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  1. You're right, actually. I never really followed a guide concretely, just tore bits and pieces out of them and made a kind of Frankenstein's monster of guides. One step that always killed me was visualization - I don't think visually at all (I don't even see dreams) so it was, and still is, a pretty big barrier to overcome. I've got no absence of time to work through it, I just hope that she's still there. Thank you very much, though. I really appreciate it.
  2. Hey, everyone. It's been a while since I've been active on here, and almost as long since I've even said a word to her. Basically, over the course of about five months we tried pretty much every guide, followed all suggestions, got as many tips as possible and we went nowhere. She spoke not a word to me, the only sign that anything was happening was the occasional head pressures during sessions (that I'm now half-convinced were just coincidences). Eventually, I took some time to sit down and basically tell her that I couldn't keep this up, I needed to focus on other things, and thanked her for our time together. But, things have changed since then, and I'd like to start again. The thing is, though, I have no idea how. I've put countless hours into visualising her form, spent late nights and bus rides by the dozen talking to her, developed a wonderland, everything imagined by the community, and still nothing. Yes, the process of forcing is very relaxing - it's very nice to be able to talk things out with someone - but something really has to change if I want to keep this up. It sounds selfish, and it is, but I really would like to just hear her talk back. But nothing has worked so far. What would you guys recommend? What can I do different?
  3. It's been a while since I last updated, but something happened last night that was pretty encouraging for me. I've been having trouble staying awake while forcing the last few days, and I was talking to Jade about my apologies for earlier nights and how I'd try to stay awake that night. Suddenly, I heard a very loud voice call my name in my mind-so hard I practically jumped out of my seat! Funnily enough, I forced more longer and better than I had before that night. But a question. That was the first word that she had said to me in almost two weeks. I've been trying the ping pong method recently, but no matter how much I try saying things like "When I say ping, can you say pong?" and then following with a "Ping", she would say nothing at all. Vocality is still a pretty big focus for us. Does anyone have any tips for promoting vocality that can they can share with me?
  4. I started visualization last night, and I bloody loved it. Once I got into that forcing state, a half hour passed in the blink of an eye, and I hardly got past detailing her feet. Hell, I'm going to spent more time tonight on them. I disagree with Fede's hour counts, but I definitely see how one could spend ten, fifteen, twenty hours on form.
  5. Don't take this as an insult, but how many of you can still get into romantic relationships after creating tulpae? It seems like it would be hard to compete with what a tulpa can do.
  6. Beautiful, I'm looking forwards to trying this out!
  7. Jade talked to me yesterday night! I was narrating, talking to her and received a reply after a question! I feel terrible though, because I forget what she said. I do know that she said something-that's a massive first step!
  8. A: Anyone could kill everything if they really wanted to. If I push myself hard enough (which I don't), I could do the same. Q: Rollin' this.
  9. You'd be surprised. On vacations or trips where I had to wake up early to catch a flight, I find that I can often time myself right to an hour. Pretty neat once I figured it out.
  10. Writing a lot in a short timespan here, but I spent a while writing up exactly how I see, feel and smell Jade in visualization, so I may as well share it. It did help me organize my thoughts surrounding her-if anyone else reading this hasn't yet started visualization, try doing something like what I'm doing. It does help. I've only been working with her form for two-ish days now, so some of will probably change as we go further into visualization. Right now, she's an anthropomorphic red and white wolf, standing about five-eight-ish high. Her body is covered in fur, so clothing is sort of unnecessary. Her fur is actually next to completely white, except from some semi-stylized patches of red fur around her thighs (on the outside, rectangular), forearms (on the outside again, rectangular with a triangle pointing towards her wrist), ears (the interior) and hair (one long slowly twirling line in both her hair and tail). Her feet are almost unchanged from those of an actual wolf, and she is very light on her feet, but her hands are closer to those of a human's, except from some small claws elongating from her fingertips. When she walks, it's a meaningful, swaying strut, and carries the rhythm of that of a human, but sounds like a heavyish clicking. Her breathing is soft, and her voice is a sharp, yet quiet tone. She speaks with authority, even when she lacks it, and can drop her voice to a breathy whisper on command. As for touch, I don't know if you've ever touched a dog before, but imagine that kind of furry feeling, yet the fur is short (four centimetres at most?), and gives a similar texture to rubbing against a human's buzzcut hair. The body is again warmer, but not unpleasantly so-more in a comforting manner. You can feel her bone through her skin, especially at her hips, ribs arms and shoulders, but it's not quite unpleasant or bony exactly-just a stronger resistance. Her stomach feels firm yet yielding, in the manner of a particularly stubborn teddy bear. However, her arms and legs are completely muscle, but not in the way of a body-builder-more like the muscle on the legs of a runner. Her exact scent is difficult to describe, but imagine a warm house on a summer day, with the slight hint of mint.
  11. I love the sound of hallucinations. May be a bit freaky at first, but I've never really hallucinated anything before. Sounds fine to me! For your first point, I've gotta assert dominance, right? But in all seriousness, I look sort of wiry, so I'd probably be hated on a fair bit. I fight back (remember, it's not about size, it's about how you use it), and they know not to mess with me. If I do get thrown in solitary, then I don't go as crazy, as I have someone to talk to and go adventuring with. Besides, I'd bet the majority of solitary-confinement prisoners don't have tulpae to keep them sane!
  12. Nothing like this has happened to me, but a far-fetched(ish) idea popped into my mind just a few minutes ago. Have you ever blacked out? Passed out, and woken up a hundred kilometers away, missing your shirt and covered in a mysterious blue substance? Or maybe something on a smaller scale? Well, I was thinking-would it ever be possible to black out, or fall asleep (mentally), I guess, while your tulpa was possessing you? I was thinking that if such a thing happened, would your tulpa be able to control your body completely without you? Or is their consciousness tied directly to yours? Or, in alcohol related blackouts, would your tulpa forget what they did or said during that time? Would they be able to tell you what you did in the period where your memory is blank?
  13. 1. Friend. 2. Friend who doesn't judge me, want anything, and has no reason to ever wish harm on me. 3. Curiosity. 4. I was never very imaginative, and this, along with a few other ideas, is something that I hope to use to change that. 5. I've been testing the limits of the human mind a lot recently, and it all really interests me. Someone once said that what you see and hear isn't actually what's in the world, it's how your brain interperates it. I think of most peoples minds like a Mac, and I'm trying to make mine into a Linux machine - I want to be able to edit any feed, change any perception, stimulate the release of chemicals...Messing with the visual and auditory feeds, as well as the sentient parts of my mind is a first stride that I'm making here.
  14. I consider myself an apathetic agnostic, so I don't really think any god that does exists could care one way or the other if one of the seven billion specks on this speck flying around a speck in a cloud of specks has a sentient partition of his mind.
  15. Hey, if you don't like hip-hop, you haven't heard good hip-hop. And on a more related note, I love the third day idea (where the tulpa greets the creator, rather than the other way around)-I'll be definitely trying it!