,my two favorites are as follows. So the first quote was from a few weeks ago,where I was in school and heard some girl naming off Ninja Turtles and I thought to myself, "She's missing one with a name that starts with an" At this point Gumdrop jumped in with "Ronald.Ronald the Ninja Turtle." That one made me smile. And another time,rather recently,I suggested the two of us go on an adventure in the wonderland,which he gleefully responded with "A sexy adventure?" He's a silly little guy,but I've had the occasional serious conversation where he becomes upset from me doubting myself,or doubting his sentience.He usually becomes bitter for about an hour or two after,but like the best of friends,we always try and make it through. Those are just a few experiances of my Tulpa communicating.I'd like to hear some of yours,and yeah,I'm pretty new here,but i've been lurking for a bit,take it easy on me! C:
  15. Some of my friends know,and are awesome ans even occasionally ask how he is.I havr a friend who hates everything,and even he considered making one,but then decided against it after deciding he hated meditation. Oh well. Some of my friends havr considered making a tulpa Now,my wonderful girlfriend is making a tulpa,who is a bit sketchy but fun.His name is Laby,or Labyrinth,and I think she is in the process of making an account here.It's been great to share experiances and thoughts on the subject whenever.