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  1. Ok guys, here I am.... in the past few days i actually managed to connect with Red a little better, even though sometimes i completely forget of him during my daily schedule...but i think that's normal. Anyway, between yesterday and today i got the "terrible parroting syndrome". That's because I can't recognize when he's talking and when I'm talking. It's strange... i actually feel like, if i wouldn't think that's Red, those could be "my thoughts" as well. It's kind of hart to explain... i mean that his responses could be "my responses to myself in 2nd person". Another thing is that if i think back at some parts of our "talking together", i hear his answer again; or if i ask him something, i always get the same answer. Have you some suggstion for helping us out from this annoying problem?
  2. 8th day: forced for 20 minutes...i narrated to him about my past holidays and stuff...it was nice. No response from him, again, but i keep getting those weird echos whenever i accidentally parrot an answer. 9th day: I didn't actually forced, i only talked with him during a long trip. I tried asking me if he could "tell me" whenever he got scared (we were on a motorbike, i was a passenger) by head pressure or sort, but that got no results
  3. Well, i'ts odd and annoying. I'm trying to focus for some tulpa's answers and in my thoughts goes like "mindvoice.exe stopped working". Plus i don't know what's happening...if it's my tulpa that repeats the word like a parrot or something else
  4. Yap, i totally agree to that. I was explaining in the forum chat this morning that someting weird happens when i force or simply narrate. Sometimes I "feel" like a sort of background disturb in my mind that make me unable to think, or sometimes happens that i make a question and i accidentally parrot the answer...then i try to keep the mind clear for noticing an eventual answer from him, and my parrotted answer keeps looping in my head (like, one time i accidentally said yes, or at least i think i parrotted, and then for like 5 6 seconds in my mind echoed yes...yes..yes..yes..yes...). Anybody got same sort of thing?
  5. I narrated to him this morning, during a long trip. That was fill of noises, so even if he didanswers to me, i probably didn't hear him. I was wondering about headaches and head pressures: will him adopt these strategies for communicate by himself or have i to tell him what to do?
  6. What do you mean by "overpower the tupper's message so you don't notice it"? And i'm expecting him to answer me during the sessions, not during my day (at lease, not at the starting...i foced for like 7 hours so far, and i'm guessing that because i don't count them)
  7. So what do you suggest for helping us begin communicating? I was adopting the "already sentient since starting" tecnique, and i supposed he could actually answer me vocalli or via thoughts.
  8. WHat do you exactly mean for emotional responses or "body language?". I'm narrating to him, and i just expect an answer from him while i'm talking to him
  9. Hi everyone, i was wondering: how did your tulpa answered to you for the first time? I mean, did you hear a voice or something else?
  10. 7th day: unlukily almost didn't forced today. I only talked with him for like 12 minutes this morning (christmas day...parents and chaos all over the house). During those munutes i didn't noticed any form of answer from him (i didn't ask him question...just narrating). I also asked him if he liked the wonderland, i hadn't an answer.
  11. 6th day: IMHO the most productive day so far. I forced for the classic half hour, but talking out loud while focusing of talking with him. I actually felt his presence more, and at some point i think i heard a sentence from him ( the dialogue was like "...and i just hope that the installation file isn't broken", then in my mind popped the phrase "it's the save file, not the installation file". At first i din't mind that, but after few seconds i felt strange). I'm not going to built it up, but i also hope it was him ^^
  12. Hi guys, this is my first time writing on this forum. I don't know why I decided to do a log, since nobody comment at them, but whatever...here's the situation: i did hear the word "tulpa" for the first time on "pony thread simulator"'s videos, and i francly didn't care of what that was. Then a friend of mine came an started explaining what they are. Then i started looking up for informations on this site: i read guides and chatted on the irc channel of the site, gathering various informations about how to "move". Firstly here's my tulpa: his name is Red (short version of Redstorm), and he's inspired from an OC of a crossover between the videogame S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and MLP (yes, the two opposites). 1st day: I forced in the morning about 20 minutes, talking to an orb and trying to develop personality (FAQ_man guide) listing and describing traits. 2nd day: forced for like 20 minutes in the shower.....same stuff....orb and personality...the last 2 3 minutes i actually talked with him about random stuff. Same happened in the evening, forcing during a subway journey. 3rd day: forced in the shower again, developing traits and talking at the end 4th day: forced about 30 minutes in the shower. I actually changed the "rules": i started creating a basic wonderland (the place popped in my mind), then i visualized him (not in detail at all) and started talking...just talking about random facts and telling him about what i had to do that day and about my friends. In the wonderland i saw him static, sitting on the ground and staring in the air. 5th day (today): i didn't actually forced already, i just talked him during the morning (spreading the dialogues during the morning), just because i didn't really know what to say. No response from him neither speaking neither moving (i still visualize him in the same position). COnclusion: since this point i don't already feel the presence of the tulpa. Have you some suggestions for helping me doing the things a little better? Thanks for your attention :)