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  1. People who are chosen to come will have the costs of travel and lodging covered, so you don't need to worry about that. And the MRI is loud enough that earplugs and such are mandatory for safety reasons. I also got a nice copy of my MRI that I plan on 3D printing later
  2. The event was 3 days long: 2 for travel, and 1 day for scans and interview. I flew in in the evening, and caught a university paid Uber to the hotel. It was in the afternoon at this point. The flight from SLC to SFO isn’t a particularly long one, so I wasn’t horribly tired and didn’t feel like crashing for much. I relaxed a bit, and decided to meet up with another mancer in the area, and get a bite to eat. After a lovely talk with them, I headed back to the hotel to try and get some decent rest for the far more busy day tomorrow. I had previously told the crew that I was more of an evening person, so we had the interview over lunch, and did the MRI scans later in the afternoon. Lunch was at Tanya Luhrmann’s home with Michael Lifshitz, on the Stanford campus. The interview was actually rather enjoyable, and gave us much time to talk about tulpas, the community, and Aly in particular. The interview was recorded by all 3 of us at the table, but the other two also will be transcribing it for better use later. It’s entirely possible to ask for a copy from them, and I might get a transcribed version later, but I have my own copy of the audio at least. The interview was fairly free form. There were some formulaic questions, much like I received in the pre-study questionnaire. But there were also much more open ended questions, that didn’t have a set destination. More than once Tanya would get excited by a response, and ask more followup question that would end up following one tangent after another. The questions were fairly varied; from the more expected ones like how I found out about tulpas or why I made Aly, to more unexpected ones like trying to describe how specifically Aly helps me. The time flowed pretty quickly during the interview, as I attempted to explain my relationship with Aly and the experience of having her. I think I did okay, but there weren’t really any sort of wrong answers. The MRI scan was fascinating. Due to scheduling restrictions, my session was broken into two portions. Each portion we focused on a separate task. I’m told that one of the two tasks was new, and I was the proverbial guinea pig, but I’m also told that it was a ton easier than the previous one. I wasn’t going to complain. I don’t want to go into too many details, to not poison the well so to speak, so that people can practice for the specifics of the experiments. The first one focused on mindvoice and possession/disassociation. It was probably the longer of the two, since it was a little more involved than the second. We found the test to be harder than expected, even though we knew a bunch of the specifics since we helped design the test. Trying to stay focused while the machine is loudly buzzing and clicking at you while you’re stuffed in a tiny tube, wasn’t exactly easy. During this, I also had expressed interest in getting a nice scan to print off later. So after the experiment was done, they happily obliged and got a full resolution scan of my brain and emailed it to me. I plan on 3d printing it later, maybe at scale but I haven’t decided yet. We then had to leave the lab for a while, since another group had scheduled it, so I was given like an hour tour of campus nearby and we grabbed some smoothies. At this point, I was pretty open to just chat with Michael, the neuroimaging researcher about the study and other plans, including doing an AMA after the data has finished being gathered and starting to be analyzed or published. The second experiment was purely mindvoice related, and far less stressful because it was more open ended and less constrained in general. We rocked through this one really fast, taking a lot less time than expected. Which people were happy about since apparently this particular one had just been retooled. It was still loud and took getting used to, but it worked out pretty well. At the end of it, who would have thought being in a tube for 3 hours would be tiring. I went back to the hotel, ordered some food and just crashed on the bed. The last day, it was mostly just check out from the hotel and get ready to fly. Tanya had a couple more questions to ask, and I had nothing better to do between checking out of the hotel and my flight. I spoke with her a little bit more, then spent a little over an hour wandering the Stanford campus before I caught another Uber to the airport. The experience was actually really pleasant. I was incredibly anxious and worried about it, probably for the same reason a lot of other people are. Worries about what will happen, what the process would be, Imposter Syndrome worries, and whatnot. But in the end, it actually was a really positive experience, and fell like it was good for both Aly and myself, since there were a bunch of things that got us a little bit closer together. That all said, the study still has a bunch of funds left, and we’re looking for more people who’d be willing to spend 3 days in Stanford to go through it all as well. Here is the link for the new interest form, to help us screen who would be the best fit for the study. Thanks all for reading!
  3. I'll probably update people as it comes up, but I tend to stick to discord just because I'm lazy. Also, it will be published eventually, but I couldn't say when and where at this point.
  4. I do have notifications for this thread too. So, we have a list of probable research subjects, as well as the experiments designed. It took several months for the Ethics Board to approve everything. Right now, everything is in the scheduling process.
  5. An update for people here. There were 130+ total applicants. The Stanford research team have it slimmed down to 25 potential applicants as last I heard. They have the contact info of those people, and should there not be an email address or other easy contact method, I'll likely still be playing liaison. They'll be reaching out soon to the people they're interested in, and at this point it's out of my hands.
  6. I would not expect an email if you're not selected, but as it currently stands I don't know how many total people they're looking for.
  7. The form is now closed, I'm passing the contact info forward to the study team at Stanford.
  8. I'm sure he has enough data for his conclusions from his previous papers on the community; he's the one making this call, not I.
  9. As of now, the switch question is because Dr. V has expressed interest in getting at least a few, but it's not a hard requirement. He also assumes that people who can switch can possess/front/whatever as well. I'll likely be closing the form in a couple days, since we're already over 120 submissions.
  10. With how fast things are moving, we're just planning counting current answers as permanent.
  11. Hey guys, most of you probably don't recognize me around here, since I tend to stick to reddit and their discord. I have some exciting news for people. Dr. Samuel Veissiere has finally gotten the go ahead for a neuroimaging study of tulpas! This is more than 4 years in the making, happening this summer at Stanford University. He's having me act as a liaison to try and find as many people who fit the research subject requirements throughout the tulpa community. If you're interested in participating, please fill out the form below, and if you know people who might be interested too, pass it to them as well. Depending on how many thousands of people fill it out, we may have to do more passes after this preliminary one to narrow it down. Hope you're all enjoying your week so far, thanks! Tulpa Nueroimaging Study Interest Form Update: Form is now closed, thanks for your interest everyone!
  12. I think it should only be there for those that are actively chatting, and you should try to keep it as short as possible. I have no reason to use Kronkleberry[Alyson]{Lillian} if I'm the only one chatting. Kronkleberry[Alyson] is still pretty damn long, so I often shorten to Kronkle[Alyson]. I wouldn't have any trouble taking it farther, Kronk[Aly] to make it even shorter if we're both still talking. I hate it how people join with an already long nick, ImSoFuckingSpecial, and have to add one or two tuppers who *must* have their full names too. The T/ notation is great for those who have many tulpa trying to talk at once, but if I just have one, I'm going to use brackets.
  13. Go for it. I just got tired of working on the data for so long. Sorry that my included graphs were too hard to copy for you.
  14. Well, it’s been over a month of waiting. Time has been harsh, but I’m proud to announce that the census data is ready. Three hundred and sixty two people responded, from several different communities, answering over three hundred questions, producing twenty nine thousand points of data. Without further ado, here it is: . I’ve actually had to host the file as the spreadsheet is far too wide to be hosted on Google Docs. Some notes about it: First of all, the data is only as accurate as the people providing it. Generalities can be made, but the quality of data (especially on some questions) is dubious. Secondly, this is already a month old. Don’t count it as the most bleeding edge data. Thirdly, if anyone has a problem with it, or how I decided to interpret data, they can die in a hole. Fourthly, I’m more than happy to answer any questions that people may have. I’m /u/Kronkleberry on reddit; Kronkle on #tulpa,, and #redditulpas on Rizon (it’s a ping even if I’m on a different name); KronkleAlyson on tumblr; Kronkleberry on Fifthly, Graphs are at the bottom of the pages. A couple of things that I’ve noticed while pulling this together that aren’t made very explicit in the data. One: OC vs Fandom tends to be a very divisive issue, with one side antagonizing the other. Two: Ponies make up less of the community than people would make you believe. Three: If you say that you can switch and/or possess with your first tulpa in under a week, most of the rest of your data is questionable, but that’s more of an editorial on my part. Anyhow, thank you all who participated. I may do another in a few months. Special thanks to t7cb from the sub, and my buddy Ehud, for helping me finish it faster. Also, thanks to Chupi/Goopi for getting the word out on Tumblr and, as well as those IRC channels. Edit: Here's an online viewer for the data. Staff Edit: 2014 Census [Here is the live form]
  15. Tulpa Census: Half-way update! We are now halfway through the polling period for the Tulpa census! I'd like to remind those who've not taken it yet to sit do and fill it out. It's not that long, and quite a bit of it is multiple choice. We've gotten, at time of me writing this, 245 responses. So far that's really good, but considering that some of the communities boast over two thousand members, that's still just a tenth of everyone. So the census is still open for another week. I will be closing it Monday, the 27th of May (probably right after I roll out of bed). I'll do one last reminder for people next weekend. After the census is closed, I'll begin analyzing and anonymizing the data. I'll release both my analysis, and the anonymous raw data, sometime later (Probably two weeks, but with classes and such, I can't promise an exact date). So, besides that reminder, here's some easy stats that Google's pulled together up to this point. @ 87% of participants claim to have a tulpa @ The two largest communities represented are: Reddit, and at 25% and 24% respectivly @ 21% have known about tulpas for over a year, but the range from 1-6 months make up 49% @ 71% view tulpas as a purely psychological phenomenon, while 3% view it as purely metaphysical or supernatural. However, 25% see it as a bit of both. @ 57% have told friends or family about having a tulpa That's all you get for now, I'll do a much deeper analysis after the census is closed. If you have questions or comments, I'm /u/Kronkleberry on Reddit, Kronkle on Rizon, Kronkleberry on the .info forums (I don't check there often), and KronkleAlyson on tumblr. If you want to share the census with other tulpamancers, please do. Honestly. I'd thank you for it later. And for those of you who've not taken it, here's the link: