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  1. I am making some changes and this is one of them. It is time for me to leave this forum all together. I have learned a lot here. I have had much fun here. But it is now time to move on. I wish everyone well and maybe we can chat on some other forums. Enoch327
  2. I saw the mini-doc on youtube. I thought it was fair. I mean the shrink thought it was okay if it didn't hurt anyone. I don't think they went far enough. Tulpas are more than imaginary friends. I mean the Tibetans didn't think they were just imaginary friends. Maybe there will be more news stories on tulpas.
  3. I am not sure either will help you. If you don't have the drive to do it then your thoughtform helpers will stop when you do. They will take a break when you do. However the tulpa form would be more conducive to learning languages, since humans learn languages and tulpas are normally human shape. And I think you might need a team of tulpas. That team would include a teacher, a translator, and a tutor. But whatever you do remember that your thoughtforms will take their cues from you. You have to lead the team. In either case, good luck. I hope you prove me wrong.
  4. If only you sick puppies could think like I do, feel like I do, and believe as I do then this would be a happy world. Why can't you all become copies of me? Just parrot back to me what I have said, and I will be happier still. Mystically, we are all one. And that one is me. Diversity is overrated, conformity is where it is at. Conform to my will, please.
  5. Sweet Jesus. "A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still."-unknown. If your viewpoint were that good to begin with why wouldn't I adopt it? There must be a reason for me to have my own ideas about stuff. And another reason for me to not shove my ideas down someone else's throat like I used to. The purpose of debate is not to win or shoot some one else down. Maybe the purpose of debate is to get us thinking. I hope we can get back to that in this thread and in this section of the board. After all, sometimes a tulpa is just a tulpa.
  6. I think the term is "Simulacrum".
  7. Unless you have a way to verify the subliminal image, I am afraid the tulpa will tell you what you want to hear. At least that has been my experience with similar situations. But feel free to prove me wrong. Wrong is a place I have often been to.
  8. In the jurisdiction where I live assisted suicide is illegal and punishable by stiff fines and lengthy prison sentences. I hope this helps. I think suspended animation is against the law as well.
  9. By your definition of tulpa they would have to be. More than one personality within a single mind. Or did I misread that too?
  10. Some early scientists were magicians. I thought there was a tie in like "occult" sciences or "metaphysical" science. Those are book titles that I own. I guess the misleading part on the home page is that you say that the Tibetans regard tulpas as being imaginary. They don't. They see tulpas as being real. I guess this is a site about creating multiple personalities or at least subpersonalities. So I stand corrected. Still there may be an idea or two here that I can learn from. Thanks for your consideration.
  11. I wish you all would consider putting up a disclaimer on your home page such that you all do not subscribe to the most recognized definition of tulpa. According to the wikipedia and other sources a tulpa is a materialized thoughtform. Something that started in thought and then became manifest in matter. This would have saved me a world of trouble. I would not have come here if I had known how you all felt about this issue. Thanks for you consideration.
  12. I treat my tulpas as junior partners. Being the senior partner, I win in the event of a tie.
  13. I create servitors by 1. Writing out its purpose. 2. Forming energy in between my hands and creating its form. That is the short answer, there are longer and better answers on the web and in books. I learned from the books of AL Manning and Konstantinos. I hope that somewhat answers your question. This may not be the best place to learn about artificial elementals as there are so many skeptics afoot.
  14. I fail to see the distinction. What is the difference between me narrating a story and a author writing dialog? I think it is an artificial distinction based on semantics. At any rate, I have heard authors talk about characters that take on a life of their own. At this point, the characters themselves start writing the play or novel. Is this a forum where we share ideas or snipe at each other?