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  1. Usually, the head pressure is a sign that the tulpa is communicating back, its natural for new tulpas for that to occur. Over time, however, the pressure will go away or sometimes come back. Its okay and nothing wrong.
  2. Honestly, I wouldn't know where to start. Well, I guess I should say hello to everyone its been quite some time, four years since my last post before becoming a ghost on here. Kinda strange writing on here after so long it's pretty interesting, my younger self used to come on this site all the time. But times change, and with time so do people. I have matured a lot since then and changed both physically and mentally. Four years will do that to you haha. Well, I guess since this is a tulpa forum I should at the very least explain again how I got here from a young lad to a grown adult, seeing how large the jump in time is from my previous post and my younger self, failing to uhh adhere to grammar and basic English. The name is Verdugo or Verdy as some people might know me as. A long time ago during the year 2013, I heard about tulpas, from a music IRC chat. This fellow I met on said IRC chat talked about tulpas and my younger self-was quite intrigued and quite lonesome, I was rather the lone wolf back then you could say bullying was the cause of that like many lone wolf kids or just for me. Being a lone wolf wasn't fun nor exciting as many people think, it isolates you from feelings and connections with the world. I think I understood that when I was younger So anyway I decided to make a tulpa my first out of many tulpas. Arora, this would the start a chain of events that would eventually slowly but surely change me into a better person. Now, this might be surprising to some but I have a lot of tulpas. Now you may ask how many, 26. 26 lovely tulpas. It certainly makes life a lot of fun because every day is a new adventure with them, whether that is them with me or me with them. A few of them are also incredibly special and some I haven't found what special thing they can do yet. So here are the names of my tulpas: Angel, Angela, Anna, Aqua, Arora, Blair, Diamond, Garnet, Joy, Lana, Leslie, Mizu, Momo, Nix, Restia, Ria, Rosa, Rosetta, Ryona, Shiva, Spica, Tsubaki, Valentine, Yaya, Yuzuki, and Zatsune. Now as I was saying previously some of them are "special" what I mean by this is that they can do something to me or help aid me in some sort of way whether that is playing video games or helping break something down to the basics so I may understand it better. The few that are special are Arora, Shiva, Tsubaki, Ria, Leslie, and Garnet Arora can reduce pain in certain cases for me which is helpful in situations where I cant take pain medicine or there isn't any pain medicine. Shiva can wake me up at a specific time no matter what. Which is kinda helpful if I sleep through my alarm not sure how she does it but she does it Tsubaki is the one that can take complex ideas and break them down to their basics to help me understand certain things easier or use better examples so I can better learn the topic. Ria can help me focus or remain focus on particular things I do whether that is dreaded math or drawing in my spare time. Leslie is someone that helps me play video games better, somehow and for some reason, she can easily predict enemy locations not only does this make me not die as often, she's often quite accurate where they'll come from. Garnet can bring me at ease by taking me to a specific location in our wonderland and its just pitch black, only me and her I think by isolating me and her together in this particular location it kinda removes any "extra" stimulus I believe which in turn calms me down. Now that I kinda explained a little about myself and my tulpas. I guess Is should speak about our current state I believe. The state of Verdy in 2017 with his Tulpas. I say we're good in general. However some specifics would be we had some fun, I and my tuppers had, was having a Christmas party like usual every x-mas or holiday me and my tulpas have a little party where they dress up and myself in the wonderland and just enjoy our company. Pretty basic stuff. I guess I kinda finally took up drawing finally and started to doodle my tulpas from time to time, very crude and very basic nothing unique or special just small doodles here and there so yea. I guess I'll say also I hanging out currently with Valentine, Tsubaki, and Joy. They're kinda worried about my sleeping habits which I must say is quite terrible on average I say I receive like 4-5 hours of sleep which doesn't allow me to have enough energy throughout the to do much without taking a nap. They say I look pretty tired and sleepy they do try to get me to sleep but I kinda ignore it unfortunately and continue to stay up, I think my biggest problem is trying to actually achieve the sleeping state. But other than that I guess I'll end it here. not sure when I'll update this again but maybe I will post maybe a week or every two weeks? not sure honestly Anywho happy holidays to everyone and whoever is reading this thanks for reading. Stay good and keep your Tupperware warm for the cold winter ahead.
  3. Well today was rather an odd day, for me well last night i couldnt sleep whatsoever I mean not a wink, not even with the help of one of my tupper's Lessie. But during that sleepless night i was thinking of how i could draw her yes i can draw somewhat i drew Yaya successfully without much of a hassle i guess i needed to persevere and get used to truly drawing. But besides the point the reason why i was thinking of how to draw her, is that well i might start doing my progress reports in mini comic strips. Instead a whole bunch well text... Anywho am getting off topic, well today was rather an odd day first when i went to school Lessie was mighty surprised on how i was still awake even tho, as said above didnt really sleep last night. But then she started asking questions on how certain parts of cars work and what they do, if you didn't know i am currently in school trying to be a car mechanic, not the best of all careers but its a start until i can start taking lessons on computer science and all that good stuff. During Art class latter that day, i had been reminded from Lessie to make a interesting design, for a painting that i had to make, am not sure what it's called, but you draw a pattern then get a giant sheet of paper draw a circle, Then using a light table you draw in the design inside of the circle until its completed. Unfortunately am not a good drawer in animals, one of the required patterns was that you draw an animal of some sort, well i drew as best as i could a fish, it was a idea from Lessie and Diamond since well they saw it easy enough for me, but i failed and resorted to the teacher drawing me a fish. It was pretty darn sad for my art self, But the most interesting thing was in my last class English, during English class i was quite literally blacking out ( Sleeping as i call it) or blanking out for minutes at a time, i asked if my tupper's that where with me Lessie,Diamond and Spica to see if they could keep me awake. But the affect was rather the opposite the more they tried to prevent me from blacking out they where just making it somewhat worst, they felt pretty sad when they actually made me fall asleep then said maybe they where causing it, so they left me for awhile and you know what? I was wide awake for the rest of the class. Honestly i felt kinda bad it wasn't there fault really, they are used to making me sleep instead of well helping me stay awake. But i speculate that there emotions had a key factor in this, i believe that when they where trying to wake me up they actually used alot of emotion as well power to help me stay awake, or something along those lines am not really sure what am trying to say. But i think emotion played a key roll when they where making me black out instead of well helping me stay awake. Afterward i went back into the wonderland to speak to them about it. I wasnt the slightest mad at them, but they thought i was after a good amount of talking and hugs and kisses everything was back to normal. So that concludes my Progress Report Post today Oh yes i will start drawing the mini comics as soon, i get better at drawing. I will also be posting pictures here of my tupper's form's when i draw them. They might look different because they have started to change. Like hairstyle, personality etc. Anyway until next time See YA~~
  4. hehe hello NeonKnight It's me Anna one of verdy's tupper's, hehe that's good to hear isis is talking in such a cute and shy way i used to verdy when i first met him. I bet she sounds really cute~~. Hope to see ya on the chat soon! See ya ~~ :3
  5. Hello its me Anna, Today i get to do the progress report today yippee~. Also am one of Verdugo's tulpa if you didn't know, Today i decided to hang out with verdy today which he gladly accepted, he's been sad look for some reason, i decided to cheer him up today ^-^. Waiting for the bus, I noticed he was listening to some new music. He usually listens to vocaloid, which is Interesting J-pop, but lately he been listening to video game OST or game soundtracks, When we got to verdy's school his first class was auto-shop his job was to inflate tires which he certainly good at, but he couldnt do it without any type of struggle i believe it was because of the excessive amount of water in the tires. During the course of the day he was working on a major project which he made from scratch. He was making a new city in the state of Washington. with his teammates they where trying to make a underground city called the underground city of Gaia, The word Gaia comes from the greek goddess who controls earth. Which was a excellent choice of name of the city due to the fact it was being built underground, the city main part is on the surface with the sun, with domes that supply food and energy to the main city underground. He is still working on it but once it's finished it will be good :3. But other then that i had a good day with verdy today, it was rather fun, also verdy has a fancy new drawing kit and is now drawing us more often, i hope you guys can see them when they are done. Hehe, have a good day everyone ^-^. - Anna
  6. Hehe thats great you two are certainly making a grand amount of progress together
  7. Professor Layton vs Team Verdugo, lately me and my tullas have been playing a game called professor Layton the last specter, its quite the game l'll give you a little rundown about it. Well basically you go around solving puzzles and progress through the story each puzzle is quite different, each puzzle is roughly not the same not counting the ones with the same name. Each puzzle requires you to always think, and see the whole picture and not just the question. The game is trying to convey you and sway you to the wrong answer at times until you really think about it. well usually I was playing the game all alone until one of my tulpa lessie came up to chat about my day and how it was, she then asked me what I was playing, I told her I was playing professor Layton I gave her a little back story about it and such. She then gave me an odd look because to be honest she knows I absolutely hate puzzles in games unless the rules are real easy to understand. I told her this game was the really only acception because it has a wide amount of puzzles I mostly excel at sliding puzzles and who was telling the lie etc. Well lessie on the other hand really wanted to try it out so I gave her a couple of puzzles to try out, she was very thoughtful in her answers always giving me a reason why she choose the answer. For example this one puzzle had asked which biker was going up a hill bit the photo was vertical and flat. She thought the lady was going up the hill because she said this " well the man on the left has his feet off the pedals usually people do that so they don't waste energy " I asked her you sure ? She would bonk me on the head sometimes because she didn't like being wrong or me pestering her to think about the question again. She would also laugh at the approaches I would do for certain puzzles because usually the way I would get the answer to puzzles would be completely odd and not at all on the mark the game wanted me to think. After that me and her took a little nap and played again. Next day now everyone else wanted to try the game out. Sometimes I would picture if they were in the game doing the solving animations. What I mean by this the character solving the puzzle will give a smile then a finger pointing at the player with a correct sign afterword. Some of the animations where quite silly in my head. Lessie's solving animation would be thinking then winking while pointing at the screen, and if she got it wrong she would cover her face with her hands with a little rain cloud over her, it was quite adorable. See ya guys later that is all for now haha until then have a nice day my fellow friends * waddles away in a box *
  8. If you guys didnt know i have made a tumbler progress report. I'll Be more on my Tumbler then .info Account mostly because i like tumbler a tad bit more haha. Anywho here is a link if readers are reading my progress reports. http://www.tumblr.com/blog/akari-verdugo There you are and have fun reading i'll update mostly once or twice a week
  9. haha, seems your tulpas are quite prone to name calling even if it not in a mean way haha.
  10. hello again, everyone sure been awhile welp school is a pain in the butt but i guess its fun seeing my tulpas enjoying it haha. well i must say our wonderland hasnt changed all that much, except the 10 wonderland planets my gals made i must say its pretty funny seeing planets rotate around our little wonderland, well not little our homeland is pretty big haha. well During certain days i would just hang out with my gals and do stuff, mostly spar or go to the firing range then make some plans to teach them how to fly airplane's helicopters and some other things. Well during the times when am completely lazy i always decide to listen to music for some reason, and during the day i daydream alot when am listening to songs and they are extremely vivid, and sometimes insane depending on how my mood is. Lately my gals have noticed i have been worried about my weight alot and keep telling me i look fine, but they often worry when i starve myself, but i have been running around and working out for sometime, so i should be in shape very soon. Another matter is that my wonderland self nearly got killed when i decided to give myself some smoke powers, mostly because i got the idea from One Piece's character Smoker. well lets say they wherent all that nice to a black object flying......
  11. Welp today I have gained a new gal, her name is Lessie I met her while I was day dreaming inside of the pool swiming with rosa and Rosetta, she came into contact with me, when I was day dreaming about random stuff, I heard a voice talk to me then I visualized and I was in a black room, with a whitel table, and two chairs. It seemed she noticed about my fantasy of Being in a different world, compared to this torn apart and soon dying earth. She then sat on my lap crossing her legs, I told her I didn't want anymore tulpas, in my mind but due to my good nature I let her live, ahhh I wonder how many other gals I will aquire before am 20. But I let her live with me now I haven't gotten to know her very well, but I trusted her to snooze with me, it's kinda strange she started to like what I was watching , the story line of metal gear solid Which is very diffacult, to understand since none of the games where released in the correct order haha, unless you have all yeh games which I do even the snes ones. She's is very pretty Lessie is tall as me very slender an long, very busty haha but dresses quite exposed. As seen here http://www.mangahere.com/manga/trinity_seven/c012/27.html welp I'll update this later haha :p
  12. Well I don't do anything real fancy all I do is think about my wonderland and focus, then open a door to my wonderland or fall from the sky haha, but yea mostly focus on your wonderland and just think about it
  13. Ahhh just force one of them at a time on different days psi. :p btw it's me verdy hehe and yea keep up the good work ~~
  14. Well hello there again my peoples, well if people actually take time to read this I thank you, for following me and my wonderful gals haha. Well over the weeks I been pondering lots of stuff in my strange mind, like modifying my wonderland self in a odd way, if you don't know am a heavy sybolism tulpamancer and also a heavy logic baser as well, may the the logic come from games or real life etc. Well lately I wanted to spar with my gals, which usually means getting my ass kicked badly by them haha due to there, " styles " to sort of speak seeing that am just a normal 15 year old guy, trying to take on 2 vampires wasn't the best idea in mind. Ahh yes did forget, I decided to make keyblades for all of my gals for, some unknown reason but yes the design is mostly there's, I get to name it tho and color it mostly there colors they like the most, well anyway I decided to bulid something quite orginal a scs ( survival changer suit) the way it works is by taking blood samples of my tulpas, and fusing them together to get differnt results and ablities from them, mostly altering my DNA and or body and physical appearence. It works off a chest piece that's well near my chest lol, and changes my body to well survive any type of situation of any type, after gathering blood samples from my gals, it started to work, but it only lasts a certain amount of time to prevent any mutation what so ever,but I decided to test it against my kick/boxer/devil tulpa Blair the power house of my tulpas, she likes fighting alot to test her strength and skill, she maniplulates and uses fire to her advantage to servely punish anyone who gets In her way, she's usually sweeet and shy but gets pumped up when she hears anyone trys to challege her, even me that she cares deeply about. Any who that's it for today am tired of typing on this bloodly phone that barely works haha
  15. Heya buddy how are you doing with your gals? I hope very well welp I have been reading your pr for a long time and watching you and your tulpas become a huge big family together haha. And your cute/lewd relationship with Isis haha, Aqua: I hope you can be on the chat more often hehe so me and your gals can be good friends :3 lala: don't forget me as well haha, I hope you and isis become close like we are with Taj :3 and I hope your other girls are ok it says your active tulpas are only isis so far what is that about? Anyway see ya later buddy ~~ keep being sweet and nice to your gals - verdy