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  1. Have you ever punched someone in the groin because his joke was sooooo bad?
  2. I try not to do that. The next person cried over something within the past few days. ;-;
  3. Hello. https://community.tulpa.info/thread-sentience-tips-for-those-who-are-getting-parrotnoid In all seriousness, you're probably parroting. Give it some more time bruh. Focus on developing your tulpa rather than focusing on the development.
  4. Granted. You remain in second-person, thus removing the switching part. I wish jean-luc didn't do novel-length wishbreaking and instead put that talent to writing actual novels and making money from that. seriously bruh you have too much free time for this
  5. Granted. They insult themselves instead. I wish I was less absent-minded.
  6. If I can't hear her response when we're talking, then yes. Unless I discover that she fell asleep for some reason or other. Most of the time, though, it isn't a problem for us. During the day I'm too tired from college, so we agreed that she wouldn't bother me that much(which still is a lot, but I don't mind). If she died, well... is suicide an option It would take a long while before I could move on, seeing as nobody could reach the same level of understanding. I'm not one to care about other people, but of course my tulpa would be an exception. If she weren't my tulpa, then she'd still
  7. I'm past that phase now. The next person contemplated about suicide one time but then remembered that they have a tulpa. oh wait this isn't how honest are you
  8. Granted. You burn your tongue. I wish for warm soup. Warm, okay? Not hot, not barely warmer than 0 celsius.
  9. And no mention of what a tulpa actually is on the site. Seems to me that they're just using the word because it sounds fancy and might attract uspeople. Hey what should we call our game that involves a girl and what apparently is her tulpa but other than that has no other relevance to tulpas? Pssffffftt.. Tulpa. That'll do. I mean, without involving tulpas, it would still be a weird-type abstract game and would still make as much sense.
  10. Granted. You don't eat, sleep, bathroom break, or even blink for the next three days as you complete MGS4 in one sitting. You collapse shortly after the credit sequence and are rushed to a hospital. You spend the next few weeks in a state of unconsciousness, dreaming of replaying MGS4. When you wake up you discover that MGS5 was released at the exact moment you finished MGS4. I wish I couldn't feel && display strong emotions.
  11. I don't like alcohol. Unsweetened tea ftw Have you cried yourself to sleep while your tulpa was comforting you(or trying to) within the last month? ;~;
  12. The fact that my tulpa never thought she wasn't real. Do you skip leg day? bruh
  13. My god, jean-luc. You win. Now get out of here ;-; Granted. However, the stuff that previously had ACTUAL free shipping now has exorbitant shipping costs. A journalist somehow stumbles across this thread, reads your wish, and after discovering that every break-a-wish actually comes true, screams to the world that it's your fault. Everyone is too furious to realise that they can wish for free shipping to remain free shipping. I just came home from college and I'm tired. I'll never be able to top that previous wishbreaker, mmkay I wish 10-minute powernaps are as effective as 90-minute s
  14. Granted. It sounds horrible, but then again, you're not a fish and can't appreciate fishsinging. I wish sugar/sweet things had no effect to tea so people can appreciate nonsweetened tea.
  15. You're over-reacting a lot. Anyone else would apologise and move on. So do that. Apologise if you believe it wasn't just a mental image due to your frustration, and move on. harshness incoming, apologies in advance
  16. Granted. Now get into new clothes, you've been wearing the same thing since forever. I wish my laptop wasn't constantly above 60 degrees celsius.
  17. Granted. You are now Red. I wish I could re-feel the feels of the ending of the first Ace Attorney game ;-;
  18. Auratic

    IRC quotes

    This is why I will never go to IRC. It scares me.
  19. Nope. brb gonna join the corner of sorrow and cry about how I don't have a good reason to join the corner of sorrow ;-; The next person has played Ib.
  20. Granted. You have the ability to read a 5cm thick book in less than ten minutes. This would be fine, but now you have to bring hundreds of books to read while bored where earlier you would only have to bring one. gotta read fast I wish I could make jokes that don't suck, in both the metaphorical and literal sense.
  21. Granted. A user named 'people' plays the game correctly while everyone else ruins it. I wish I knew why there was a link to LOLflash on the bottom of each forum page.
  22. I know. Which is why I said Close enough. Deep space? Oh yes, but in a ship. Help? Nah, not really. I've survived so far. The other crewmembers were p͟re̵tty͘ ţas͠t̴y̵, to̕ ̴be͜ h̛̕o̷͜n҉es͘͡t. ... Maybe I do need help after all. The next person likes spooky shit.
  23. You get buried under them and you suffocate. I wish I had cat ears.
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