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  1. Lillian is female, and I am female. I simply decided I would be more comfortable with a female like myself.
  2. 1. Who have you told about your tulpa(s) and how did they react? I've told one online friend, and she accepted it like it was nothing. I also told my local friend about tulpas, but haven't told her I'm working on one of my own. I want to ease her into the topic. 2. How did you find out about tulpas? An online friend linked me here when he thought I already had one. Yeah, definitly didn't. 3. Do you talk to your tulpa(s) in public/ private (with/without Bluetooth), in your head/ out loud? I pretty much stick to in my head, I just find it easier. However when I'm in private and I get really excited, I sometimes start whispering to her. 4. (Not very relevant to the main topic, but I'm still curious.) How old were you when you found out/ made your first tulpa? I'm 18 going onto 19 and am working on her right now!
  3. Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir. They even have a wonderland.