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  1. -----DAY 4--------- Just had an intense forcing session. I used Fede's tones for the first time today. Tulpatone to be exact and boy, that audiofile makes wonders. I really could focus on her than ever before. I did some closed-eye visualization today, even though the guide tells me not to do so. Well, I think I'll keep practising with closed eyes for a few days and try to slowly get into open-eyed. I also talked to her a lot while visualizing her. I intended to do a 30 minute session today. Well, I stopped after about an hour because my head felt like it was exploding. That's it so far.
  2. We should test if he's evil now. Let's poke him with a stick.
  3. ------DAY 3---------- Well, not much changed so far. Visualisation is still hard as hell and forcing is still great fun. Parroting also seems to be feel a bit more not-forced by now.
  4. -----DAY 2--------- +: I tried to include her into my usual day. I tried to visualize and talk her while doing stuff I usually do and made her parrot back. It actually worked quite well. It's been pretty much fun again. I bet think we'll have a great time. +: I actually exspected her to wait behind a door for me. Well, she wasn't there, but I think it's a good sign that I already believe that much in her. +: I think I found the best possible themesong for tulpamancing: -: It's still quite hard to visualize her. It takes quite a bit of focus to do that. On the other hand, I'm still only in day 2. What did I exspect? -Still not sure for about her name. I think I'll let her choose it on her own if I can't come up with one until she doesn't need to be parroted anymore.
  5. I'm Austrian not Australian. You know, that little German country right under Germany, which is like Germany but with funny accents.
  6. Yeah, I actually forgot about that part. But just talking to her while imaginating her behind me can't have hurt, right? I just had a nice parroting session. I tried to imagine her in my peripheral vision, made her ask question, saying stuff, etc... and I answered and we both tried to keep conversation running. Just like your guide says. It was a lot of fun and one our had passed like nothing. I eventually stopped, because I got really tired and noticed a slight headache. (That's a good sign, am I right?) I'm having problems visualizing and making her move while imagining and parroting feels kind of, well, forced. I'll have to work on that. So, I'll go to bed now. It's already 2:27am here. I'd say it was a rather productive day
  7. So... Any tipps? I will surely go for imposition before doing anything related to posession.
  8. You are right. Darn. Forgot about that for a minute.
  9. Well, hello you Tulpamancers ----------Usual, boring Blah Blah about me------------- You propably don't know me, because I am new here (Well, duh). Well, I've always been very interested in 'unusual' psycholigical things. I taught myself to do self-hypnosis a few years ago. I stumbled across the whole topic of Tulpas about three or four weeks ago. I googled, some people said it would not be real and I actually believed them for a da or two. Thanks to the internet though, I found you guys and all doubts were gone after a bit of reading. I've been lurking since then, reading some guides for a few times and started planning making myself a friend. I hope she'll be willing to do experiments with me. (ULTIMATE GOAL: Mastering posession, switching and doing fun experiments) So... Why am I making this thread now and not a week ago? Because I finally stood up to my inner perfectionist and started forcing today without planning every little detail of personality . Rather sponatious. While doing my daily bus ride to my school. It's still fairly early and thus pretty quite in that bus. I was quite bored and thus decided to finally start. I'll mostly go with Fede's guide. It just seems to be the perfect approach for me. -------------The actual 'important' blah blah---------------- DAY 1 Vocal: Nope I finally overcame my inner perfectionist and began to imagine my tulpa being around me and started telling her about my life with my mindvoice. In a bus. Not the best place to force, but it was atleast quite and cosy enough to relax. I made myself believe that she'd hear everything I say and infact actually still think so. Doubt does nothing but harm. It was actually pretty fun. A ton more fun than I exspected it to be. I intended to stop after leaving the bus and proceed after getting home, but I actually kept imagining her behind me and kept talking to her as long as possible. Ergo: Until my classmates arrived and couldn't carry on focusing anymore. I know, hour counting isn't good. I will stop. I promise, but I that forcing session was about 45 minutes. Much longer than exspected. I tried to imagine her being near to me as much as I could during brakes and during non-serious christmas lessons. I'm now at home and I've been thinking about her until now. I think I'm having a great start. Atleast I keep telling that to myself.
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    I feel seriously embarrased by the sheer stupidity of my fellow austrians. Seriously. What. The. Hell. @topic: http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=3030769