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  1. This is pretty damn cool. Now I want to see this thing used on a whole variety of situations and people and see how it compares.
  2. A : 20% of my paycheck would like to say yes. Q : Have you fapped at your place of work? *You do not have to had finished.
  3. How would it work for everyone, though? What makes it unable to be simply dismissed by the recipient and how could one predict with certainty how the thought would later progress? There are just too many possibilities to simply state that it will work absolutely. And if people are able to imagine someone planting a memory or idea inside them (while also not being consciously aware of it) so that it would later come to fruition towards some goal, why are people not similarly able to imagine someone going into their subconscious and simply neutralizing whatever they wish to be rid of? I partially agree and partially disagree, I agree that without desire, which is part of our nature (that is, inherent to our physical form), we would not fear death, we would not care for life, we would do nothing. For that is how our minds work, as you said with egocentricity, we do what pleases us. We are predisposed to do so. However, without said things, I do not believe we would even operate or think. Without desire, joy, or pain, what motivates and drives thought? Of course we could always just say there is no thought, we are simply just atom A colliding with atom B to make a sparkly reaction, but that only makes this conversation pointless.
  4. "I wouldn't speak with such absolutes, especially when dealing with a subject such as this. Tulpae and Creators are essentially just personalities within the mind as I can observe, meaning they are not inherently stronger or weaker than either the other at all times."
  5. Is it possible? I would assume so. But just like the concept in the movie, it becomes reliant on the recipient to truly carry out the idea to fruition. What the recipient becomes as a result of it is unpredictable and it may simply result with him or her discarding the thought immediately. A method I've heard about that sounds far more effective involves simply altering one's personality like they would a tulpa's, that is, directly and without the need of intricate thought and memory placement.
  6. A : Sunday, went and bought a wired controller. Q : Roll + What did you get?
  7. "What I have experienced is simply the lack of experience. It is no more painful to me than the eternity before I was. Perhaps I have remorse over the fact it was a time of no thought that could have been, but that is the extant of it for me. Ironically, my host is more concerned and distressed by it than I am."
  8. I'm ISTJ and He's ESTJ. So basically if I were subscribe to the stereotypes, He tells me to do shit and I do shit he tells me to do.
  9. I find no more a question of why it would be dangerous as I do why it would be boring. In my experience, the more I come to who I want to be the further I feel from it. Ideally I may want to make friends with everyone, but soon I learn being friends with everyone only means I enjoy my time with them less when there are no enemies to drive me closer to them. When old men look back on their childhood and reminisce, they often don't smile and laugh over how harmonious they and other children were with each other, they often laugh and find that the conflict and mistakes they made only pushed them forward and shaped who they are today. Maybe it's simple nostalgia that puts me in behind progress and surely displeasure with the ideal is a conflict itself that I am avoiding, but this reality creates far more interesting stories to remember in my opinion. But maybe also I am reaching for my ideal by trying to negate the ideal of perfection, which may just be other people's opinion as being better. What do I actually want in life? Is the question I would ask you to ask yourself before trying to change yourself.
  10. how pathetic that I'm better at drawing on a track pad than with a mouse or pencil
  11. Try all of them and decide which works best for you.
  12. Well to be honest I'd trust psychologists and scientific professionals over a bunch of confirmation biased forum-goers. And to be honest, we don't need to be the first to popularize the subject when TV shows predating 2000 already touched on the subject, and yet the "phenomenon" hasn't seemed to pick up in the matter of a decade. Maybe what you said was in reply to something someone else said, if so, I didn't know.
  13. Calms my imminent rages, makes me stop and think before I do things, convinces me that I shouldn't worry too much over certain details, helps me assess values, has helped my try and explore new genres and ideas, helps me act more tolerant, helps me communicate more with people, a whole host of things really.
  14. A : Me. Q : How do you react to getting a gift?