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  1. Wait, so, you just pretty much threw your life away for what amounts to your child. I am not sure whether to call you the bravest person I've encountered, or the dumbest.
  2. Anyone know what you can obtain at age 14 in northern Virginia? I really think that these drugs may help with my forcing. P.S. anybody know if large doses of Zyrtec would do it?
  3. I have weird torture dreams
  4. I would like to know if these effects are normal. Note, I am only 5 hours in 1. Constant headaches 2. Off-put internal clock 3. Strange dreams where you are being tortured by your favorite fictional characters 4. Strange itches
  5. Has anyone said reenact 'cupcakes' with the tulpa, or try to put tulpa into TV P.S., my iPad now acknowledges the word 'tulpa' '3'
  6. Greetings from the dakka dakka forums, I'm fairly new here, this has a actually been a very educational thread, thank you.