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  1. I think I've finally decided that I want my tulpa to take the form of a small deer. Not like a cartoon deer, but an actual deer. If it deviates from that, then thats fine. I'm kind of hoping it will to an extent. But I really just did not want a human tulpa. Since my main goal out of having a tulpa is memory recall and companionship I think something simple like a deer will do just fine.
  2. Haven't told anyone at all.. And I don't really plan to. Most of my friends would find it too strange. My boyfriend probably wouldn't care, but would definitely think it was odd. My best friend might be interested...maybe. And my parents are completely out of the question. My mom would probably call it devil worship.
  3. Oh, oops. I wasn't clear, sorry. That's why I am hesitant about creating one that would look creepy. And I realize that. I meant my animus if I had been actually making a human Tulpa.
  4. I've seen anima and animus mentioned briefly in the forums before, but no nothing about it. I guess mine would be an animus then? So far what I've been leaning towards is something more along the lines of a black or navy feathered deer. I realize that sounds strange haha. I will probably browse art websites for more options and doodle some. I'm fascinated by anything that has a "creepy" feel to it as well as animals. (Although I keep second guessing myself with this, thinking as visually appealing as it is, I don't know if I want my Tulpa to constantly look creepy).
  5. How did you decide what your form you wanted your Tulpa to have? I realize that their will be deviation, but I can't even begin thinking of any personality traits without a face to put them to. Even a vague figure would work. I know some people don't even think of a form for their Tulpa, but I am very visual. I've thought of many forms, but none that have really clicked. I'm probably focusing on this too much, but any examples of how others got started would be helpful! Did anyone use any resources to give them ideas?
  6. Since most of them have been around for years their personalities are quite set in my mind. I realize a Tulpa would deviate, but almost none of them are good starting points for me. They don't have what I'm looking for. (Like, many of them are too harsh/cold/rude. Basically undesirable traits). A few of them are also based on pre-existing characters and I feel that making an original character would be better. I'm also a bit worried that they might turn into more of a servitor since I've always controlled their actions, and put whatever words in their mouths I like. Though I have noticed a
  7. I'm kind of relieved I can keep my wonderland/fantasy whatever. At first I thought I might have to neglect it to make a Tulpa, but making a Tulpa within it might work well. However, I don't think any of my current characters would work well as a Tulpa. Their personalities are not quite right.. I'm also kind of glad to see other people here who have created similar things like this before a Tulpa too!
  8. I'm interested in creating one mainly for memory recall, and companionship. I've always had things like imaginary friends, but having something that can respond without me putting words into it would be amazing.
  9. Thank you! I'm hoping that my Tulpa will be eventually able to interact with these characters before I try imposing her (or him.. not sure yet haha) on the real world. If my fantasy world starts to disappear though, I will probably drop the Tulpa.
  10. Hi, so first of all I'm new here! :) I had an kind of unusual question though.. Basically, for as long as I can remember, I have had a fantasy world in my head for me to escape to whenever I want. Its filled with different characters and worlds and such. My own character can change whenever I wish and I can drop the world and create whole new ones. I've met other people who do this. About a year ago I got more control over this world (because it came to the point that it was severely interfering with my life) and now freely enjoy as I wish. Sorry for the long explanation. So my question
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