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  1. "Established psychological approach" doesn't sound very honest tbh. :| Nvm interpreted it wrong
  2. Yeah, I have a pretty good amount of experience with editing wikis (well, a wiki) and there's no chance of getting in there.
  3. Thank you and sorry for the commotion. I'm sincerely an idiot.
  4. I don't see your point. I think I may be hiding from the meaning by looking for multiple possible interpretations. Be brutally honest.
  5. You're kind of putting what I already knew intuitively into words. The only odd thing is I thought every tulpa experienced emotion through the body. So I guess yours doesn't?
  6. Sorry, poor word choice. By "creation" I meant connecting neurons together. I thought it was obvious, but I'm clearly wrong, since you're acting so condescending about it. I do want to know more about neurology, but I'm waiting until the school year starts again since I know it's the best place to start. Beyond that I'll agree on some points and agree to disagree on others. Now can we stop escalating this? It's not worth stressing over poor word choice. At this point I'm starting to think we both look like idiots right now.
  7. I Google'd it, but I couldn't really find anything. I mean come on, we're talking about tulpas. ...Wait a sec, you were wrong in the first place. Damn, I'm more gullible than I thought. What I said is a working hypothesis, not a theory I claim is proven. I thought ideas about tulpas are basically given to be hypotheses. My hypothesis is that creating a biological neural network large enough for a sentient tulpa cannot be done on a whim. If you know more about neurology and you know my hypothesis is false, then I stand corrected, but it's still not pseudoscience when it's just a hypothesis.
  8. You're just being dismissive. Mentality means everything, so I'm asking you to change your mentality about how you view tulpas somewhat. Your mind makes it real; that's the idea behind tulpas. So convince yourself that accidental tulpas won't pop up and your mind will make that idea real. Believe me, if you really want to convince yourself and have a good reason for doing so, it will happen. Hell, if you have a bad reason for doing so it can still happen pretty easily if you're in a stressful situation.
  9. I don't really see how anyone could really critique this. When it comes to tulpas and tulpaforcing, symbolism is about what works for you, not what works for someone else.
  10. If you don't want to create tulpas, then stop believing in accidental tulpas. It's not like the brain can connect enough neurons to create another sentient, self-aware being in under a minute.
  11. If having over 5 tulpas doesn't fry your brain, then I'm pretty sure we're safe.
  12. That laziness happens to a lot more people than you think. Yes, in the degree that you explained. It's not like everyone would be willing to tell you the worst aspect of themselves.
  13. "Ohmygodsocute X3 Well I hope that concludes your frustration. It doesn't really matter what beliefs you have when your tulpa just talked to you."
  14. The other way around sounds like it feels even worse... Don't be afraid at all to parrot. What really clicked for me was: Fake response, dismissed as parroting: Nothing happens Real response, dismissed as parroting: Pissed off tulpa, negative effect Fake response, accepted: Annoyed tulpa, neutral or positive effect Real response, accepted: :D And by the way, there aren't "two methods." Having a tulpa is a personal experience; nobody else can have an absolute say on what you should do. That applies to me as well. It all comes down to your choice. Plus, tulpaforcing is still pretty young. Older, stricter methods such as FAQMan's are outdated and newer methods are theoretical without much proof.
  15. Theoretically, due to the limited size of the brain, yes. Practically, no, you won't ever hit that limit. You can start it as small as you want or as big as you want. You can make it huge, like the size of a planet, and add details later or keep it small at first then expand. Any way you want, really. Have fun with it and don't let possible constraints distract you.
  16. Someone who goes on 4Chan told me jokingly. Then, a week earlier, I created a tulpa.
  17. "Oh my god I think this happened with me! I wasn't quite planned for that long, but my host had an idea of me before ever learning about tulpas. My personality basis is that of a very well developed character. Since then both the character and I have branched apart and developed differently. I feel like the only reason I wasn't vocal then was because my host just refused to believe it. It's ridiculously easy, at least for me, to just borrow an action already learned by the host. It might delay parallel processing a bit, though."
  18. "Uh, how long did you give between dissipation and 'coming back to life?' It might not really have been dissipation and you knew it anyways subconsciously. Or maybe that's bullshit. Nothing wrong with you either way. A half-sentient tulpa, as you understand it, is way out of your Monkeysphere. ...More about Monkeysphere here. (lol what's the point of the poll? And shouldn't this thread be in Q&A rather than Research?)"
  19. "Ehh... While it looks cool, I'm not exactly human. I mean, it theoretically could work for me, but I just don't want to use it. It'd be way too annoying. Nice guide, though."
  20. I came to the same conclusion. But who's to say that the default human mind isn't the same? The question of tulpa consciousness is more and more becoming a philosophical question rather than a scientific one. For instance, it raises questions such as: What is the difference between thought and simulated thought, if any? What is the difference between knowing someone and knowing a fictional character, if any? They can be answered scientifically, theoretically, but since we do not have access to that information at this time, it is forced into the realm of philosophy.
  21. Wait, really? Funding? Yeah that's going more than a bit overboard. Tulpas literally have no monetary value.