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  1. Thanks for this. This really helped me.
  2. I want to only narrate to my tulpa and let her develop naturally on her own meaning no personality work at all. Mainly been passive narrating best I could, when I could. Sorta started after Thanksgiving. Around that time I got very light headaches that would fade a few seconds later. They all seem random. It never seems like I'm narrating to her. Her placer holder name was Fio. One day after coming back from class, it was pretty quiet outside and I heard the name Leanne? Lee Ann? It was pretty physically or mentally audible. Started calling her that. Never got any emotional responses as of yet. I'm kinda detached from them due to life junk. Ever since Finals, my narrating has gotten worse. I'm wondering how do you focus/ narrate directly to your tulpa? TL;DR: Need some effective narration-only advice and know-how on directing it to tulpa.