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    Tulpa Name: Kinya

    Form: Subject to change, but some variant of an anime-style girl based on

    Sentience: To put it in someone else's words, 'As sentient as any Tulpa'

    Stage: Stabilising mindvoice and personality
  1. Movement orders given by the sleeping host may be blocked by sleep paralysis, but movement orders given by the tulpa may not, as it is from a different source(?) We need neurobiologists to explain this for us, I'm not quite sure.
  2. They will only taste what you taste if you wish for them to. And yes, the problem with a sugar high is you can't concentrate fully (Though maybe you might, I've never got a sugar high no matter how hard I've tried so I don't know.) Oh, and maybe you'll think things you'll regret during the sugar rush, depends on who you are.
  3. The centre/er of balance would be horribly off because of the position of our hips/pelvis/place-that-they're-at and we would be kind of diagonal in the air, causing drag with our legs, and being all slanted and bad. Your arms would be a lot weaker due to shared muscles, I believe. And thanks, I'll make sure to check that out :3 (Yeah, I find feathered wings prettier ;-; ) Like this?
  4. Anatomy - I've thought that the best way to 'attach' wings would be if there were indents in the inside-side of the scapula, creating some sort of a ball-and-socket joint, and then each wing would have two bones sticking out, creating a very strange but perhaps more effective bone structure which would require massive muscle strength (Though I'm not exactly an expert in the field) The above might be confusing, so have a picture I just made instead. I've come up with a couple different variations of it, but they'd take quite a long time to edit, so here you go for now. (For the record, the initial bones leading out from the scapula should be longer and more slender) Surface -Perhaps the skin changing texture or something along those lines leading up to the point where the wings connect, then feathers sprouting. Personally, I've never had any problems with that. Posture - Yeah, gotta think about that one. Clothing - *Puts non-existant designer clothes on* Time to get designing!
  5. Thanks, the info *was* needed :D I'm looking for more avian-like wings, and what I'm thinking is about the anatomical correctness of the whole shebang. I mean, I'm probably overthinking this, but here are my thoughts on the subject: -If humanoids could have wings, they'd sprout of where our arms are right now, our arms underneath that. -We'd be horribly unbalanced in the air -Both our arms and wings would be weak, and it would be super-tiring to fly. That said, I guess it would work if we have tele/psychokinesis, then we could have aesthetic wings rather than functional ones. (Yes I'm thinking too much since we can just go magicks)
  6. Disclaimer of sorts: If you might be harmed or something from over-thinking your tulpa, don't read on. Otherwise, to those who have Winged Humanoid Tulpa, and have read the Tulpa Anatomy article, exactly how have you imagined the anatomical structure of these wings and how they connect to the body?
  7. That's sort of hard to do. I think that the experiments where the host is given one long problem and the tulpa given a somewhat shorter one would be more effective due to the host being preoccupied with a different sum and would probably get confused with trying to solve two sums anyway.
  8. So I guess I haven't been wasting my time then... :D (And so it's sort of you see them but not really and only in your head)
  9. Is using your mind's eye essentially the same concept as daydreaming? Well, to you at least, person/tulpa/whoever who is reading this post. (Of course daydreaming might differ in the eye.. mind's eye... perspective of the beholder, but then again so does the mind's eye, I believe)
  10. Mine is called Kinya. I think it was an intrusive thought.
  11. In this context, that bad feeling you're not getting anywhere with your Tulpa when you really are and it's all your fault and you're making bad mindy things and you're going to die and You get the picture
  12. Yes, this is a much better way of putting it. Does this apply to everybody or just those paranoid enough to think about this being true?
  13. Hmmm, thanks, I think I know now, though I might poke back at this later on when I know more.
  14. Now, this is kind of hard to phrase.. As I understand it, all of these hallucinations (visual, auditory, etc.) which we understand to be the imposition of Tulpae, are due to us tricking something upon our senses. Now, if something was to be tricked but they knew that it was a trick, usually they won't be tricked because they are anticipating it and so reject it. So if our mind knows it's only a trick can it just simply reject the hallucinations which we try to force upon it? Or are our senses just completely separate from our conscious mind and so independent of these thoughts?