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  1. Would it be possible to make a servitor which holds the form of Power Armour? If so, would it offer the same or similar benefits such as increased strength and speed?
  2. So, I want to start talking to Sarah verbally, but I've run into a slight issue. I still live with my parents and I'm worried they might think me crazy, talking to myself. So, should I tell them straight-out I have a tulpa or wait and hope they don't hear me talking to "myself"? If the former, would my mother (who has a huge fascination with Psychology, especially Freud) understand?
  3. I guess I'll go ahead and start up a progress report officially. It's just me with my one tulpa, Sarah. She's a human in her late teens with short brown hair and green eyes. I started this adventure, into having a tulpa, with a bit of a catapult and I've only just realized such. See, for the past, oh say, six years, whenever I think about something, I would argue with myself. No matter what it is, I would try and talk myself into it. Over time this became more and more automatic. It was never yelling or fighting, more like a debate I guess. I've recently come to realize this is why S
  4. Ukai

    Memory imposition

    The delay (however long it is) is basically our brains waiting to get the entire story of what's happening before feeding it into our consciousness.
  5. In regards to said guide, are you meaning to do this in true view, or all in mind's eye after screencapping your true view?
  6. So, I'm having a lot of trouble imposing Sarah. I've worked at it from multiple angels, tried different guide's views on it, and just about everything I could think of, but no results at all. I believe if I could just impose her, see her just once in my own true vision, then I could handle the rest. Does anyone have advice for that first step?
  7. Okay, so, I went ahead and tried this. From the start, Sarah was nervous and uncomfortable. This only progressed as the session went on. She got more and more afraid, and kept begging me to stop it. I told her we were doing this though, and she agreed. So, as the track progressed, the wonderland became darker and darker. Near the end, I guess around nine minutes in or so, it changed completely. Suddenly, we were in some kind of lab. It was a small room, filled with large tubes. We left through the only door, and she collapsed, holding her head and crying. I sat down with her, and tri
  8. So, I've been trying to figure out the best way to do what, for me, seems like the hardest part of tulpamancy, imposition. So, I read guides about it, and did some digging. In the end, I came up with my own method I'm calling "Memory Imposition". The idea is, we as humans live in our memories. Not just who we are, how we behave, etc, but we literally live in them. As you read this, you aren't reading it in real-time, you're remembering having read it. Humans live 80 milliseconds in the past. Anyway, on with science. So, what I'm proposing is, since tulpae are created from our mind
  9. I'm assuming you're still taking requests. If you are, I'd like you to draw Sarah. She's 5'6" (168 cm if you prefer) with a B-cup, Caucasian, Short brown "pixie" style hair, green eyes, with a soft, round-ish face, she normally wears light blue jeans with a sky blue shirt, and an open darker-blue jacket. As for style, realistic would be best, and she can be posed however you like.
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