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    After struggling for weeks with maintaining a consistent human visualisation, we decided that Clef needed a feline form, at least for a while. In the first half hour visualising her, she was clear and consistent. I don't know how it will affect her imposed speech, but she doesn't see that as a problem. Disappointingly little progress has been made apart from this realisation, but I can hear her more clearly. Maybe now that she's happier in her form, things will progress better. Maybe I've just broken through a plateau. We certainly hope so.
  2. OK, when I get to a computer, I'll remove your stuff and update the top post. I hadn't intended to edit it at all, I just ran a spellchecker over it. Would you like other references to your method and tones removed too? Edit: It's done; all links to your thread and tones have been removed from the compilation.
  3. Hi everyone. I spent the day putting together a formatted PDF of a few of the guides and articles on the website. These are mostly guides that I refer to or like, so it's a totally incomplete selection, and I'm very open to any suggestions for addition or removal. The purpose of this is (ideally) to be a first-port-of-call for newcomers, so that they can just download/refer to one document until they've grasped the basics. At the moment, it covers FAQ man's method (with a disclaimer about hour counts), Irish's method, and Methos' (quite complete) method, as well as a few other bits. I've also included a few articles that I think are useful. There's a glossary of terms at the back taken from the site, but I haven't included the FAQ; I feel that the rest of the content should cover most of it. --- Linky link link, or see the attachment for a download. --- Edit: updated to remove Fede's content. pico-guide.pdf
  4. Programming's not that hard, and the feature list he posted sounds very achievable. No need to be rude. I don't know how useful this would be for me personally, but I can see how others might like it. Good luck, OP!
  5. Hi all. I began work two weeks ago today, but didn't want to rush things publicly before I got to know my tulpa. Anyway, her name is (at the moment, and after much deliberation) Clef, and she has a human form. I subscribe to the belief that hosts and tulpa are basically the same, and that we are sharing a head. I assumed sentience from the very beginning, though not vocality. I use a bit of several methods for forcing, sometimes using tones, sometimes using a wonderland, and sometimes open-eye visualisation. We've mostly worked out talking, although not perfectly. She can't initiate a conversation without my thinking of her, which is obviously a problem. We believe the way to progress from here is to focus on keeping her in mind throughout the day, to reinforce her independent existence. She also has a bit of trouble forming separate opinions, so we might try a bit of personality work again. Tonight, we tried partial possession for the first time, and I'm fairly sure she was able to control breathing and motor action in at least two fingers. All fingers got a response, but it was difficult to tell who was moving them. I don't know if we'll do any more possession for a while, as I'd prefer to get a better visualisation first. Clef would like to dive straight into possession. I'm having alight trouble with visualisation. I can picture individual parts of her face and body, but the big picture seems to melt and change before I can fix it. I'm not sure if this is Clef being unsure of herself, or something I'm doing wrong. We're making slight progress though, so for the moment we'll just stick at it. After visualisation, I'd love to do either possession or imposition. I initially wanted to have complete imposition before I even started possession, but the latter seems too useful to miss out on. We'd really be happy with any tangible progress. Thanks for reading, Clef says hi!
  6. A: A ton of sugar, like >50%. Also miracles. Q: If you could travel to anywhere in the world for free, once, where would you go?
  7. A: There can only be one way, [video=youtube] Q: Roll.
  8. Hi all. I'm from Australia, and about to begin uni early next year. I'm into maths, music, French, reading, and computers. I began work on my tulpa about a fortnight ago, and I'm fairly sure we've reached vocalisation. I discovered tulpa.info on Reddit, and lurked a couple days before signing up. Definitely not an MLP fan, but I do like Adventure Time, so I can't be too critical. I hope to get to know a bunch of you people, seems like a nice community.
  9. What "groundbreaking improvements" are these? I don't think the concept of tulpas is that new or revolutionary: DID/MPD are pretty well known, and "tulpas" obviously come from Tibetan practices. Almost anything a host can do with their tulpa, a tulpa-less person can do with a similar amount of time. I think LucidAcid may be right; this is comparable to lucid dreaming in a lot of ways, and it'd be nice to reach that level of acceptance/recognition. The ideal long-term outcome for me would be to see tulpas covered in high-school psych classes as a neat thing brains can do.