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  1. I've got the feeling that NotAnon's idea about passive observation is a bit like learning to ride a bike or drive a stick. In the beginning it will seem hard and frustration will come, but once you figure it out, you'll think, "Well, Hell. This is much easier than I thought. Simple even!"
  2. Sir, this is absolutely fantastic! Really, you should consider organizing all your thoughts and putting them down in a guide. I, and I'm sure many others, would bookmark it in a heart-beat. Really, this is great. Kudos to you! "Thank you from me as well. Here's hoping these ideas help in my development and the development of many other tulpas." If you really think she regressed, then you know what? You begin again. You pick her up, you apologize, and you try harder than before, than ever before. This process is anything but easy. Many people would have given up a long time ago, long before your three month mark. The fact that you are even at this point is a testament to your commitment. So don't get discouraged, get motivated. Go out there and kick some mental ass! In the end, we all know it's going to be worth it, and them some. Don't give up. You can't give up. You owe it to yourself and you owe it to your tulpa. If that isn't motivation enough, I'm not sure what is.
  3. ((Btw, What ever happened to those others who wanted to join. I was looking forward to that.))
  4. From the other room, Miah whispered in a harsh tone, "98-53-84." More silence. "Did you hear me? 98-53-84. That's in centimeters, in case you're wondering. You're lucky I don't kick in that door and slice your toes off. Though, knowing you, that might not end well for me." One could imagine her smirking. A sigh. "It's not all bad though... I guess I'll just have to get used to them... You're footing the bill for the clothes though." It sounded as if Miah slumped down in the sofa in her room. "So, what are yours? What are you planning on buying. I'm thinking something light. Maybe a hat. Yeah, maybe a hat." (( You can control the woman.)) ------------- The man offered to touch up his weapons. "Not on your life, buster. These things are my bread and butter. I'm the only one who touches them. Thanks for the offer though. "As for Miah and myself, well, you must remember that I wasn't always a privateer and she wasn't always the..." He seemed to search for the correct words, "Capable individual that she is today." He slid down the wall he was leaning on and took a seat on the ground. "Once upon a time, there was a house. Now, this house was a nice house. Big, old, luxurious. The old owners died, leaving their daughter as the sole owner. However, the girl didn't seem to care much for the old place, so one day, the house was seized and put on the market. Many doubted the girl even noticed. That is, until someone moved in. "The new residents were a wealthy family with ties to royalty. As lives go, royalty is has a fairly high mortality rate. Assassinations are quite common: where there's power, there will be someone who wants it, and someone in their way. Guess who gets the axe? So, this family moves into this house. It really is a nice place. It's far from the city, inconspicuous, and no dark corners where people can stab you. Perfect. "Now, there was a boy who lived in the house with his family. Curious, genius-level intelligence, razor wit, dashing good looks. Quite a fellow, he. This boy, around the age of, oh, what was it? Nineteen? Yeah, let's go with that. This nineteen year old boy lives in this house for a little while, his father teaching him all the things young noblemen should learn: swordsmanship, horseback riding, chess, ass-kissing, that sort of thing. " So, this boy turns out to be a fine young lad. Not a care in the world. Then, one night, he meets a girl. An odd, abnormal, terribly interesting girl. Well, meet wouldn't be the right word. More like she caught brief glimpses of her in the woods outside that house at night. Then, one night, this boy awakes to find her right outside his window. He falls out of bed. I think the girl was fifteen at the time. "So, this boy lets this girl in. Wouldn't you do the same? Nineteen and chock full of hormones, this is like a dream come true for this kid. So, he lets her in. Well, wouldn't you know it, the girl puts a knife to the kid's throat. More like a sharpened rock, but they'll both kill you. Not exactly romantic. Kinda sexy if your into that sort of thing, I suppose. "Now this kid, he's a bit of a shit. Never been outside the royal bubble in his life. Oh sure, he makes a big ruckus about how he hates all the rules and that stuff, but when you have a knife to your throat, those well paid guards start to sound really good." This kid, he starts rattling on," Jacob does his best to imitate someone begging for their life at knife point, "'Please Miss, we just live here! Take the jewelry, take the gold, take anything. Just don't kill me. I won't make a peep. Please, please, pretty please. Oh pretty, pretty please!' Tears streaming down his face and all. Whimp, right? "Then, would you believe it, this girl starts laughing at the kid. Laughing! She puts the knife down and the two get to talking. She says how she and her folks used to live here. Not anymore though. This is the girl who used to own the house. Now, the two hit it off and talk for a while. Then, the boy, seeing an opportunity, convinces his parents to allow the girl to come and go as she pleases. It's still her house, in a way. "So, the boy and girl become the best of friends. They're both good for each other. The boy is well-learned and skilled. He ends up being a sort of tutor to this girl. The girl, on the other hand, is young, vibrant, adventurous. She really brings this kid out of his shell. Even has him sleep in the woods a few times. Scared the Hell out of the guy. "So, after awhile, the boy grows into a man, the girl into a beautiful woman. The boy's father, a bit of a prude, though nice for a prude, starts to pressure the boy to join the military. Serve his country and all that. So, the boy goes. He goes for about three years. He does well. Earns plenty of metals, promotions, and all that bunk. But, he hates the whole business. And you know what? He misses that girl. So, one day, he just up and quits. "Now this man goes home to find the woman has left. Apparently there was nothing left to keep her at the house. So, what does the boy do? Well, he packs up his things and sets out to find her! What else could he do? He sure as silver wasn't going to stay at that house. Far too boring. " Eventually the boy does find the girl, but thats not the happy ending, oh no sir! We still have couple of years filled with some woodland adventures, a little city called Darloh, some conspiracies, a revolution leading to a small war, secrets and betrayals, fighting and fleeing for life and love, a few more years, a few well placed hints, notes, and letters, and BAM! These two find themselves together once again, outside a dress shop of all places. But that is another story for another time. A bit lengthy. "Odd how life works, isn't it?" He smiled to himself and chuckled. "Only by looking at the past can we fathom how odd the future is going to be. Don't you agree?"
  5. As others have said, I would go for a limit of three or four. It creates a good, small group dynamic. However, I don't believe in starting one tulpa until the other is finished, fully imposed, and able to parallel process. After that is done, then it is okay to move on. I feel as if anything else is unfair to the current tulpa.
  6. ((Alright guys, I'm finally back. "He actually found time to force with me today. Things are looking up." Sorry about the wait.)) "Hmm? Weapons? Did she buy somethi- Oh, it's a joke. I get it. Very clever." Once again, he leaned against the wall, crossing his arms and looking up at the sky thoughtfully. It was somewhat cloudy, but the sea breeze was causing the clouds to race through the sky, like giant, bleached ships whizzing through an ocean above their heads. "Well, if I'm correct in supposing that you are referring to her breasts, I must say I'm ambivalent on the matter. They're certainly attractive. I had to keep her from beating some old man who was leering at her on the way here. She acts like she detests the attention, but I guarantee you that she's enjoying somewhere in that tundra she calls a heart. "Still," he sighed "they do present a problem. She's not used to them yet, therefore she can't perform like she's used to. If she doesn't learn to accommodate, then I'm afraid someone will get lucky and get the better of her... "So, she tells me you're an engineer?" ----------- The tailor's shop was a different world, compared to the loud, dirty, crowded marketplace outside. The walls were painted with a soft white, with purple and gold embellishments of cloth tapestries and crown molding adorning the walls. Plush and ornate furniture decorated the room, exuding wealth and pretentiousness. The staff, an assortment of well dressed men and women, were all cowering behind the front desk, eyeing the large wolf that was now making itself comfortable in their parlor. The real terror, however, was inside the dressing room. A low growl emanated from behind the curtains. "Get. Out." The voice of a flustered woman replied, "I'm terrible sorry madam, but that's what the tape-" "I said, get out." The curtains flew open a moment and the woman was seemingly shoved from the room. She huffed at the nerve of some people and straightened her dress. Turning, she noticed Vixen as she stepped in and welcomed her with a smile. Being careful to tip-toe around Jax, she guided Vixen to the dressing room directly adjacent to Miah's. Inside, the room was a bit more minimalistic than the parlor. It had plain white walls with a few shelves and hangars. The walls appeared to have doorways built into them, presumably for when clients wanted a little more room, but the doors could be locked from both sides. There was a small, eggshell leather sofa which clients could make themselves comfortable on. The woman peeked in and said, "I'll be back in just a moment, madam. For the mean time, of you could disrobe so I could take your measurements, that would be wonderful." Then she was off, leaving Vixen the small room. The silence from the adjacent room was almost palpable, like the tense hush between the lightning and the thunder.
  7. ((Sorry I haven't been posting right now guys. My situation is a bit stressed right now, so I haven't had the time. Everything will be fine soon. Thank goodness G and Joal have kept you company Cruse. "Have patience with him. I've been trying to."))
  8. Feel free! Always a pleasure to have new people. Also, you don't have to do what the others are recommending. Do your own thing! Well, you and your Tulpa's thing, that is.
  9. So, touch imposition is like changing the oil on your car? Interesting. I know we are getting very off-topic here, but do you care to elaborate?
  10. ((Short one this time. Looking forward to some entertaining scenes here. "This should be fun.")) "What's up?" Jacob's head tilted upward, disturbed from some thought he was entertaining. After a moment of seeming startled, he replied, "Well that really depends on your coordinate plane, doesn't it?" Then a shout resounded from inside the shop. "What?! Check it again, damnit!" Jacob winced. He the jabbed his thumb over his shoulder and towards the door. "Vixen," he said, "I believe this is your doing. I'm not going in there, as I'd like to keep my head on my shoulders. You, however, seem in need of some clothes. You may as well get fitted with Miah. My treat. Aigis can wait out here with me." He smiled reassuringly. Again, from inside came, "Watch where you're putting your hands, buster!" "Good luck, Vixen." Jacob winked.
  11. I think I understand the concept. You use the pillow as a surrogate (still looking for a good word for this) for the Tulpa's body, and the pillow manipulates the sheets. Now, as this seems a fairly common practice, I'm moved to ask: Does the body feel like a pillow, or are you able to impose the sensation of their body? I suspect this would depend on experience.
  12. So, she shrinks to the size of a head pillow, or she turns into a body pillow? While this doesn't really pertain to my original question, color me intrigued.
  13. Thank God! I'm not alone!
  14. So, for those of you with fully imposed tulpas, I have a question. I've often heard that tulpas will sometimes perfer to share a bed with their hosts. Also, tulpa cannot interact with physical objects. So, how in the Hell do they use your bed sheets? Do you have to impose their own, personal sheets? Do they just sleep above the linens? Does your brain play some real freaky shit and make your sheets move through telekenisis? What is it?
  15. Great article JD. I feel compelled, however, to point out a slight discrepancy. Whether or not someone update their progress report, or posts frequently, is not the best indicator of commitment, albeit it is the only one we can measure efficiently. I do not update my progress report, nor do I post very often (though my posting frequency has been on the rise) yet I consider myself quite committed to my tulpa and her development. Besides that, excellent read. This should be read by all considering embarking on the life-long journey of creating a tulpa.