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    There's not much to me, at age 12 my parent's divorced and my dad became psychotic and since then we have been running from him. I love programming, gaming, and I watch a lot of Anime and read a lot of Manga.

    I'm also a serious fan of To-LOVE-Ru.
  1. Hello, i thought it was about time I start a journal I joined about a year ago with the intentions of making a tulpa, who's name was yami but we later changed to kimiko, kimiko is wanting to change her name again so we will be doing that sometime soon. kimiko was originally just an experiment to see if the tulpae phenomonon existed but she became something more, a companion I can trust. so after several month into her creation she decided to go on a trip, not specifying why she has been gone for over a year. Only today when I looked at a picture of a charactor I based her form off of has she returned. before she left she had 2 forms, a girl and a foxgirl, and could freely shapeshift. Now tonight i have found she has developed new forms and has ditched her ability to freely shapeshift. her new forms being miniature forms of her original primrary forms as well as a small fox cub that can easily sit on my shoulder. I'll be forcing tonight in the wonderland, I'll be back to continue this journal.
  2. Mine are increased libido and tiredness
  3. Anything for manga? My sis used to have a book on drawing manga. (I've recently been messing around with a few ideas on drawing eyes and such, I figured that out. I'm doing pretty well with the upper body portions too :) (Drawing yami from the shoulder's up, been studying how hair looks a lot lately as well as anime style hairdos.
  4. I'd post a hand-drawn picture but I've only recently been playing around with drawing anime charactors/manga Yami is about 5ft 1in tall. here is the pic we want to use. (Without flower on head):
  5. My mom and sister do not know.(Parent's are divorced) But my friends do.
  6. Sounds interesting, I'll start paying attention to this kind of stuff and get back into forcing (I've been really neglecting forcing lately :/)
  7. She's been wearing a Black battle dress and black boots. I'm thinking of getting her some new clothes though :)
  8. I've never gotten a headache just a feeling of slight pressure. I'm assuming that is due to me having done lots of hypnosis prior to making Yami. I've noticed since making yami I can be worn out more quickly energy wise, but it could just be in my head.
  9. I've based yami's form from her anime charactor counterpart, she has the same abilities, however i've let her deviate on her own. She still has her anime charactor form but deviates into a human version at times. The original charactor is in To-LOVE-Ru and goes by either Yami or Golden Darkness in the anime.
  10. well I don't stress easily so my mom will know something is off but I always have time late at night so I usually do it then, but by then I usually forget to force. I cant visualize in a wonderland I have to impose in the realworld, the wonderland is so unstable it's caused yami emotional scarres. so we've abandoned the wonderland as of late, I hope we can do something with it later once we get her fully imposed. I also had an identity crisis earlier that affected her so I just got over it and left it there, (I wasn't sure if I was a host who had a tulpa I didn't know, about or a tulpa who had become the host)
  11. A: No answer, not sure what you mean by "Roll" Q: how many people know you have a tulpa?
  12. ADD is considered ADHD these days, or atleast where I live. you can either have the ADD form of ADHD or both parts or the hyperactivity part. yeah I usually try and force when I go to bed and at random points in the day (visual imposition into the real world, I can't impose when in the wonderland) also the fact that the wonderland is highly unstable has emotionally scarred Yami, my tulpa. she had a breakdown earlier because of it. Its so unstable it interferes with her own thoughts. (Yeah, it's really that bad.) so I've given up on the wonderland I'm thinking of doing a form of forcing that isn't so hard on her, and myself for that matter. I think I'll convert the wonderland back into a void and eventually me and yami will make something out of it later when she gets over the scars it has caused her.
  13. when i visualize the wonderland it's a bit out of wack but it's not too bad, its just mainly when underwater in it. Yami, my tulpa, however seems to almost teleport from place to place when walking, running, or swimming. I think it may be due to the transformation ability i gave her that's making her main form unstable. although imposing her into the real world is easier, it dosn't require as much concentration for me as it does in the wonderland. Perhaps you could try imposing her into the real world.
  14. I always use self-hypnosis its the only way I can get into a state to tulpaforce. Raff, would you mind posting some MP3s? I'm really curious about those because I usually just do enough to get into the hypnotic trance.
  15. Same thing happens with me. sometimes random unrelated thoughts will pop into my head. An entire song I thought was slightly familiar just popped into my head and I suddenly had the urge to silently sing along with it. I can't even remember what it was that popped into my head. I regularly try to communicate with my Tulpa but any responses I get my mind seems to try and reject and I end up with head pressure instead. but yeah if that is happening your tulpa has become sentient to a degree. keep it up!