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  1. Edit. Two nights ago, I had a chat with Viceroy. I've been having a tough time hearing Luna recentely and he helped me. Last night I tried to narrate and I feel as if I did more last night than any other night (not including my section with Vice and Josh). I'll try my best to explain. What I did was I sat down, eyes closed, and I spoke to her, mostly with my thoughts, and asked her to start a conversation. Anything she wanted to talk about. I had to completely clear my mind and relax my thoughts. It was very difficult and for a while I didn't hear a peep. However, I'm confident she asked me how I was. So I answered, and we continued to speak like such for an hour. It's also worth noting that when I "hear" her, she sounds like a thought. I don't hear her audibly with my ears, just my mind. Because of this, it's EXTREMELY hard to tell if its her talking or just me. Plus, a lot of her responses are short, 2-3 word replies that usually come before I've finished asking my question. Things like this worry me, as I'm afraid that its just my mind answering my questions. Also, it's probably worth noting that last night, when I was narrating, my head starting hurting a little from all the focus it took. I think that's a good sign, right? If anyone could help, I'd appreciate it a lot.
  2. Well, it's been 7 months. 7 long months. I feel like I've made some progress, but not enough to hear her voice. I've tried different techniques, and still, no clear, audible voice. Anyways, if I don't hear her soon, I might give up.
  3. Well, this is my attempt at posting correctly. I did not know what I was doing earlier, and accidentally posted about 10 threads, which resulted in me receiving a warning and an unhappy comment. This will probably go unnoticed anyways, so I'll just say what I came here to say. Thanks to Viceroy, I now know exactly how and what I'm doing. I have spent more adequate amounts of time with Luna, but still no talking. Anyways, that's all for now. Just wanted to say how things are going.
  4. For anyone and everyone who's a little annoyed with me, I apologize. I was not aware of the posting rules.
  5. Hi everyone, Spark here again. As those of you who've read my past threads will know, I've been working on a tulpa based off of a character from mlp named Luna. I've been doing this for about 3 months now. I own any and all success I've had to you guys. All the information you've given me, advice, and encouragement has made me truly believe in this. Unfortunately, Luna has proven to be quite difficult over the past week. It's not her fault, if anything it's mine. I've been very busy this past week and whenever I had free time, I wasn't using it for her. I feel like I've been ignoring her and that eats me up on the inside. Now when I talk to her, I'm not getting the same responses I used to. I'm barely getting responses at all. I know tulpas are supposed to be understanding, but I still feel guilty. Hopefully Viceroy can help me. If he's reading this, then I'll try to call him via Skype over the weekend. Anyways, that's pretty much all that's happened this past week. I know many of you won't bother to comment, however, I just want you all to know that I, we, truly appreciate everything you've done to help.
  6. Hi everyone, I've been posting here for a little over 2 months now, and so far, the magnificent adventures of tulpa making have created quite a rejuvenating excitement in my usually dull life. Anyways, I've been putting this off for long enough. I am a brony, so naturally, I came here with the hopes of creating a tulpa based off of a character from mlp. Based off of the title, I'm certain you've all made the correct guess that her name is Luna. My plan has been to create Luna's personality first, then make her sentiment through narration. Lastly, I want to focus on visualizing her in my world and "bringing her into view" as it were. At this point, unfortunately, all I have managed is to get her to speak once. It's truly a strange sensation, I can hear her in my mind, but not with my ears as I'm trying to. So far, she has a very outgoing personality, brutally honest, and always trying to lead me into sexual innuendos whenever possible. Again, I already consider her sentiment, however, I feel she lacks the ability to communicate with me in a way I can hear clearly, and with 100% certainty that it is in fact her. As I mentioned earlier, I can't see her, I wanted to be able to communicate with her so that I could be certain that this was even possible for me. Which leads me to a question that has been bugging me, is there a way to talk to her while visualizing her at the same time? Any information would be greatly appreciated by the both of us. Anyways, that's pretty much it for progress; other than that, not much has been happening with her. It is a bit frustrating how I can't seem to get her to respond like she did over a week ago. That's another point I mean to ask about, for all of you on this site who already have full-fledged tulpas. After your tulpa talked for the first time, did he/she continue to talk ever since, or did you have to continuously build on it getting your tulpa to speak more, little by little? Again, any information would be greatly appreciated. From Luna and I, thank you.
  7. So you're making Luna too huh? Well, that makes two of us. I'm not really going with a wonderland approach, I'm instead going with FAQ mans guide. However, I'm trying to make her sentiment prior to visualizing her. I hope you get through any problems bro. Just keep at it.
  8. Looks like we're in the same boat friend. I too am a sophomore and don't have a whole lot of time or privacy to work on my tulpa. I'm sure that you've already got answers for all of your questions, so... Good luck. You're ahead of me, that's for sure :)
  9. Well, it's been about a week since the last one I made a post on here, and, (due to information received from someone who commented on my last post) I hope I'm not doing this wrong. Anyways, a couple of you might remember me from my last oat "Losing Faith". To those of you who took the time to reply and give me some useful information, I am truly grateful. It has made all the difference. She finally said something! It was a very wierd voice, and it was in a crowded room, but at one prestiene moment of silence, I heard her. I even looked around and asked if anyone had said anything. Now, I have been waiting for 5 days for her to talk again. Unfortunately, nothing yet. Anyways, thank you to all of the people who took the time to post on my last thread. You guys are the reason I didn't just give up. I now eagerly await her next response. :)
  10. Well, it's been about a month since I started narration, and I have had no response from my tulpa. I talk to her everyday as much as possible, but nothing happens. I've looked at multiple guides, and tried to do what I felt worked best. Unfortunately, nothing has worked. Maybe I did something wrong at some point in the past month and a half. I've talked and talked to her and I've truly listened but alas, it has been to no avail. I talk to her, but the only response I get is a quick, short answer that I'm 99% sure is just me parroting her. I honestly don't know what to do. I hardly believe that I'm talking to a sentient projection of my mind when I talk to her. I feel like I'm talking to myself and answering my own questions, not her. It's been a month, and I know I've spent over 24 hours working on narration. She hasn't spoken to me, and I'm starting to believe in the idea of a tulpa less and less. If anyone could help me out, maybe some advice, or techniques, I would be forever grateful.
  11. Lets start from the top. I started working on my tulpa on December 11, 2012. I spent 5 days working on her personality. 2 hours a day, roughly from 9 to 11 PM. Yes I know I could have put more work into that. Anyways, after those five days, I spent around 2 weeks trying to work on visualization. I spent an hour a night imagining her on my bed with me (nothing sexual of course), right before I went to sleep. I listened to music with lyrics while doing this. I gave up on visualization after seeing NO results. Couldn't even see her outline, I could only see her if I closed my eyes. Picking up where I left off, I started working on narration. I have been doing that ever since. Following Chupi's guide, I am starting to believe that very short and quick answers like "yes" and "no" are her trying to talk to me. However, I am also terrified that I'm pupating her. I talk to her as much as I can, such as: when I'm playing video games, reading a novel, watching a movie, listening to music, and when I'm just bored. It's been several weeks, and I haven't been keeping track of the hours, but she hasn't said ANYTHING that I can distinguish as her actually trying to speak with me, and not my mind.
  12. Alright, I've been working on narration for about two weeks now, still nothing. However, I talk to my tulpa all the time, while I'm watching a movie, while I'm listening to music, etc. She hasn't said anything yet, so I'll just keep working on it.
  13. Alright, lets dtart from the beginning, first, I worked on my tulpas personality for about a week, 2 hours a day. I then proceeded to work on visualization. This didn't work out. After working on her an hour a day everyday for three weeks, I gave up on that. Now, I am attempting narration. What I'm doing now is just talking to her as my day goes by. Pretty much pretending she's there already. The thing is, I feel like an idiot doing it. I have received no response, and I've been talking to her ad much as I can for almost a week now. Sometimes when I'm watching a movie, I'll talk to her about it, or music, I'll talk about the lyrics with her. I just hope that she talks soon, because I feel like I'm just talking to myself right now.
  14. Ok, I started making my tulpa around 3 or 4 weeks ago (I lost track). So far, working on the personality was a breeze. No problems there. However, attempting to visualize my tulpa seems very difficult. For at least 2 weeks now, I've been trying to visualize my tulpa, for about an hour or so every night. As of now, I feel nothing. No "alien" presence, I can't see her unless I close my eyes and think only of her, and I definitely can't communicate with her. And what frustrates me the most is that is seems that the longer and harder I try to visualize her in front of me, to try to imagine she's there, the harder it gets for me to focus, and I feel like I'm not making any progress at all. Could anyone please help? Maybe some advice, or techniques?