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  1. In your opinion, are there other forms of meditation that are even better for tulpaforcing than Pranayama?
  2. Dear One

    Tulpa and Drugs

    You don't need to apologize. We're cool. Huh, I thought that ether fell out of favor years ago given how easy it is for it to catch fire. Anyway, I just placed an order for galantamine and I'll give an update on what effects it has on forcing, if any, in a later post.
  3. Dear One

    Tulpa and Drugs

    I have to disagree with this. I strongly recommend that anyone reading this not try any opioids recreationally. You may think that you won't get addicted, but even one dose could get you hooked. I knew a guy who had experiences with many drugs and thought that he could handle 15 mg of oxycontin easily. But, he reported to me that he thought about getting more oxycontin often for several days after he took it and didn't really stop thinking about it until about a month later.
  4. I concur. I strongly advise that people use the utmost discretion regarding the subject of tulpae. If you have your heart set on telling other people, then it's better to broach the subject with someone who is open-minded rather than someone who finds anything out of the ordinary distasteful. I also recommend that you don't post youtube videos concerning tulpae on accounts that can reveal your identity and don't reveal any personal information in any such videos.
  5. It really doesn't matter what you narrate to your tulpa as long as you are narrating to it. The important thing is that you direct attention towards your tulpa.
  6. What science? As far as I know, no scientific studies have been done regarding tulpae. At this point, people are just going to think that you are talking to yourself and have a good laugh at your expense. What news? In my opinion there hasn't been anything very newsworthy on this site since its inception. The community has had a great deal of dialogue concerning tulpae, but I don't consider that very newsworthy. Advances in research? As far as I know, there hasn't been any serious research. Just out of curiousity, what factors do you use to determine if an advancement in tulpae research is important or not? Finally, I think your channel will do more harm than good because I am of the opinion that bad press is not good press and I think that your channel will bring nothing but bad press as well as shitposters galore.
  7. I'm assuming that if the vote ends in a tie, then there will be no change to Fede's status.
  8. If you're trying to find some deep meaning in the trivial events of your mindscape, then you're going to be disappointed.
  9. How long/how many tries did it take for you to get any results? Also, did your tulpa appear life-like or were you able to see through it?
  10. It's difficult to determine how common tulpae are because many people may be hesitant to tell others about it for fear of being labeled mentally ill. We may not have any reliable statistics for some time for this very reason.
  11. Early on a tulpa doesn't talk very much. Just make sure to narrate more and keep your tulpa in your thoughts throughout the day and eventually your tulpa will be able to talk more.
  12. Dear One

    Tulpa and Drugs

    Thanks for the info. DMT sounds promising as an aid for imposition.
  13. Dear One

    Tulpa and Drugs

    Can you give us some details? I'm curious as to how your experience was.
  14. From what I've gathered reading this board, the key to tulpa sentience is to believe that your tulpa is already sentient. If you don't believe that your tulpa is sentient, then it's going to be a long time until your tulpa is completed.
  15. Maybe tulpas with sexual urges have those urges because their creators want them to. I don't think it's outside the realm of reason to have an asexual tulpa.