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  1. It's been a good while since I updated. I suppose it seemed unnecessary given Lauren's able to give updates for herself now, but since not everyone on the site is on IRC, I suppose it could still benefit a few people. Lauren's really been enjoying interacting with people over IRC and making friends. She's more social than I am honestly and I think it benefits her to have outside interaction. We also learned a form of possession (I stopped being so skittish about it) but we're still mastering things like, her being able to animate me while I'm asleep. I can trance out to pass the time though, and the sensation of being possessed is surprisingly relaxing. Lauren plans to post a guide for the other tulpae about her method soon, and she's always coming up with other ideas for guides too. So, in short, things are going. On a personal note, we've decided to cool the romantic stuff for a while. It's not that anything real bad has happened between us or anything like that and we're both fine, it's just I still have some misgivings about the tulpa romance thing, about the ethics of being in a romantic relationship with something whose existence depends on you, who you had a hand in creating, etc. That's no a judgment against people who do participate in that, it's just my stance right now, and now that Lauren has grown even more as an individual I just want to at least give it a good while and let her experience life and maybe one day we'll get around to that. But, of course we'll still both be participating in the community, and as I said we're both fine, so no one needs to worry too much about it, I don't think. But yeah, that's my update. You'll probably see one or both of us in IRC, so yeah.
  2. It was definitely fun to watch and listen to the chat and show unfold as it happened. Very pleased with the community and our professionalism through the whole thing. Also, from Lauren: "I'm really proud of Pleeb and everyone else and was glad to be able to answer a few things. Also, thanks for the little shout out in one of your answers, Pleeb! To Atasco: you are a pioneer and your 'dibs' was as epic as it was historical. Yay, us!"
  3. Just impose that car onto your environment with you anytime it pops into your mind like that and you'll be fine.
  4. I'm INTP (>mfw 100% introvert). Lauren is ESFJ. Huh. Opposites attract I guess?
  5. Thanks! Glad it's informative for some people. How detailed you want to be is up to you. I went pretty thorough with mine, but you could also just force the things that which serve an immediately apparent function, like heart, lungs, brain, veins, nervous system, spine, stomach, etc. I think nervous, circulatory, and respiratory systems are the most essential to making your tulpa appear fully alive, but however much detail you want to give is up to you.
  6. I'm glad to see things are back on track and I hope this process will go smoothly from here on out. I look forward to seeing things unfold.
  7. Lauren just wants me to urge you to at least resume the process after five days, though I agree with Phi that you should be able to find time at some point. Do it in the shower if you have to.
  8. You're probably alright going with whatever sort of Wonderland you want, just as long as it's someplace where it's possible for you to focus and get some work done. If it's comfortable for your tulpa as well, that's all the better. Some people even have dynamic Wonderlands, so I wouldn't stress to much on what you end up going with.
  9. Try not to worry too much about whether it's a placebo or not (well, I mean it's going to be psychological either way, right?). Lauren says it disappointed her and discouraged her a little when I'd have doubts about things she was trying to send me during the creation process. It's natural to be a little skeptical because you want to make sure you're doing it right, but in the end you want to try and have confidence that you're on the right track anyway. Even if it means you entertain a signal that really was just a placebo, it might actually give a bit of encouragement to your developing tulpa, so it wouldn't be all bad.
  10. Yep! Lauren's even gotten a chance to talk to a few people on IRC a few times. We hope to be more active about it now though. We've been busy for the past week or so. She's helping me on a new creative project (we can't decide so far if it's going to be a novel, a web comic, or potential future video game project yet, but we've just been world building and having a good time of it). I've also rekindled by relationship with Final Fantasy Tactics so...there's that too. Anyways, I didn't hadn't even realized how long it had been since I'd posted here, and you can thank Lauren for reminding me. Things continue to go very well and she's a lot of help with this new project. We're using the Wonderland to visually represent the designs we're coming up with and Lauren has a really good eye for design so it's been a lot of fun. This is all sort of inspired by our dungeon crawling game we made up. At some point we realized that same concept could be used productively to create fictional settings, and it's really awesome to be able to actually create fictional cities and forests and all sorts of settings for this story together. So, that's our little update. We've also been a little bit closer on a personal level since Lauren opened up about her need for affection, and that's going great as well. Hope all is well with everyone else! I'll have to crawl the forums a bit and see what we missed.
  11. Good to see things are going well. Nice to have an update after so long. I think you're probably right to wait and ask her about the gender thing after she's sentient, since this early on in working with the form you're bound to have intrusive thoughts and things like that which could make legitimate deviation difficult to identify. Keep at it though. Sounds like things are coming along.
  12. Lauren would like to answer questions if anyone has any. I've taken her onto IRC a couple times now and she's really enjoyed it, and she's asking for a Tumblr too, which I may set up this evening. In the meantime, she's willing to answer questions here or if you see us in IRC. Also, I had her do the really long survey (that mentions us in a question--woot!) today and we took the writing style test and found our styles to be somewhat different, to our delight. If you want to read some of her replies (I say some because it's really long and don't expect anyone to read hundreds of answers at a time) the link is here: http://pastebin.com/d6Fmfsme So, Lauren and I are finishing up imposition now and it's come pretty easy for us. Though we're basically "done" at this point, I guess now is when the fun begins, with not having any daily responsibilities and just doing whatever. Also, some of her answers on the survey were news to me and a bit enlightening. Namely her thoughts on sex, romance, masturbation...ahem, anyway, yeah, it was unexpected, but enlightening. So, no telling what the future holds, but we'll definitely be around to continue learning and sharing experiences with the community.
  13. Lauren's complete answers and our paragraphs: http://pastebin.com/d6Fmfsme We were really pleasantly surprised to see our mention in the survey! Of course, Lauren couldn't exactly give a meaningful response to how our experience is different from our own, but still, that's really cool. Also, our results on the test: Lauren writes like: Vladimir Nabokov Complexity factor (Lexical Density): 91.7% Readability (Gunning-Fog Index): 10.7 Average sentence length (words): 22 I write like: Mary Shelley Complexity factor (Lexical Density): 91.4% Readability (Gunning-Fog Index): 12.8 Average sentence length (words): 27.4
  14. Also, you've heard this before in the IRC of course, but I can't stress this enough: follow through this time.