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  1. Lucid dreaming isn't something most people can just 'do'. It takes practice and discipline, and for many people, a lot of time.
  2. Nope. I had the problem you described earlier, but this one has effectively replaced it. Which sucks, because as opposed to just having to re-navigate to boards, I've now got to look through many individual topics to make sure I've not already read through them. It's far more annoying.
  3. I'm now having an issue where I'll go into a subforum that had posts I've yet to see (as indicated by the lit up 'ipb' thing), but no topics will have a lit up envelope. This happens even if I haven't seen posts within some of those topics, but the kicker is that it doesn't mess up all of the time.
  4. "Previous"? Is it not around anymore?
  5. Oh yeah, I think that might have been me, but then the post was deleted. I take it that means only admins can delete posts? Can something be done to change that, Pleeb?
  6. There's a small issue with this, similar to the issue with the proposal made over in the Tulpa-Only Board thread. We don't want newcomers popping in and getting the impression that we're not much more than a group of circle-jerking roleplayers. Granted, just a thread here is a much smaller issue than an entire board, but still.
  7. Is the signature text that dark blue color by default? I think something needs to be done about that, as I can't read it without highlighting or squinting. I know it isn't as though signatures matter much, but having unreadable text just sitting there on the screen as I read posts is very bothersome.
  8. B_P

    Open to experimentation

    I lol'd. As to the matter at hand, I don't feel that giving you theoretical tulpaforcing methods for you to test out would really be useful. For one thing, tulpaforcing can be a very subjective process, if what I've read is any indication. Because of this, anything experimental method that works for you couldn't be assumed to work for everyone, and we'd have to find more willing participants like yourself to test them out on (which feels as odd as it sounds to me). I'm already trying out some theoretical methods that I don't really feel would work as well for anyone who isn't me. If you really want to test things out, I would suggest doing something similar, and coming up with a process that you think would work for a person like you. When all is said and done, come back with the results, and if others want to give it a shot, they can.
  9. Threads on 4chan, or threads on here? Yeah, I saw you Tide'ing up a storm in the latest Tulpa thread, but I'm just saying that if you can lower or at least maintain your current level of trollsyness, I personally think you'd be fairly entertaining to have around.
  10. I think I'm actually starting to like you, Tide. Don't correct him too hard, please.
  11. B_P


    I'd think of us more as the Tok'ra. Though, both of them still call their hosts 'hosts'.
  12. B_P


    Narration is also a part of the personality phase of tulpaforcing, yes? You narrate to the tulpa about its traits and whatnot.