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  1. Parts of this site may fall quite deeply into the weird part of the internet (well more so than the topic of tulpas alone) - I'd seriously think twice before directing anyone I know to come look here.
  2. Memory certainly helps, but it's more important to establish the visual communication channel - allowing your tulpa to control the visualization rather than pulling everything from your own memory. A certain amount of conscious effort may be required in the initial stages to establish a well-defined starting point in your memory, but thereafter, the tulpa should control the visualization. Being too dependent on your memory may result in excessive puppeting, restraining the tulpa's freedom. I don't care for mind games like what you describe and I'm sure I'd be awful at it. I feel it's wasting effort in the wrong area. I have a hard time memorizing details about pointless things, but things that are important to me will get stored quickly and saved forever. I can "see" things that I've seen before mentally. Even complex things - if I've looked at it enough to commit to memory. The same thing with a tulpa. You need a clear mental image of their form. You need to be able to "think" in images, rather than words. As long as you have a strong mental image of your tulpa's form and an ability to think in images, they should be able to render "live" changes in your visualization, rather than you bringing forth everything from your memory. If it's important enough to your tulpa to require you to memorize a permanent change, your tulpa should present it in the visualization over and over until it's committed to your memory.
  3. What is the diameter of a square? If the product says "Do not use if seal is broken", how are you supposed to open it and use it? Can good looking Eskimo girls be called hot? Do siamese twins pay for one ticket or two tickets when they go to movies and concerts? If a mirror reverses right and left, why doesn't it reverse up and down? Why is a carrot more orange than an orange?
  4. [video=youtube] Full version:
  5. Banned for skipping a message.
  6. Banned for stealing some of my fire.
  7. Well, whoever feels like answering can have a go... What shape is the sky? Why do overlook and oversee mean opposite things? Can fat people go skinny-dipping? If you try to fail and succeed, what did you just do? Why do people say, "You've been working like a dog" when dogs just sit around all day? Is this bullshit or fertilizer?
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    LGBT Tulpamancers

    Just something interesting I've noticed: Why is it that LGBT people feel the need to separate themselves into their own special areas/places/(threads) rather than integrating with the rest of society? You become the outcasts of society because you cast yourselves out, not because the rest of society does so. The reason we can't put our differences aside and just be "regular people" is because the LGBT crowd is not willing to do so. (They intentionally segregate themselves based on their sexual orientation.) -- Then they complain that society doesn't accept them when it's them that don't accept society...
  9. I'm not leaving - in fact, I've already sort-of left - but, I don't wanna make a new thread or necro something for just this post... So here goes... I've been a long-time occasional lurker. Meaning: Once I ceased my daily visits, I'd come back here every couple of weeks to see what's going on. What I've noticed is: This place is dying! All the good people have left. Some before me, some after me. Some say bye here, some don't. Since I joined, this site has been on a steady decline. The good, actually useful, tulpa-related content being submitted has been getting less and less. Insightful, tulpa-related discussions have been getting increasingly more rare. There was a period where this site became more active -- with worthless content. Worthless threads always seem to outnumber the good ones. While they go through cycles of activity, even those seem have been declining somewhat. Yes, we are seeing a total decline in the community. This site ceased being a place I want to be ages ago, but I keep checking back hoping things will have changed. Every time I come back here only to find it has gone further down the shithole of irrelevancy. Can anyone try to convince me: Why would I - or anyone else, for that matter - want to stay here now?
  10. Don't you have better things to do with your time, OP? Posts like this make is seem like you're posting for that sake of posting, rather than posting for the sake of contributing something useful to the community. I'm off to go watch anime now - because that's a better way to waste my time than shitposting on
  11. FYI, some of us don't post because we feel this community is no longer worthy of our effort.
  12. This site is no longer the great place it once was. I rarely lurk here these days and I post even more rarely.
  13. I don't spend enough time here to be able to point fingers, but it does seem that this site gets shittier every time I return. There was a time, long ago, when people got banned for things that would now be disregarded as insignificant. Many of the older members, whom I respected, gave up on this site long ago and fled to other communities. I still stick around only for a handful of users who still make interesting posts, and to re-read old stuff from the "late greats". These days, very few posts of value are contributed here by anyone, and there is no longer any worthwhile .info to be gained. Again, I'm not singling out anyone - I really don't have the kind of time needed to read everyone's posts to figure out who's not shitposting so I can complain about the rest.
  14. Since this thread is tl;dr, I'd like to ask if the PDF in the OP is complete, or if the links in later post represent new content not merged into the original.
  15. @OP, This is what I was getting at towards the end of my post: If you need to consciously create, go out and make more than you'll need to use. Then you can keep all your activity in the "known" portion of the environment - easy to do if it's big enough. That way, even if there is one, you'll never encounter the boundary in your normal use. You can also reduce the required amount of world building you'll need to do by avoiding excessive travel. I teleport from place to place, rather than spending hours and effort building detailed ground routes. Avoid building anything complicated (or at least don't do a lot of it) and it'll be less effort to render. Try to base as much as possible on existing memories of the real world, or fantasy worlds found in movies/games/anime/etc. Don't try to be an engineer - reuse textures and environments you know well.
  16. It depends on how you created your wonderland. I, personally, consciously created my wonderland while focussing and defining a limited space. I never defined hard limits, but I focussed on my limited area, and filled in just a little background past that, so I wouldn't see edges. At that point I never went to right up to the "edge". Later, I defined a larger environment surrounding for the previously created "home base". It's sort of like a whole world now. I've only actually seen small portions of the environment as I created one larger than my desire to travel - so I haven't tried to see how far I can go to look for an edge. I usually teleport from place to place, so I don't even have a usable "map" of where everything is in relation to everything else - just some vague idea. The defined portion of the environment is huge - larger than I ever care to travel. I don't have any defined limits - so I'd be creating as I go if I ever feel the urge to go further. It may be a little discomforting to some to not know what's out there, but think of it like this: It's your own realm - the only things that exist are what you know about - everything you find as you explore is created and added as you get there. The experience is just like travelling in the real world: You'll never be able to explore the entire environment if you're doing it low and slow enough to see everything in detail, so we're all just comfortable knowing what's around us and having a vague idea about the rest. Tips: * If an unlimited world is too much to handle but you don't want to feel boxed in, then you may want to consider creating a large private island - so you can still see the horizon when you get to the edge of the land. - or do it as a big floating island imposed over a known location in the real world. * Watch fantasy anime / movies to get ideas for creating your environment. Many will have sufficient content to fill a wonderland - you just need to use your imagination to put the pieces together. * Go flying - if you can see the real world from a small airplane/helicopter, you can use that aerial view as a basis for filling in your wonderland further than you're likely to cover on the ground. If you're not fortunate enough to have access to a plane/pilot, you can probably find enough pictures/videos online from others who are. * Teleport. Don't travel long distances on foot. Spend your time in places you know well. Then you'll be reinforcing the more important areas rather than putting too much detail into the surroundings. If you must explore and expand, always start at your central "home" location and branch out from there to slowly expand the environment in all directions, rather than expanding long distances in a specific direction - to keep main location at the center, evenly spaced from the "edges of the unknown" * Go flying - this time in wonderland. You can expand your wonderland quicker and in less detail from the air - so that your boundaries are well away from any place you'll be visiting on the ground. Fill in more detail later when you explore on foot - it helps that you already have a vague idea what should be there. Stay at a fairly low altitude over the areas that you'll be using and fill in the rest up to the horizon with a general appearance of forest/plains/desert/sea/etc.
  17. I do indeed. I wish I could spend more time there. The next person just realized that they now feel hungry after reading this.
  18. GuessWho

  19. So I suppose we can call it quits now rather than playing out the formalities for the next 2 days for our guaranteed win. (Which I'm fine to do as well, if necessary.) We take one out today (3:2). They may or may not get one of us tonight, depending on whether they go for the protected person or another. And we get the other tomorrow (3:1 / 2:1) Guaranteed win - as I expected 2 posts ago. I didn't think the humans were going to get this one, but it all worked out. Also: Kiahdaj, if you had it in for me from the start, why didn't you just kill me at night? I would've probably spooked you on my first night if I was a skeleton and sushi on the second for instigating the vote against me.
  20. My head hurts now. ^ Even though you agree with me on the voting, I feel a little more suspicious of you after that post. Why do I get the feeling you might be agreeing with me and throwing your teammate under the bus to save yourself. Now I'm considering the possibility of Kiahdaj & sushi. I actually want to make the safe choice and switch my vote to Kiahdaj... ...but that might that might give sushi a chance to join Kiahdaj in offing me. A Kiahdaj+Sushi vote for me, with my vote for Kiahdaj would put me at at least 2:1 against Aphelion - as he won't vote for himself. Even if Chi or Aphelion joins me, Kiahdaj put in a vote for me before anyone will have voted for him - so my only way out of that one would be if any two others supported me in killing Kiahdaj. I won't switch my vote unless that can happen With Aphelion the main suspect for today, he can't vote for me without looking suspicious. (and making anyone who joins him look suspicious) Neither can sushi. An Aphelion+sushi vote for me (in addition to Kiahdaj) would confirm the Aphelion+sushi pairing that Chi suspects, confirm my innocence and give Kiahdaj a chance to change his vote to band against you guys (as he'd be innocent in that situation) That is - unless you everyone accept Kiahdaj's theory, which, knowing what I know still makes him kook guilty to me. - Then we're fucked. I'm still not entirely sure Chi is innocent as I'm more certain of Kiahdaj's guilt and Chi doesn't appear to suspect Kiahdaj right now. (What is we're facing Chi+Kiahdaj) I'll hope she's just misguided and not playing us all. For now, I'll give her the benefit of the doubt and let my vote stand. This is my personal suspicion scale at the moment: Kiahdaj: 80% Aphelion: 55% sushi: 45% Chi: 20% GuessWho: 0% It's subjective, obviously. Someone post something to give me a bit more confidence. To Aphelion: you're going to die at the current rate - let's see what you have to say for yourself.
  21. [Previous Version: Original] [Previous Version: 2nd Edition] (No major changes, just a whole lot more text and a few minor corrections.) 3rd Edition (I messed up the archive link when I edited - so I just archived again and fixed that. Minor additions/corrections) v I voted for Mel out of self-preservation - going with the flow. While I succeeded in living, we unfortunately ended up picking the wrong person to kill. Aphelion & Kiahdaj had been away the longest at this time. I believe Chi is innocent - She's putting too much effort into the innocent person act to be mafia. Seconded. ##Aphelion Hammer (I posted that before reading the whole thread - Chi is right: others' votes may give us the info we need to be more certain about our choices. I'll revoke that hammer) With 3 innocents, as long as none of us 3 hammer, we can be assured the mafia don't pull a fast one on us should we wish to change our votes. I'm about 70% certain of Aphelion, 90% certain of Kiahdaj, and only about 30% suspicious about Sushi, at this point. I would've probably wanted to get rid of Kiahdaj first, but I'll vote where there's strength in numbers. Since Kiahdaj seems to be hunting Myself and Chi, the only two people I'm convinced are innocent, I'm convinced he's Mafia. Also, notice Kiahdaj didn't attack Aphelion - Who I suspect is his partner. Worst case, we kill one mafia, they kill one of us tonight, and tomorrow's game is 2 innocents vs 1 mafia. We've just about won this one. Unless it's just an act - Sushi not knowing how many mafia there are would not make sense for mafia - he'd surely know his partner if he was one. However, bringing that up now is also irrelevant as the game would've already ended if there were 3. That's assuming Brassow wasn't the Wizard or X-ray dude, as his role was never revealed. If the X-Ray dude is still in play, he'd have more information than the rest of us to cast a correct vote. With an assured victory if we vote correctly, revealing his identity now [if he has enough information to convict a mafia] and have the wizzard protect him tonight to gather information to convict the last one. It wouldn't hurt to blab now we're going the wrong way and need guidance. That being said, it's better to leave a bit of FUD for the mafia about our roles as innocents, if we're gonna kill one anyway. Regarding the X-Ray man. It's not Kiahdaj - He would've investigated me long ago and know that I'm innocent - and so, not to vote for me. If he's Mafia, he'd vote for me anyway, knowing that I'm innocent. It's probably not Aphelion - otherwise he'd surely have gathered enough info to cast his vote already. While I'm sure Kiahdaj is a mafia, I'm not 100% certain whether his partner is Aphelion or Sushi. Kiadaj hasn't tried to kill either of them. If we can assume Kiahdaj's guilt, that puts Aphelion in a pinch: joining Kiahdaj in a vote against me would only make Aphelion look more guilty, so he must "abstain" for now. If we can Aphelion's Guilt: His reluctance to vote could also be an attempt to protect his partner - as joining Kiahdaj in a vote against me would only make Kiahdaj look more guilty. As it stands Chi would probably vote for Sushi tomorrow, so Kiahdaj would have a better chance of surviving longer. ...and that's why I picked Aphelion over Sushi. I still want Kiahdaj dead, but then I'd need Chi and the other innocent to agree with me on that first. Finally as another plea for my own innocence: if I was mafia, I would've already killed Kiahdaj and/or Sushi overnight to prevent them from instigating another vote against me in the next day.