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  1. Sort of but its just a small group of us that get together and hang out and do stuff together usually sporting brony related apparel of some sort.
  2. We didnt even know each other really so it was complete accident, we met at a local brony meetup and started talking, asked me if I ever went to 4chan and heard of tulpas which was a bit spaghetti at the time I have to admit but after we talked for awhile and he told me he was Oguigi we had a great conversation about tulpas.
  3. So yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Oguigi in person, it was quite something to find him in the same state. We talked talked about tulpas for hours and he even taught me and Destiny about possession. Its one thing to practice by yourself but when you actually get to be taught like that in person was an amazing experience to say the least, has anyone else had a similar experience?