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  1. Lurk. The main problems we've had for the past year or so mentioned in the forum are ones that can be easily resolved by a quick use of the search function. Questions about where you need to start are more likely than not easily solved with the FAQ and . A forum post, for all intents and purposes should be the absolute last place for you search for in seeking assitance--our guides section and Q&A section are large enough that you should be able to find your answers there Lurk around in the guides section. You'll soon find out that the best place to start is where you choose. Really, the techniques found here are just recommendations--YMMV, and you should use the guides and lurk, but don't be afraid to blaze your own trail--it'll make the end result and the process much more rewarding. You can't account for all factors and entering in with uncertainty is recommended--if we sought to end all ambiguity regarding this, or Q&A section and guides section would be inundated with tedious guides that took the fun out of the process of creating a tulpa. The ambiguity we outline the processes in the site with are intentional, and entering in with it there is so much more rewarding than a boring step-ny-step cookie-cutter Tulpa Cookbook.
  2. The first question: Depends on the tulpa's preference, and your preference (at least in the beginning stages of development) The second question: Depends on the tulpa's preference and your preference (at least in the beginning stages of development) The third question: Meh, this is an area where your own methods are as good as any guess by the community. Constraining yourself to one of our opinions on this would not contribute to this experience as much as just. That being said, the easy answer is no form is neccesary--a very simple one has been recommended by the community on occasion, but do what you want. The simplicity of the form is just done to give the tulpa freedom over it's form, but that can arguably just as easily be achieved with a fully human form. The form is a placeholder, and gives you something to talk to. There are more answers to this question all over the forum, many a lot better than what you'll get here, and you should check there first--the old answers are detailed enough that you're a lot worse off asking us than you are just lurking. And don't forget the guides. That brings me around to my next point-- lurk. a lot. Undoubtedly you'll have more questions and almost certainly they will be answered by at least one forum if not the guides on the main site to which this forum is attached--many people seem to be forgetting that there is a main site full of guides and resources (not you in particular, just people in general) Most of the answers you get here are covered ad nauseum all over the site, and asking them again fills up the front space of the Q&A forum and blocks out unique questions. Sorry if this is wordy, but that's just my $0.02 Don't forget to lurk for answers.
  3. This. It's not cruel if the tulpa is fine with it--most tulpae claim to remember dissipation and actions of their owner (worry, thoughts about them) before they are created/recreated.
  4. Meh, I was just wondering. I know people that are pansexual and they seem to be quick to make a long and drawn out explanation on why it's different from bisexual or asexual.
  5. The amount of asexual and bisexual tulpaforcers in the community pleasantly surprised me a little bit. The low numbers of gay tulpaforcers also surprised me quite a bit. I'm asexual, my tulpa is something. Edit: Why isn't there a pansexual option :<, that might be why the asexual numbers are so high.
  6. Male with a male tulpa. Last I checked my tulpa was a rose or something, I started forcing it as a male originally though This thread is making me feel awkward. "Nonesex, Nonesex" <----Wat
  7. ...Aren't there quite a few threads on the effects of sleep deprivation on tulpaforcing already? Not to derail, but it's getting a bit redundant.
  8. Yes it is magnetic stimulation. It was recently the form of stimulation used to form the connection for the first brain to brain interface ever, if that's relevant From what I've read (not responsible for anything), tDCS is weaker than TMS. Also, diy tDCS should be fine as long as your don't exceed the power that a 9 volt battery (maybe a little more) outputs.
  9. Hia. This is me. Starting over on my PR for the.... third time now? So yeah. I'm 15, have known about this site for a while, and am getting busier and busier. I started creating my tulpa a year ago....and was promptly forced to stop a year ago. I was going to...... you know. But I'm not sure if that's an option anymore. I'm really hoping that starting over and creating my tulpa now that I know so much more will help me make a tulpa in a more fun and emotional way. However, apathy is becoming a huge problem in my life. I'm starting to get the feeling After some decision, I decided "FUCKIT" and just decided to start over. I had messed up last time and now I was going to do it right. Zader had something different in mind, I think. The instant I started to use my old wonderland, it became impossible. While I was reading an article on wonderland immersion, I decided to sort of start on trying to go back to my wonderland, but then something incredible happened. The entire wonderland was destroyed, and turned into a truly breathtaking sight. The wonderland was reformed into a dark and shadowy forest, with gray skies and a gentle slope. I figured this was me, finding something I loved. The rest of that night I was filled with this strange near-trance state, and started asking ALL the right questions, finding use for fede's tones and being able to find the best theta tones I've seen thus far. And then something not-so-great happened. The next time I came back to the wodnerland, the forest became sunny. The overcast skies were clear. There was a huge yawing chasm opening up into a beautiful land of rolling hills in front of where I normally go when I first visited the wonderland. There was also a rock. And on that rock there was a silhouette. And as I fought for clarity in my own mind, that silhouette became a white-haired figure. Really, here is where I should mention that instead of the joy and happiness this should have aroused in me, instead it aroused dread, horror, and sadness. For the first time in a year I saw the matter-of-factness of him in front of me. He was still there. By making the decision, I think I made him stir. I remember that before turning away from him last year, I performed a simple action that made all the difference. I remember it vividly. I had just told him that I would have to wait until I had gotten more information. We (by we I mean me and my puppeting;I use 'we' just in case that wasn't puppeting) had both decided (and after only six hours of forcing over 5 days) that his visualized body would simply be limp until then. Sleep. You see, the reason I had stopped last year is because I felt I was doing it all wrong--I felt that it was impossible for him to start responding at 6 hours old, I must have done something improperly. I think what I longed for was the full experience, the struggle of having a difficult time with this. The struggles chronicled in countless tails, forum posts, and guides. I felt and still feel that without this struggle I MUST be doing something wrong. I thought he was improperly made, and because of that I would be able to start over without a hitch. God I hope I was right. I hope that figure in the wonderland was some memory. I'll try to see tomorrow night. Maybe if it is a false alarm I can start posting progress reports without all of the melodramatic nonsense. And to quote my favorite PR evar: So to all 4 of my readers, thank you for reading this.
  10. There's also TMS, I don't think THAT uses electricity. And I think it's much, MUCH stronger. Can I get a fact check on that?
  11. I'll miss this progress report. A lot.
  12. This. At least look at some guides online, I'm sure there are some somewhere that you can use so you don't end up becoming the next Darwin Award Winner
  13. Read the warning. Buying one is safer and relatively cheap.
  14. Caps. Would an admin/mod please move this over to research. I was rushing and wasn't paying attention....
  15. Let me begin by saying this: FOR FUCKS SAKE DO NOT TRY THIS WITHOUT BUYING TESTED EQUIPMENT FROM A TRUSTED RETAILER. According to Wikipedia, tCDS is basically Adter looking at information, this site is one of the best resources I could find if you want to buy one It basically works by suppressing/stimulating various areas of the brain. I'm curious to know how stimulating/suppressing certain areas may effect tulpaforcing, your experience in the wonderland, or astral projection(if you're into that kind of thing).For reference, I'm including this picture of one type of these units Here's a particularly relevant reddit dialogue on it too This also seems like a pretty objective view of the whole experience, for the skeptical If you want to add on to the discussion with your own resources, please do. I've barely scratched the surface. If I can find some stuff on TMS, then I will post it. If you find stuff on tDCS or TMS, please include it. This could possibly be put on the site as a resource to help with forcing. I've heard people describe the experience as feeling like a sort of slight sleepyness. From some other accounts I've heard it seems like it puts you in a state of mind that would be extremely conducive to getting into a trance state and having a very productive forcing session. __ On a more serious note. This post is one of a large number of posts I hope to seed that will re-spark a slightly scientific discussion of the tulpa phenomenon, or at least how we can use science to make it easier and start to attract some more scientific minds to this site. I will be making a new thread to address this. Edits: I'm just making it more coherent/adding research MAJOR EDIT:I've had so many ideas in my address to the community that I'm just going to move it to its own thread. I don't care if you reply to this, and I'm pretty sure no one will care to view this either, but please add on any neccesary information. This is a really interesting subject that I feel needs to be expanded upon.