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  1. Well sure, if you're into that sort of thing. But what I'm suggesting isn't really actual magic (I'm staying safely away from the metaphysics forum). But in fact, finding some common symbolism that we can all use. And to answer you question Shui, I'm thinking that, we should have a list of symbolism-related stuff that people could pick out of and use. Like people with low visualization skills tend to have some sort of weird method of entering wonderland. I'm sure someone less sleep deprived than me can judge weather or not this would be any improvement to everyone making their own symbolism stuff.
  2. It's been about three months. Do you have anything to report?
  3. I don't know if this is the place is the one to post for this since, apart from the drug threads, no one cares about the research forum. I got this idea while reading trough the guides. A lot of people seem to come up with some kind of symbolism that works really well for them on whatever they're working on. They come on here and write a guide about their awesome new symbolism technique. But mostly these seem to be very individual, so they don't work on other people. Now, bare with me on this. In the lucid dreaming community there are a lot of really weird myths like you can't switch a light on in a dream, you can't read anything, if you look in a mirror your image will get deformed, etc ... These have become archetypes. People believe in these things and they happen to them because in a dream all that matters is your perception. And these archetypes are sort of useful as well. Some people get lucid from realizing they can't flip the light on. So what I'm thinking is, why shouldn't we have stuff like that as well. This is a bit weird but bare with me, what if we made up a system of symbolism-based techniques or picked the most common ones and developed a system. I guarantee this works well with dreams. It would be the tupper magic, unlike with the lucid dreaming we would create this system consciously. I'm not sure how good of an idea this is, but here it is.
  4. I pretty much agree with all you said.
  5. That's a rather interesting idea. And so the tulpamancers gain another one in their ranks.
  6. Thanks for the book Shui. I don't really have much experience since I haven't made a tulpa yet, but I have lurked extensively. I tried making one once but sort of lost confidence at some point due to making it for the wrong reasons. Anyway, so what you're saying is that all you need for auditory imposition is a lot of narration? I'm a bit confused. All I'm saying is that there's a great discrepancy between the guides on this and the guides on everything else, of which there are a lot. Even for things like visualization which everyone does on a regular basis and is a pretty obvious concept. I think it'd be sort of nice to have a guide on hearing your tulpa, especially for people who might not get as far as sight imposition.
  7. Yeah, about that. It's not really going that well. A tulpa should be an interesting and complex individual. Doing this, I realise that all the characters in my stories are sort of bland. It's not the method that's the problem. I think it's my imagination because I can't seem to think of an interesting enough character for this.
  8. I must confess. I do not have a tulpa either. Though I haven't really claimed to have one before either.
  9. No. I sort of like gardening but I'm not sure what a nutribullet is. The next person is an adept of metaphysical thought who has read every post in the meta forum.
  10. First of all, Shui, Where did you find that quote from Alexandra David-Neel's book? I'd be very interested in reading that. If you have it, or know where to find it, please tell me. Your posts are really awesome by the way. Second, I've noticed there are practically no guides for what I consider the most important part of imposition (if anyone does that anymore) which is auditory imposition. The most I could find were some vague descriptions in a few guides and Fede's Tones, which I really don't think are at all reliable. Plus that listening to white noise for a few hours is really daunting. I get actually dizzy from listening to that or any binaural beats. Is actually hearing your tulpa even possible?
  11. That's something new. I never thought there were people who don't listen to music. Sort of hard to imagine life without it for me. Also, this is sort of close:
  12. Well, I guess this means that you came up with the idea first, which would make this thread quite redundant. Great guides by the way Linkzelda, not just that one but all of them, especially the one about self-hypnosis.
  13. Well, thanks. By the way, why is there so much animosity in this community? It seems to me everyone here seems to hate the community. Apart for me, I come here for the lolz.
  14. As I understand it, the people who started the whole thing were irish and FAQ man. I was around when the two guides were just those pictures from 4chan, but I haven't done much more than a bit of lurking. I don't get what happened with the first two guys. I've never seen irish in the chat for a while and I think faq man killed his tulpas. Will someone enlighten me please?