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  1. First off welcome to the forums. I will be following your progress with interest and I wish you and Maple luck on your journey into the great unknown. Maple is sentient right off the bat, the moment you decide that you are going to create a Tulpa is the moment they are 'born'. Everything after that can be seen as helping them grow, from a toddler, to a young child, through adolescence's and eventually into adulthood. FAQ_Man's creation method has sadly become outdated and we as a community have long done away with his hour counts, now seeing them as limiting to your Tulpa's development. > for further reading on hour counts. Maple is communicating with you. All of those flashes of images, emotional responses are her communicating with you. they are all common forms of communication and have been noted right throughout the community. Just go with those cuddles man, many a female Tupper wants them cuddles. And don't worry about how fast it might be going, the experience is different with everyone, some get results right away and some have to work bloody hard before they get anywhere. As I said a Tulpa is alive as soon as you decide that you are going to create them and Maple is showing very strong signs of sentience. Hope I have helped a little, it is 4am as I am writing this and I am pretty tired. And if you need anything answered just ask, there are many in this community that are willing to help you throughout your experience. ~V
  2. Thanks Aarix, hope you and Sam are doing well. Asked the girls to wake me up at 9:30am and make sure that I stay awake. Just to see if I can do it. They wake me up right on 9:30 and the first thing I think was "You said you were going to stay awake this time". Damn they why they do this to me, so tired. My normal sleep pattern is 5am onwards. They be mean. But I love them. And this will be a good day. Also we are enjoying the time spent on #tulpa.shoutbox, even if half of the time has been spent hugging.
  3. Have been struggling with visualising everything in the past few days, Tulpas, Wonderlands, everything. And it is becoming frustrating. Frustrated is not good I need to get out of that. I am re-reading the guides again and we are slowly figuring out a way to improve again. I think the most promising technique has been flashing up an image for a moment before it fades. I think we might make some progress again using this. We will see. Down on forcing time, done like 1h30min since the last post, but narration has been good, my Tulpae will be sporting experts by the time they are vocal. Adiós amigos, hasta la próxima tiempo. ~V
  4. Hello Aurora, all to happy to help you and it is good to see that you are all right. :) I will try your suggestion of writing their words down, and also some other methods in the next week. And there will be no more accidental tulpa's; I have created a small sign and told both of the girls about it. Thank you for the luck, and may I bring good new to you soon. And I think it would be nice to chat to you sometime. :)
  5. So whats been going on during the last 10 days? not much as usual just forcing and narrating. the lengths of time that i have been doing these two activities has slowly declined over the past week, i must work on getting these times back up over the next few days. the two girls seem pretty happy, head pressures have become more common and stronger, but i havent felt any emotional responses recently. I dont think either one of them is talking yet, but that could just be im not listening hard enough. might as well make a comment about the shout box seeing as everybody else has had something to say about it. i have never used it myself, but i have sat there and read some of the conversations and it seemed like everybody on there was having a good time. i was even considering jumping onto the shoutbox this week and joining in on some of the conversations that take place there, not that it is a hassle opening up the new channel, it would of been nice if it could of stayed there. i think it was a good part of the community and it is kinda sad that it has been taken away, and i hope that the new channel will stay as happy and friendly as the old shoutbox. anyway, im off to do some forcing with stranger. everyone enjoy your weeks.
  6. your tulpa only needs a fairly small amount of attention to survive, but you wont make much progress.
  7. so this week has been good to me. forcing most days, and narrating all the time. visualisation and concentration are awesome. there was a period at the beginning of the week where i could not sense alexis at all, to find her a just made a small ball of energy and told it to find her and followed the trail it made, gave her a hug and i think now she isnt to bad. it makes it difficult to tell if they are ok when they dont yet talk and can on very basically communicate with you, but we are making this work. seems like i also have a second "proto-tulpa" now. was trying a bit of a hypnotic session last night to see how it would work for me, it worked a little as in i had a better sense of visualisation and slightly more concentration but didn't really hypnotise me (when my brother walked in to talk to me about some trivial matter i broke off and spoke to him then went back to forcing) not having been hypnotised before i dont know what it is like or anything. will do some research into hypnotism in the coming days and see if i can help myself. anyway back on track, about 3/4 into this session i started to feel like alexis was getting agitated, so i had a quick look around and there she was, my second tulpa, "Carer". little back story behind Carer, when i first started thinking about and planing alexis i considered a second tulpa that i was going to create after alexis so that they could help and care for each other. alexis (originally named Stranger, standing for stranger in my mind) was going to be fairly shy and easily scared. Carer was going to be the one to protect her blah blah blah, but i ended up putting some thought into her and what she looked like and her personality. so there you have it i know have two none talking, hardly moving tulpae that i will continue to work with untill they are fully vocal and sentient. on another note, when i first found out about tulpas i spoke to my brother about them and since then he has done quite a bit of extensive research into them. now you must understand that he is "mentally unstable" (that term is thrown around alot) and if you asked him about what exactly he has he says 'a little bit of everything' and that is pretty much true, so it is normal for him to hear voices (mind voice and auditory hallucination) and have multiple "beings" (as he described once) in his head. so this morning he said that he could feel another presence in his mind, one that was unlike the others he usually has, and it is calling for him to find it. being my brother he refuses to go and find it so i told him several different ways that he could try dissipating it without getting to close. but it looks like i have caused 2 accidental tulpas to be created, im on a roll... but lets hope that i dont create any more, at least until after stranger and carer and fully developed (at least vocally) ~V p.s. i am now going back to my old way and referring to Alexis as Stranger and keeping Carer as she is. p.p.s. please excuse i horrible story telling, spelling and grammar. it is my being lazy and i do my best to keep it readable. p.p.p.s. The Hobbit is an awesome movie, went and saw it with the girls today, hope they enjoyed it!
  8. happy new years everyone, lets hope 2013 is a very good year for all. 5 days since last post, little to no progress made. we narrate everyday, and she is constantly on my conscious whilst im awake. not been able to have a forcing session for a few days, been busy partying with friends. we will catch up on forcing sessions in the next few days. only notable thing, wonderland is becoming easier to visualise and im starting to sort movement out (used to just float around, and use the force to move things) that will be one of the focuses of the next week. also, when i am visualising Alexis i am always having trouble seeing her face, and if she is moving around then she hides it from me, maybe she isn't happy with the one that i created for her and has not yet found one that she is happy with. we will talk about it later. goodnight from us.
  9. just continuing with narration and forcing, no big advances in progression, still little communication from Alexis, just some small head pressures and emotional responses. Was reading Lord of the Ring: Return of the King to her today, i was reading it before i started creating her and want to finish it before starting a new book so i am already a fair way through it. anyway, i was up to the part where sam and frodo had just fought with gollum and and gotten rid of the ring and just started crying, it was a combination of happiness for them getting rid of the ring and sadness for them being stuck on mount doom and looking like they where about to die. now i have gotten emotional from reading books/watching movies before but nothing like this, and i also have never cried during the ending of lord of the rings, i guess it was kind of strange and awesome at the same time. so maybe i shouldn't say "no big advances in progression" as that is a lie... i think for me the emotional response is a fairly big step forward and the first thing that i cant truly attribute to coming from her :D apart from that bit of news nothing really has happened, im increasing the time i am forcing every day to around 2 hours in total, usually split into sessions around 30-45 minutes long. and i will probably keep increasing the length of sessions and number of sessions throughout the week, as well as reading and narrating to her for increased amounts of time as i get more used to it. i can feel her presence around now and i hope that we can start communicating more in the near future, that i think is our next goal. goodnight from us.
  10. maybe your tulpa doesnt like the form you are trying to give her? if she keeps being reluctant about moulding into that form, maybe you could wait for her to to gain a little more independence and choose her own form? that will also help reinforce trust between you and your tulpa. (I use "she" as a place holder, i feel uncomfortable referring to tulpas as "it")
  11. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! so throughout the day i struggled to narrate and thought that i would make up for it in a good forcing session tonight and i feel like i have made good progress. 40 min with one of Fede's tones was great, Visualisation was greatly improved and concentration was awesome right up until the last minute or two, which was when i decided to drop in for a quick update and a bit of a break before dropping back into the forcing session for another 20 minutes or so. I feel like i am close to breaking through the curtain. right now i can visualise things, people, objects and places (closed eyes) but they are pretty blurry and have a black ring surrounding them, but every now and then i drop past that ring and everything becomes clear, and i can hear things clearly, like the voices of family, gravel crunching underfoot and the like (oh yeah, i can move around sometimes even when the curtain is closed) but i only seem to be able to hold the curtain open for around 5 seconds at a time, and it takes fair bit of concentration to open it up, hopefully this will get better and easier with practice. So happy with my progress today! as i said i will do another short 20 min session after i type this (it seems Alexis is eager, i feel a slight head pressure now) and then i will passively force as i go through my usual routine before going to bed. tomorrow i hope to narrate heaps whilst we watch the cricket, im going to teach her all of the rules tomorrow whilst i watch the Boxing day test, hopefully she enjoys it as much as i do. O'well that is it for tonight, hope everybody has had a very good christmas and continues to enjoy the day (or holiday season if you dont celebrate christmas). but from us right now bye folks!
  12. Aurora, like waffles said, we are sorry for the actions of our peers. But don't let this get you too down, I know i am only new here and I am still working on my first Tulpa, and I know that there are terrible people in this community like Viceroy, but there are also plenty of good people that are willing to help you and encourage you. please don't lose too much faith in the community because of the actions of one or two people, because then you miss out on the genuinely nice people that are willing to help and be supportive. ~V
  13. Made progress today visualising things, was finding it easier to visualise random things that would pop into my head now just need to focus the visualising onto Alexis and her form. also havent been able to narrate for long today, it has been a very busy day setting up for christmas tomorrow, im hoping that tomorrow isnt too crazy and i am able to get in a good forcing session and and plenty of narration. I dont think i will be able to post an update tomorrow, i know most of you dont care if I update or not, but Merry Christmas to all, i hope everyone enjoys the day.
  14. Thankyou for this waffles, as a new person coming into the world of Tulpamancers, narration was one of the areas I understood least, but this helped heaps.
  15. day 3 update. concentration: low visualization: Dismal narration: continuing, and i have succeeded in creeping my brother out by [his perspective] talking to myself all day... did a 25 min forcing session just before until i was interrupted, Fede's "tulpatone" helped a little with visualising Alexis, currently as an orb until my visualisation and concentration increase, i already have a form decided and will be working on that in the next few days. will continue forcing and narration tomorrow, might experiment with a few different things like seating position, light level and different tones just to see which works best. thats about it for now