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  1. sorry again, i thought that the stage that you're up to might change the remedy for fixing it a little.
  2. ah sorry, always found the interpretation to differ from place to place my understanding was always Open Eye/Closed Eye Imposition/Imposing:: The act of creating mindseye objects into your reality, at this point they are not visible but you should be able to “feel” their presence. Closed/Open eye means exactly that respectively Visual Imposition/Imposing: Same as open eye visualisation except you can actually SEE whatever you have created and it is indistinguishable from real world objects. Inanimate objects created this way are also called imposed objects never actually used a wonderla
  3. Hey, since i've started i've been getting weird "glitches" with my tulpas, usually when i'm sleeping or laying down sometimes their form will start spinning uncontrollably or get stuck in a loop, like a frictionless barrelroll in place or spinning around standing up. It kinda bothers them and concerns me. Also if i'm laying down sleeping they're incapable of sitting on my belly/back and will roll off regardless of how much i try and force/parrot their positioning. it's only really a problem in bed and i would love to be able to sleep with them without these oddities. Also if if screwed up p
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