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  1. Huh, I never thought about it like that, but I guess it would make sense that we were actually switching. Not really what I expected. We never really got around to doing imposition though; didn't have the patience or willpower to visualize that long or consistently. We ended up just skipping it and going right to possession. - - - So we tried doing something similar where I imagined her out there and then possessing, but nothing really ended up changing. She can possess parts of my body like normal, but If she tries to do a full body possession, we still end up switching automatically.
  2. It's interesting that pretty much everything you described there is word-for-word of how we went through possession. The only difference is that when my tulpa is possessing, my thought processes are paused. I can still feel and see everything that's going on, but I am incapable of deriving any meaning or responding to anything. Inputs are registered, but nothing is there to process and output. Pretty much why we barely do it, because she's alone for the entirety of the experience doesn't make it very fun for her.
  3. I'd think it's different for every tulpa. For instance, my tulpa is perfectly content with where she is right now. There is no distinct need to 'take the reins', as it were. In fact, she specifically said that she would never let me give her permanent control. Something about wussying out on life.
  4. I can personally vouch for the yes-no method being very successful. It definitely sped up the process and helped me determine what was and wasn't said by my tulpa.
  5. DreamCloud


    A Tulpa videogame could be fun if done right.
  6. Silver is in: dreamcloudeo@gmail.com
  7. Is it no more than just daydreaming while fullbody possessed? In that case, that's not really switching; you're still cemented to real body's senses and just ignoring them.
  8. I started possession with my tulpa before vocality and it helped develop vocality greatly. For example, "move my pinkie for yes, move my index finger for no." With that, you can practice vocals way easier.
  9. Whelp, after a long while of not bothering to make updates here, I felt I needed to make one last post on my thread. Silver is fully vocal and has the complete ability of possession. I also have two other tulpas at the same stage: Blaze and Pine Needle. I never did complete imposition after I got possession working; I might still try though. I'm not going to make a wall of text detailing the past few months, but I can say it's been a cool adventure. And that's it. (Unless, if anyone has any questions, I'll be happy to answer them.)
  10. Basically, for an entire day, your tulpa controls one of your arms and you control the other; you then use teamwork to do your everyday tasks. (omitting driving a car or anything else dangerous.) Post results when finished.
  11. If people are making a tulpa based solely on this application, it's really their own fault for not looking up a guide first.
  12. "If you don't have what you need, you don't need what you have." -Blaze "Be careful of what you listen to for 5 hours straight; it's the only thing you'll be able to hear for the next week. Like this stupid British accent." -Silver
  13. Nope.avi But if you believe it's going to happen when you listen to it, it most likely will.
  14. Unable to get a lavabit account, so my tulpa Silver Screen will just be using my norm: dreamcloudeo@gmail.com
  15. Christian here; tulpa conflics with nothing and even explains some things.