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  1. Precisely the day I decide to check out how is doing after buttloads of months not coming here, this happens. Spooky.
  2. There's any specific way to solve this? This happens me 9 out of 10 times I try to get into a deep relaxation state (be it in wonderland or not), and no matter what I try to do or not to do, that awkward sensation just grows larger and larger until the point it's completely unbearable and I have to change the position of my body, breaking all the damn mood I had managed to set up.
  3. Does this actually happened before? Regarding on the topic's issue, I don't think your mom is taking you seriously, Greenie.
  4. Because it's probably the most freaking amazing thing I would ever do in my life. Science (I'm planning to study psychology). It's so rad. Where I live is full of hopeless idiots. You would frost a chicken with so much coolness. As a meditative practice, and maybe to strengthen my lame memory if that turns out to work. Did I mention how awesome the whole idea is? It's really damn awesome.
  5. A 15 cm tall green furball with a long, thin tuft combed backwards. You just can't get better than that.
  6. You can have any opinion, really, any, but if you want to make others know about it, you have to do logical considerations to make sure other people get it the way you liked to. What I meant with "nice and clean" was to keep everything with a minimum of professionalism, discussing different points of view politely; not with 9-years-old-alike rants and incoherent verbal diarrhea of what "your opinion" is. You know, nice and clean, not "worldwide acceptable and perfectly adjustable for society to agree". So far as I have seen, this forum had done it right, and it promises to get much better, because of its condensed, generally kind and eager to progress community, so I was just calling to stay just like that. Maybe I didn't make myself clear enough. Well some people here actually wish to not be looked down because of what a misunderstood first opinion might lead to. Why does that make a difference? Not my point. Sensationalist media can kiss both of our asses. Yeah probably. A man can dream, though. At least it won't be our fault. They can corrupt everything in order to get cash, of course, but even those with real intentions to promote the benefices or doing research out of honest curiosity could bounce off of here if the site does look like a playground for delusional people. Well that is the problem, people just talk and shit over things they don't even slightly understand, instead of doing a little of research before throwing their "opinions" at everybody's faces.
  7. Shouldn't this thread be a sticky?
  8. In the case After this forum manage to get enough attention so the tulpa phenomenon could be scientifically proven and worldwide accepted, I don't think this would ever become "mainstream", since its own true nature is just too much for the mainstream to handle (lel hipster). Even if the groundbreaking improvements are portrayed over the "bunch of autistic neckbeards fucking imaginary rainbow ponies" image this might get, the media coverage and the dumb masses would still corrupt it so much that it'll end up being, or another fad in the history of metaphysical crap or something completely distorted in order to make it easy for the general public to try. Things that go mainstream are: 1) Highly socially accepted. 2) Simple and understandable. 3) Easy to attempt and quick to get positive results. Tulpae are neither of these, so no, I don't picture this becoming mainstream, much less that being something good. Let's just keep this nice and clean, so if it happen to hit the news or something, we may be looked like respectable people (in such case you give a damn about that).
  9. If you don't have a wonderland or something like that, what kind of better things might a tulpa do? Float in the void?
  10. As far as I know, the posts from /x/ and /mlp/ are the most mainstream sources of information about tulpa phenomenon (or others sources derivative from them), so it's just natural that people that frequent those boards would want to get involved in the process of making a tulpa, most notably MLP and anime fans, been the kind of persons with less mental obstacles and the motivation to do so. Edit: On a side note, if the tulpa phenomenon were more known in other communities, online or not, and most likely the wacky ones, those communities would probably spawn tulpamancers.
  11. It seems that still I can't really take the idea of "completely different consciousnesses" (as it appears to be) over "one consciousness into another". So even while they potentially could, they tend to not do so because of courtesy? (Or do it sometimes just to joke around). I guess that's something quite small compared to what you could do to them. Heh. Uhm, how much power could have a tulpa over your own thoughts anyways?
  12. I've been looking into the whole tulpa thing for some time already, so I guessed it was time to really get involved with it. Does a fully completed tulpa, or even one just been formed, hear or know about everything you think, or only those thoughts that consciously go directly to him/her? I already know that you can develop a tulpa even if you not are constantly thinking about doing it, but until which point does that prolongs? You can consciously choose to only let your tulpa know about specific ideas, or does he/she, once it's fully sentient and everything, have complete acknowledgment of all the stuff you think, even the smallest and negligible thoughts? This question isn't very clear for me, and sorry if it was already answered before. Thanks.