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    For someone who's had tulpas since mid-2012, you'd think I'd be more active here.
  1. Don't see why they couldn't get as big as the universe itself. (*Cough*) The only limit is your imagination. If you can imagine them being that big, then there you go. No problem. They can be that big if you (for some reason) want them to be. If you can't imagine it, then in that case, no, I guess it won't be happening. Seems like something my Crepuscule would do as a prank; just wake up one morning, hear noises outside, look out my window, and just see some naked gal 10 times the size of the Earth. And she'd be all like "Oh hey, morning Rizzy. <3" And then she'd punch the Earth in the face because she's a tulpa like that. [boop. <3] >:/
  2. Well, hold on a second, what exactly makes you think that you are parroting? Yes, what if. Again, what makes you think that you are parroting? I think that you are just worrying, and I'm not sure you understand what parroting really means. Parroting is a 100% conscious and deliberate process. You cannot 'accidentally parrot' a tulpa. I highly recommend you take a look at this guide: Sentience Tips for those who are getting "parrotnoid"