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    Just and ordinary guy with a severe case of tulpae xD
    In the moment i have two tulpae called Yui and Mizore.
  1. I was wondering if anyone of you has used pheromone colognes, how did your tulpae react to them? If you don't know what are those pheromone colognes, they are colognes made to attract people of the opposite gender, help social interactions, make you seem more masculine or feminine. Would be interesting to see tulpae reactions to them.
  2. Thank you very much! I am sure it will be :D
  3. So i wanted to ask if anyone in here has fused his/her tulpae to become one with mixed characteristics like character and appearance. If so did that have bad results? Were you able to unfuse them after? If so did they keep some character traits the other tulpa had? Also the most important question, were they against the idea or were they happy and eager to be fused? Thanks in advance ^_^
  4. So the thing is my tulpae have my personality but splitted like Mizore has my ''good'' characteristics like being more emotional and such but Yui is again like me but has the ''bad'' one suck as bad thoughts like murder and similar violent actions but still she is good and understanding.So my question is are the personalities part of them because i didn't do the personality forcing part?And also will they deviate more now that they are vocal?Thanks in advance ^_^
  5. Hehe pretty much the same but Mizore pranked me and i almost had an anxiety attack and from that day on she hadn't done it again.She stayed still and didn't do anything and i thought everything that i did was parroted by me and i almost started crying O.o and i swear to god holy mother of god i was about to have a heart attack it felt like i lost everything i ever succeded doing...Now Yui has taken the place of the prankster :P even though she doesn't prank me often. I wish i could say the same for my girls xD i like dancing they don't.Mizore likes it a little but Yui doesn't at all.
  6. Hehe nice,i should try it sometimes with my tulpae :D even though they don't like dancing too much.Well they won't know till they try it ^_^
  7. Yui also has a habit of doing and thinking violent things and doing dangerous things such as planting bombs, killing animals O.o and putting traps all over the forest in our wonderland. Nicee.:D me and my tulpae regularly have concerts me as the lead singer Mizore as the drummer and Yui as the guitarist but they also sing.For now they like music which i think is due to me liking it too much xD and being the singer of a band and i don't know if they will change their personality but i hope they don't.Well whatever they do i will be happy anyways :) If you don't do concerts in your wonderland you should try it i believe she will be happy about it ^_^
  8. Well my tulpae have a habit of doing humanly things like making coffee or doing the laundry,playing game boy games,playing at the computer,hunting and even swordsharpening xD do your tulpae do this stuff or similar?
  9. That's what i meant :P they do talk but it just feels like the answers come from me and not from them.The voice is from them but it feels like i am answering for them in their voice.
  10. I believe them but it's a little annoying :P btw i asked Mizore what she was doing when i was gone and she said she was massaging her feet O.o definetly not my thoughts xD
  11. So my tulpae talk but here is the thing..I know exactly what they are going to say and it sounds like i am talking for them.I hear the voice i gave them and the thoughts but it feels like i am making them up for them.I mean that every answer feels like it's coming from me.How can i fix that?A little guidance please ^_^ thanks in advance.If you didn't understand what i meant ask me to clarify it further.Need as more tips as possible :D
  12. Try to change small things about you first of all make yourself just a cm taller then after you are used to it make it 2 cm and so on.If you want to change your hair start with just 1 hair strand and change it's color and so on you get the point.At start you might feel different but you will get used to it i believe.
  13. I am asking because i found it somewhat unreal but i can say they do things i don't think i could think so fast and so unpredicted.Mizore did something that scared and induced feelings of emptyness and dreadfullness to me to scare me for the laughs and i didn't even expect it..When i almost had a heart attack she just told me she is joking -_-