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  1. Thinking about itching makes it more likely to develop an itch. This means nothing. The truth isn't always civil.
  2. I'm not accusing "everyone" of anything. You don't think that wanting a thread to be deleted because it's negative about the idea of tulpa is cult-minded? Correlation is not causation. Unless these feelings have a voice, then their timing could be purely coincidental.
  3. Point out my incivility and I'll correct it. Cult-like thinking always leads to hurt feelings. This forum has built up more expectation than the evidence can justify. The people who have been affected by it are going to be hurt now or later. I chose now.
  4. I put five months into my tulpa and even wrote a whole survey to try to find out how I could help them more. You act like I'm a troll fresh from 4chan. Any idea that is not open to criticism is not science. Go join a cult if you want that. I don't cling to one person's ideas. I cling to falsifiable standards. Audibility is the best one that I know of. I don't deny the possibility of tulpa, but I don't believe that they've been scientifically proven either. I do deny many of the claims of tulpa here because their creators have met no standard (even to themselves if they were being honest) other than their own enthusiasm.
  5. A. The existence of tulpa is the untested idea, not its opposite. Look up "burden of proof". B. All evidence related to tulpa is anecdotal. C. I've had plenty of what most call "progress". I just understand it to be a lie. I am not jealous of people parroting to themselves. Most of them that I know of didn't spend nearly as much time as me.
  6. All of your alleged proofs are subjective and unfalsifiable. My only goal is to let people know that success is not inevitable.
  7. One hour a day is pretty short (and not enough to get over 200 hours in five months), and not including narration in hour counts is standard procedure. You don't have to know me to know that. I don't know what we can learn from my experience since I tried dozens of things including many things off of this forum. The best lesson is that many of you don't have real tulpa, will never have real tulpa, and will end up like me if you stop entertaining your own parroting. Give me the grand count of people who have transitioned from a strictly mindvoice tulpa to a loud, audible tulpa. Go ahead.
  8. >implying I did one hour a day >implying that the constant narration I did on top is included in my hour counts Think before you speak.
  9. That is exactly my point. You can fail. Consider that before you put hundreds of hours into it.
  10. It really wasn't "how you make a tulpa" until dozens of people came in wanting quick progress and lowered the standards. Most of the older users can hear their tulpa audibly and prize this goal as the definitive standard of evidence. The rest of you have abandoned any semblance of standards to talk to yourself in your head. If you can't hear your tulpa audibly, then you have very little empirical evidence to believe that it even exists. The real tulpa on this forum (if any) are outnumbered five-to-one by deluded fools who have been convinced by other deluded fools. Telling people to "do what feels right" is the equivalent of saying that nothing is actually right. That's not science. It's a cultish hugbox.
  11. Here come the cultists with their excuses. "He must have done something wrong! Failure can't happen if you do it right!" Something that is not falsifiable is not science. Also, I stopped counting hours at 155 and only approximated my final count based on the number of days. I'm sure that it's actually even higher. Yotslot's assertions are completely wrong too. I had plenty of what I enthusiastically embraced as progress. This forum has become a joke of roleplayers and chronic parrots who are so lonely that they'll talk to a voice they can't even hear. Anything scientific about the idea of tulpa has been forgotten. Now it's just a hugbox where anybody remotely critical has been banned (all of the guests) or censored (Fede) so that little girls making their uB3r kawaii princess schoolgirl kitteh warrior kn1ght ^_^ don't have to get called out on their bullshit. You might as well go to a daemonism forum at this point.
  12. I'm done with this stuff as of 237 hours and five months. All I seemed to have done is give myself permanent head pressure. So now you can't claim it works for everyone.
  13. Don't you mean "precocious"?
  14. Does the head pressure you feel when interacting with your tulpa go away once they are complete?
  15. The problem is that you can't restrict who ends up listening to the show. I've already seen the blogtalkradio link spread around and mocked on other websites. It may be the first exposure to tulpa had by many of the people in those threads. If you were just educating the existing listeners, you shouldn't have publicized your appearance.