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  1. 12/16/13 - 1/11/14 Wow it's been a long time since I posted. I was so sure that there had been a post or two between then and now. Me, Cora and Tess have had a good Christmas and end of the year. I even had a bit of a birthday party for her on the 29th and it was a blast. I've got the physical look down for my official 3rd tulpa. Now all I need to do is reboot the basic "core"(as I've come to call it) of Alexi and put it in and see how things go. I feel that recording this has made 2013 better than 2012 as far as my life and other such things go. While it's all tulpa stuff I think it's m
  2. I saw the jackie chan tulpa video from the MLP thread simulators, googled it and then here I am. There was a period of studying and preparation between the two but it wasn't enough(I really should have thought about it more given what tulpae are vs what I thought they were).
  3. Thanks for the comment. I don't mind the skimming since a lot of it's old/outdated in the first few posts(in comparison to Tess nowdays and when we started) because that was just about a year from now when I first started with tulpamancy. They say hi back, they like talking to people. The new tulpa(In theory) should be kind of a recycled version of Alexa/Lexi, but this time I'll really work on developing her rather than just leaving her to her own devices. While I did kind of do that with Tess we managed to actually start working together and fix most of the problems within the first mon
  4. I'm forcing something for Cora, Tess and my two thoughtforms. I'm doing something for Tess anyways because she was made shortly after Christmas anyways (the 28th) and I think she'd love a birthday present along with some christmas stuff.
  5. 12/2/13 - 12/7/13 I think I unintentionally hurt Tess. I was almost asleep yesterday and she started talking to me. It was auditory and not just thought-talk as I've dubbed it and wall it's amazing that she's gotten along that far, I yelled at her(in thought, it would be weird for me to actually start screaming at her). I feel like I scared her off. She's still there but she's been really quiet. She seems to be okay and has been getting better since the incident but i'm a bit worried about her. And I had just come up with a good idea for a new tulpa that won't be a failure(My last two attem
  6. 11/8/13 - 12/2/13 The updates here have been pretty sporadic but we've been making great progress and tess's coming up on her 1st birthday. We watched a some let's plays of the two edna and harvey games and it's occured me and tess have a dynamic companionship that's more akin to that then me and Cora's (which is more like a magical girl/pet adviser type thing). While tess isn't keen on violence she does have a funny sense of humor(apparently not as good as mine in a silent comparison the both of us did on my family/friends with the both of our humor's). While we have a very on-off relat
  7. Tess is usually pretty good at games(save for professor layton, she's horrible at puzzles). Tess is more of a watch others play games type than play the games herself. I've shown her quite a few games and she loves games that are great in art, atmosphere and narrative. She also likes arty games but doesn't mind the occasional beat em up or action/adventure. Cora uses rosalind lutece's voice from bioshock infinite. She says that it fits her personality but I think it's more her being a fan of that character.
  8. The wonderland's actually pretty interesting. The most I see when not on a special occasion is what has been dubbed as the "forcing room" which is essentially a clean and sterile white room. Then there's the rest of the house and the surrounding area which includes a lake, a cliff, several forests, a jungle with ruins on it, a nice beach, and several glens and fields. It's really nice but on a passive side I only see the forcing room with interacting with them unless it's a special occasion. Tess's room is really messy with a nice loft bed and skylight. She's got a bookcase and a cool computer
  9. One of tess and Cora, my satyr/fawn/thingy and magical cheshire cat creature. I'll admit cora's tail looks weird there but she is usually very close in anatomy to a regular cat unless she wants to change things up. And also Tess usually isn't that small, I just kinda drew her in her tiny chibi/imp form rather than her full humanoid stance.
  10. 10/26/13 - 11/8/13 Well, it's nice to see that my updates get some glances every once in a while. So me and tess have both been getting better at driving(she's only learning for emergencies, partially because it scares the living daylights out of her). We have a very interesting relationship sometimes. She's quite active in her own way just as I am and we do give each other commentary about things from time to time. I just haven't been updating as of late because it's been a rough and stressful time for the both of us. We're very different people and it makes things interesting becaus
  11. 10/9/13 - 10/26/13 My posts didn't seem to come through the last two times but hopefully this will work. Anyways Me, Tess and Cora have been chugging along just fine and it's coming up on Tess's birthday. Since she made me a birthday gift with Elyse, I was thinking me and Cora could make her something with my other two thoughtforms. We've been making lots of progress with driving; something I thought would be beneficial to them as well as me since i'm learning it in a drive school. Tess is the best driver out of them but Cora's the most level headed. While Tess's really good it terrif
  12. 9/29/13 - 10/9/13 The both of us have been getting better at driving(though she's not expected to drive). We've been getting better at this stuff. It's occured to me that most of my tulpa's count as thoughtforms really, rather than true tulpa. I do count and consider her a tulpa but she's not quite a tulpa because i've cut some corners here and there and it's some of those corners that can count. Elyse and kuroka are both thoughtforms(I call them familiars but they're thoughtforms). Cora and Tess are both much more closer to tulpa than elyse and kuroka. I've been thinking about tulpa
  13. 9/23/13 - 9/29/13 I've noticed that Tess's gotten some very different interests than me in some of the more smaller details(like preferring frozen yogurt over ice cream, She likes frozen yogurt and I like ice cream). She's also been given the chance to drive since i'm of the age to learn how to drive and after getting the permit i'm required to go to a driving school(not really by law but more so by my family because uninsured teenage drivers are expensive to cover in price). She was all excited for it up until the teacher started explaining the bad things that can happen to your body i
  14. 9/11/13 - 9/23/13 Lexi's sort of dead. Not in the sense that's she's dead dead but more of a stagnation problem. I've been parroting her so much it's stagnated. I can tell at this point that she's not really sentient, she's just doing what I think she is doing. And here I thought I had gotten her attitude down. I think I'll keep the name to suggest to the next tulpa I would make if I were to think about making another one. On the otherhand I'm pretty set with having a cheshire cat tulpa and a faun-ish tulpa(more like the origional description of mr. tumnas from the chronicles of narnia but
  15. 8/26/13 - 9/11/13 A lot's happened since Tess's fondness for Cheerios. I went onto a vacation to the coast and she just loved it. We had some pretty fun times at a vacation house. We played around on the beach and collected seashells. We walked along the beach several times that trip, once in the dark(She absolutely loved what the night sky looked like without light pollution). We had a lot of barbecued items as well as salt water taffy and rock candy(that was a new one for both of us). It was an overall good experience. We also played yearwalk on our Iphone on the way back(great game, s
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