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  1. Sort of but its just a small group of us that get together and hang out and do stuff together usually sporting brony related apparel of some sort.
  2. We didnt even know each other really so it was complete accident, we met at a local brony meetup and started talking, asked me if I ever went to 4chan and heard of tulpas which was a bit spaghetti at the time I have to admit but after we talked for awhile and he told me he was Oguigi we had a great conversation about tulpas.
  3. White noise can help with that but I know for some people that the noise bothers them so I included some techniques for them to try so they can also do audio practice their own way.
  4. Im surprised there hasnt been any replies or questions about this guide, Ive been absent a bit myself but I'll be back around checking on everything so if you have anything to ask feel free to do so.
  5. Im happy to see people have been trying this out, I hope those of you that have read this guide have really been getting in touch with your tulpas senses and vice versa.
  6. So yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Oguigi in person, it was quite something to find him in the same state. We talked talked about tulpas for hours and he even taught me and Destiny about possession. Its one thing to practice by yourself but when you actually get to be taught like that in person was an amazing experience to say the least, has anyone else had a similar experience?
  7. This guides general purpose will be to help people to get into imposition via mind synthesis, you can call it self hallucinations but generally these aren't intended to be involuntary experiences but rather a controlled process so that you can have an easier time getting into imposition which will be included in this guide as well. If you find it a bit difficult to understand what exactly is being explained here don't be afraid to ask questions to others or to me especially. Now this guide assumes you have a fairly well developed tulpa to the point that you have no trouble seeing or hearing th
  8. The purpose of sensory sharing is to get a better feel for your connection to your tulpa, and for them to develop as well, sharing your already developed senses with a new tulpa can be ideal to help them grow and learn about your world so that they can understand it on the same level as you do. Now it may seem a little complicated, but let me assure you its simpler than you may think, now what you do is use any of your senses as you normally would then share them with your tulpa, it can be anything from smelling a flower to tasting food and drink. Senses are already part of your brain after al
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